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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Soul and Fearful Biscuits. Part 4

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



December 22, Christmas. 06:16

"Morning!" Ashley was greeted by a cheerful voice.

"Good morning." She had completely forgotten she was not in her house. She made her way to the bathroom while rubbing her eyes. The moment she looked at the mirror above the sink she realized that the one who greeted her was a charming young man, with whom she was now staying.

Michael watched Ashley slumber into the bathroom and quickly walk back to her room a minute later, with her head covered in messy hair. Still, he noticed the blushed cheeks she tried to hide.

He silently laughed and got back to making breakfast. 

"Morning." Purity sat down at the table yawning. Her eyes were closed from sleepiness and her hands were desperately trying to control her hair.

"Good morning." Michael greeted her. He saw the girl's eyes instantly open as she also realized where she is. Her sight went down, remembering she was still in her pyjamas.

Michael watched the door to her room get slammed only a moment after. Once again, he was left alone to prepare the food. He pointed at the screen on the wall to turn up the music volume and flipped the pancake in the pan as he hummed the festive tunes. 

After a few minutes, Ashley and Purity came out of their rooms again and sat down at the table. They still had their bed hair, although you could see Purity desperately tried doing something about it, but failed, however, they were now in their casual clothes.

"There you go." Michael put two plates with warm pancakes in front of them. In the middle of the table stood three small jugs, one with hot chocolate, another with honey and the last one with cherry syrup. 

Michael came back with his plate and sat down next to them. He lifted his fork to start eating but realized the girls were staring at him. 

"Oh, do you want to say a prayer?" He smiled and put the fork down.

"No, it's nothing." Purity dug her fork deep into the pancakes. It sliced in clean, letting a white filling pour out. She tried examining it.

"It's condensed milk. You're not allergic to it, are you?" 

"No." Purity watched Michael take the jug with hot chocolate and submerge the yellow circles in it. 

"Here." He put the jug near Ashley after seeing her start drooling from the sight. 

"Thank you." There was no hiding the shyness in her voice.

Michael sighed. "If I'm making it uncomfortable for you, I can move out. Or you can move in with Ray."

"No, it's not! You're not making it uncomfortable." Ashley stuffed her mouth with steaming sweetness.

"Just give us a couple of days." Purity said. "Though it looks like you're used to the situation." She gave him a questioning look.

"I do get new roommates quite often. But never before such beautiful women like yourselves. Not to mention two friends of Ray."
"Let me guess, he doesn't have many friends." Purity said in a mocking tone.

"Aside work and Emily, you guys are probably the only ones."

"So who are you then?" Purity noticed some sad shade in Michael's eyes. 

"Hm... Who am I indeed." Michael laughed. "A supporter, I suppose."

"Supporter?" Purity didn't understand what he meant.

"Talking about supporting, you guys haven't forgotten you need to log in to PROJECT soon, right? Believe me, you don't want to keep Ray waiting." Michael got up and brought the tea he had made before.

"Ah, was he serious? It's Christmas. I want to go out!" Purity got instantly depressed.

"Haha, well, you'll get used to it." Michael recalled himself in the past.

"Have Ray done something like this to you too? Wait, he didn't drag you into criminal life too, did he?" Purity's question triggered Ashley's attention too.

"He did." Michael smiled. "But it was something I wanted." He wasn't sure if he should continue. "This world... people say it's perfect."

"That's because it is." Purity didn't hesitate on her answer until she had already said it. Only then she realized who she was talking to. "I guess it doesn't look that way to a revolutionist."

Micheal just watched her silently.

"But I don't understand what more do you want from it. There are no wars, no pollution. People used to need to work before, yet now most of us can just enjoy life. You study, learn, read, you can have almost anything you want. Is it wrong to call life like that perfect?"

Micheal was still silent. He took a sip of his tea.

"I thought that once too. But there is always a cost to pay for what you get. This perfection doesn't come without a cost too."

"And what is that cost?" Purity didn't take in any of his words. 

Ashley, on the other hand, was just silently listening. She had never thought of things like this, she never needed to. Neither did anyone else. This thought suddenly hit her. But then, what was the cost? She wanted to know.

"I feel like this is something you should be talking about with Ray, not me." Michael instantly lifted the mood. "And I think you misunderstood one thing. We're not the revolutionists, even if our activity is illegal. Also, just so you know, Ray isn't part of our group. He's more like... a freelancer."

"A freelancer for a terrorist organization?"

Michael was somehow enjoying the conversation. "Anyway, you should be going soon. I believe Ray mentioned you guys are exploring the Wdeion Nation ruins?" The theme of the conversation was changed just like that, however, Purity was planning on asking many more questions later on. 

"Yea. Want to join us?" Ashley joined the conversation.

"I'd love to, if it's alright." Michael smiled.

"Why wouldn't it be?" The girls didn't think much of the answer.

"If you both think so, I guess Ray won't say anything." A grin appeared, covered by a teacup.

"Ray doesn't like people, does he?"

"On the contrary." Michael stuck his sight somewhere far away. "I have not met anyone who would love people more that Ray does. However," He got up and started taking the plates to the dishwasher. Ashley got up to help him on instinct. "People drag him down and he knows it. He would never say this, but in his mind, he would regret having a team on the sole reason, that he knows he could do more without it. And I have to agree with him, the only person who wouldn't drag him down even a little bit is himself."

"So we're just a burden?" Purity lowered her tone. "He was the one..."

"He is the reason why you are here." She was interrupted by his calm voice. "And he feels responsible. But at the same time, he knows he won't be able to be with you all the time. That's why he's training you."

"Not like playing a game will help us here." Purity clenched her first.

"I see, so you haven't talked to him what PROJECT is, have you?" Michael closed his eyes, thinking how he should proceed to explain things.

"What do you mean? It's just a game." Purity brushed off his words.

A thought triggered Ashley. The way Michael said it didn't feel simple. "Isn't it?" She asked.

"I will say this, you should be talking to Ray about this, not me. But I guess he won't put it in a simple way. You guys are aware of what it means to be an enhanced human, right?" Michael crossed his hands. In his head, he was trying to find the simplest way to say what he wanted.

"Of course. It means we have biorobotic nanoparticles in our bodies. They enhance such things as our health and life span. Everyone knows it." After hearing Ashley's question, Purity tried to understand what Michael was getting at.

"Right. And they do that by enhancing the work of our molecules. But they are not a true part of our body. The thing most people don't know is that in a normal person, the coherence of the particles and their body molecules is almost nonexistant. They work almost completely separately." Purity and Ashley were following Michael's words. Nothing he said was anything surprising.

"So, what does it have to do with PROJECT?"

"Again, you should be talking to Ray, not me. He could give you a lot more detailed explanation. But PROJECT is special. It is designed to increase the coherence between the nanoparticles and our bodies. The more you improve in PROJECT, the further you can force the particles to work together. This process is called Synchronization."

The girls started questioning the information they got. Their real life bodies were getting stronger from playing the game?

"Long story short, you could enhance all of your senses, your strength, speed, even thought process by synchronizing the particles. Surely, I'm making it sound a lot easier than it is, but in the end, one thing is certain. There is no one who could teach it to you better that Ray." Michael finished, although he knew he left out a lot of things. 

Still, it would probably be bad for the girls to take in too much at once. Even if Ray wouldn't tell them, he planned on telling them all there was. He felt like if Ray went through the trouble of bringing them here, he had a reason for it. And if it was this way, they had to know as much as possible.

"Now, I feel like we should log on. You still want to go out to the city, right? The sooner you finish those five hours in PROJECT, the sooner you will be able to do it." Micheal set the dishwasher and gave Purity a wink.

"Then lets meet up at that tower in the Inner city!" Ashley said cheerfully. She needed some time to fully understand the whole meaning in Micheal words, but she knew that at the moment, it would be best for them to meet Ray. "We're still pretty far from it, but it's so tall, that you can probably see it from anywhere in the west side of the ruins if you go above the trees."

"I see, I'm not at the ruins, but I'm pretty close to it. I had a feeling Ray would be heading to it." The three walked to their rooms. "It will take a bit, but wait for me at the tower then." Micheal waved his hand and disappeared behind his door.

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