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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Soul and Fearful Biscuits. Part 5

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



December 22, Christmas. 07:01

"Are you two crazy?!" Ray kept on waving his hand in ridiculous gestures. "Go to the Inner City? And on top of that, the tower? Do you guys even know what it is?"

"I'm guessing it's more than just a tower?" Purity tried to keep her tone down. She didn't know how to answer Ray's broad hand gestures. Was he angry? Surprised? She couldn't tell.

"Correct. So far, that is the only entrance to the undercity, that leads to the Akropolis. Only yesterday was it shared on the forums. Now, do you know what that means?" Ray clapped his hands and looked at Purity.

"It means we can get to the boss room through it?" Normally, Purity would not be put down this easily, but she felt like she shouldn't be fighting Ray, especially after the talk with Michael just a little ago.

Ray did not say anything. He was waiting for something.

"It means people will gather there?" Ashley said quietly.

Ray looked at her and gently patted her head. "That means, people will gather there." He repeated Ashley's words, directing them at Purity.

"Okay, I got it." She gazed over Ashley being patted by Ray. "Don't think the treatment is very equal." She muttered and instantly felt a weak hit on her head.

"Really. You guys are such a bother." Ray sighed.

The girls recalled what Michael said. 

"Hey, you coming?" Ray shouted. The girls lifted their heads and saw Ray walking away. "It might take a while for Michael to get there, but he will. You don't want to keep him waiting, do you?" He didn't turn back at them as he said it. He placed his hand on the rose sword hilt and stretched his shoulders. "I guess my break is over. What a bother."

Ashley let out a quiet chuckle and ran after him. "Come on!" She showed as she glanced back at Purity.

"Hm." She smiled. "Coming!"

The girls ran passed Ray like the wind and slashed at the Wdeion in front, instantly killing it.

"Not bad." Ray grinned. The girls were suddenly filled with determination. He put his hands on their heads. "But you do realize this was a level 6, right? The ones in the Inner City vary from level 12 to 20."

"Huh?" The girls turned to him at the same time.

"L.. l... level 20?" Ashley cried out. This was the first time Ray heard her talk so loud. It left him quite surprised. "But we're only level 9!"

"Yea, and I'm level 8!" Purity lost the determination as quickly as she got it.

"Really now." Ray sighed. "Just try to keep up with me."

*** ***

December 22, Christmas. 09:12

"Get them!" 



"Ashley!" Ray stopped and got ready.

"Whirlwind of flames!" A pillar of fire rose in front of Ray. A missile of fire hit it and exploded, knocking down the arrows in the air.

"Now!" Ray dashed through the wall of fire at four people in front of him.

"Haaa!" A scimitar cut deep into one of the archers back. With a quick step, Purity approached the other archer and slashed the second scimitar. 

"Another one?!" The archer tried jumping back but was too late. He managed to block most of the impact with his bow, but the cold steel still cut into his shoulder.

"You're done!" The warrior in front slashed his greatsword at Ray.

Ray vanished in a blink of an eye, leaving the blade to slash across empty air. 

"What?" The warrior tried looking around, but a sharp blade was stabbed at the back of his neck. Vines of roses gushed out, turning his insides into a mush.

"Annoying, how much hp can one have." Ray left the rose sword in the warrior's body and jumped at the mage. 

Something like this was surreal, but the mage couldn't let his guard down now. Keeping your mind clear was a part of being a wizard. 

Fire mines started exploding under Ray's feet. A wide grin appeared on the mage's face, his opponent fell for his traps!

However, a second later the same grin was no longer there. "How?" He got confused. Ray ran passed the explosions, dashing to the sides the moment he would step on the mine and minimizing the damage taken that way. 

"Ray!" Ashley cried out from the back. 

"Thanks!" Ray caught the greatsword over his head and slashed it down.

The light robe was instantly cut by the blade, but it wasn't enough to kill the player. Ray shifted his center of weight and continued his first strike with another cut from above. This time the sword stayed in his body. Ray stabbed the sword deep, rapidly ruining his opponent's health. 

"Bastard! Fire..." The mage tried casting a spell, but Ray grabbed his hand and twisted it around his back. "Ahh!" The mage was kneeling, with a greatsword in his stomach and Ray holding his hands behind his back. At this point, there was nothing he could do but wait for his health points to run out. "Damn it!" 

"Ashley!" Purity was trying to hold her own against two players. Even if they were archers, she still couldn't win two versus one. Having that said, she somehow felt like she wasn't at a disadvantage. 

She couldn't find an opportunity to hit her opponents, but she was dodging their attacks with easy. It has only been a couple of days, but somehow, she got a lot stronger already. 

Purity dashed at one of her opponents. She was indeed stronger, but that wasn't it. 

"On it!" The second archer saw an opportunity and tried to shoot Purity, but Ashley was already next to him with the rose sword in her hand.

Ray watched the girls kill the archers. In only a couple of days they had improved so much. The thing that made them so strong wasn't their level of anything like that. Right now, they did not look back even for a second. They saw their opponents and did not have any fear of losing. The determination and the sense of security from not just Ray, but also supporting each other was their real strength. 

"Hurry up and take what you can! More people will show up soon, we need to go." Ray checked the item box the mage dropped and quickly transferred the items into his inventory.

Killing other players would get a person red karma that would make the town guards attack the player, however, Ray and the girls couldn't go to the town anyway, so becoming red meant nothing to them. 

Also, after a person died, items in their inventory would be categorized by value and half of it would become a random drop next to their body. There were ways to protect certain items from dropping after dying, and some of the items, like the unique weapon everyone received at the beginning of the game could never become a drop.

Even so, this was already the second party the three had defeated and a number of items they gathered was nothing to be laughed at.

*** ***

December 22, Christmas. 09:43

"Find them!" The three could hear voices around the ruins. 

One of the people from the first party they encountered ran away and spread the word about their presence. Everyone wanted to get the bounty on them. Even if they had to team up, the bounty on Ray alone was enough for three full parties to get a boost. And if they could get all three of them, the people didn't mind teaming up with anyone they could find. 

"How is your health?" Ray watched a party walk by through a crack in the wall.

"Full." Purity checked her stats.

"Same." Ashley nodded her head. 

He checked if anyone was near. "How many pills do you have left?" He opened his inventory and took out a wooden box with pills.

"Six, since I wasn't in the front line as much." Ashley counted the ones in her inventory.

"I got three."

"Damn it. I needed at least a day to get ready for this." He thought for a second. 

The girls looked at each other. Not like they forced him to come. They could have just talked to Michael and met up somewhere else.

"Here." Ray handed out pills to the girls so that they would have eight each. "I have recourses to make much more, but I won't have the time for it, so we'll have to go with this until we get to the undercity. For now, let's try to avoid combat."

Ashley was a bit concerned. Ray was the one taking the most damage in these fights, he should be the one to carry the most.

"We're pretty close to the tower already and I will soon have a second vine in my sword. Even so, we need a plan." Ray stood up and made sure no one was nearby one more time. "Listen..."

*** ***

Ray stood silently against a wall. Two people passed by. He put a hand on the sword hilt. Another two people walked by. A couple of seconds later two more people passed. 

Right after they passed, a girl's scream could be heard not far away. "They are here! Help!"

The party of six nodded each other and started moving towards the voice. Suddenly, Ray dashed through the doorway out of the building and stabbed the rose sword into a players body.

"Mh!" The player tried yelling, but Ray covered his mouth with his hand, leaving him silent. They tumbled into the nearby building and the mage's body was ripped apart by the rose vines.

"What was that?" One of the player's teammates turned back after she heard the noise. She looked around and shouted out. "Wait! Brian is missing!"

"What?" The other four stopped. "There!" 

Ray ran out of the building and dashed away from the party.

"He's here!" Shouted the leader of the party, but could not match Ray's speed. He disappeared into the building as quickly as he appeared.

Amateurs. Ray jumped over broken down wall and threw down smoke bombs that he got from one of the people they had killed. 

"Hey! Mary, Gustav? Where are you?!" Another party went into a disarray.

"I'm here, where are you?"

"Here!" Two women ran out of the smoke coughing. "Gustav!"

"Aghh!" The man tried screaming, but rose vines ripped had ripped his body in half.

"Quick, it must be them!" One of the players started shooting arrows at the black smoke.

Ray grinned as he leaped out of the smoke at the two players. 

"Help!" Ray quickly slashed the two and ran away.

The two girls got stunned for a second from the sudden attack but quickly recovered. One of them stretched her bow and shot a golden arrow at her opponent.

"Hmm." Ray diverted the arrow with his blade, but the force it carried was too great and hit his shoulder. "Shit." 

In fighting experience, none of the people here could compare to Ray, but it shouldn't be forgotten, that these were after all players. They all possessed items and magic skills, that Ray had to take into consideration. 

On top of that, this was the Inner City, therefore most of the people here would be of a similar level as him. But the thing that raised the most problems was the share amount of players around. Even if he could fight a party on his own, if he spent even a few seconds too long in one place, he could be cornered. He now was only two blocks away from the tower. It was the only known way to the Akropolis, so naturally, this was also the place where most people gathered. There were around two hundred players running around, to the point, where you could not even find a Wdeion wondering this part of the ruins.

Ray felt his body going numb and quickly pulled out the arrow from his shoulder. With a swing of his hand, he threw two pills into his mouth leaped on top of the roof. 

"What? He was supposed to get paralyzed!" The player who shot him shouted. "Quickly, there!" She pointed to the party that appeared from around the corner.

Metal chains broke through the roof under Ray's feet, making him fall to the building.

*** ***

December 22, Christmas. 10.04

A group of around forty players was gathered near the tower's door. Just an hour ago, there were three to four times the number of people, but most were chasing after the wanted players. 

"Are you sure we shouldn't go look for them? It seems they are only a couple of blocks away." A man in a light leather armor asked.

"Don't worry, they are coming here." A large man in full steel plate armor answered. "There would be no other reason for them to come here."

The crowd couldn't wait in silence. Most of the parties were divided, some said they should wait, others that they should hurry and head out before anyone else snatched the reward for themselves. 

People would come and leave every minute. Two figures went through the crowd to the entrance to the undercity. They approached the door and gave them a strong push. The heavy double-door creaked and slowly unveiled a stone staircase.

"Not sticking for the hunt, huh? Good, less competition for us." Laughed some men sitting near the door.

The two players glanced at him, revealing clear white masks from under their hoods. The men went silent. Why would anyone wear those? They were the most common thing someone could get from hunting Wdeions. Unless... those masks were special in some way. The drops varied, and even the masks, even if they were the most common drop, had all kind of rarity. This intrigued the men. What kind of stats would those masks give?

"Hey, you two! Stop!" The man in the plate armor shouted. "Your masks, remove them!" He approached the two with a quick pace.

"He's here!" Someone yelled on the nearby building.

Everyone instantly directed their heads at the side of the sound. A man was dashing at them in full speed. 

"Get him!" Fifty people stood up as one.

"Tch." Ray shoved a handful of different colored pills into his mouth and started swallowing them without chewing.

*Cough* *cough*

He lost his balance and almost fell to the ground, but with an inch left from the ground, he kicked off and flew with speed no one could have predicted.

Health regeneration; Stamina; Slow Reduction and more than anything, Speed

Over the past couple of minutes he had consumed almost all of his pills, and with the last pile he had just swallowed, most of the people here couldn't even follow his movement with their eyes.

"Stop him!" Party leaders from all over started making taking their positions. 

"Whirlwind of Flames!" The two players near the tower were engulfed in a pillar of fire. 

"What the?" Some of the players' attention was distracted for a second.

"Damn it, it was them." The man in the plate armor grinched. 

"Get them!" Some of the players went for the fire pillar.

The confusion between people gave Ray the window he needed. Swords came at him from all sides, but none were fast enough to reach him. He shot through the field like an arrow. 

A net of black chains cut Ray off from his destination. Following a swing of his hand, a cloud of black smoke rose around him. 

He flew over the players' heads from the smoke and without losing any speed, took six arrows to his body. A rain of arrows flew where he just was but ended up hitting other players. 

"Watch it!" People got into even more of a disarray.

The health regeneration kept Ray alive as he kept getting small cuts all over.

"Block the door!" People formed a wall in front of the tower's doors.

"Wait!" Ashley stopped. The two had made quite far down, but could still clearly hear what was going on outside. "We need to go back!"

"Stop!" Purity grabbed her hand. "If we go back now, they will get us!" 

"But Ray..!" 

"Believe in him!" Purity cried out.

Ashley bit her lip. "And Michael? We couldn't even look for him."

"We'll talk to him once we go back to the real life. Right now we need to get away safe." Ashley didn't like it, but she had to admit Purity was right, this was the plan after all.

The two turned around and continued running down the stairs. 

"Huh?" Purity's mask was knocked off by a gust of wind. A bright golden train was left next to her face. Before she could realize what it was, a small yellow light radiated in the darkness in front of them.

Another golden train was drawn, followed by two more. Purity was afraid to move an inch. She felt like a single arrow could rip her apart. However, not a single one did any damage to her. 

Ray was less than twenty meters from the wall of players. 

"Damn it." He clenched his teeth. Maybe if he had a vine in his sword, he could at least open up a way, but now, this will be way more difficult than he wanted it to be. Still, it wasn't impossible.

Suddenly, one of the players got knocked up. In just a second, four more were knocked out.

Ray grinned. He dashed at full speed at the players.

"Damn it! Don't..." One of the players tried to shout, but a rain of golden arrows numbed his and the other's bodies.

Ray jumped throw the door and vanished in the golden trails. The players got up and shacked their bodies. The arrows did no damage, but stunned their movement for a second and that second was all Ray needed.

Ray caught up to the girls in just a couple of seconds. He grabbed them by their hands and pulled them down the staircase.

"Hurry!" Ray shouted.


"Ice missiles!" 

Magic attacks and arrows rained down the staircase after them. The three tumbled down away from the stairs. An explosion shook the room. Icicles and arrows flew in all directions.

"Do you think we got them?" Someone in the crowd asked.

"Let's go!" The man in the plate armor rushed to the door. Everyone else ran after him

Ray opened his eyes. In front of him, he saw a glittering gold shield and a familiar man. 

"You guys okay?" Michael helped Purity get up.

"Come on, they will come after us." Ray checked his window and looked around. "Any idea which way to go?"

"None, sorry." Michael raised his shield. It glowed in a bright light and turned into an arming sword, that he held up to shine their way. 

The four quickly went up the hall.

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