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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Soul and Fearful Biscuits. Part 6

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



December 22, Christmas. 08:03

"Well good morning." Nella couldn't help but laugh when she saw Suzane. 

Her hair was all over the place and she had dark bags under her eyes. The shirt she wore was shaggy and needed ironing. 

"Tough night?" Nella pushed a cup of tea to Suzane as she sat down in front of her. 

"My god." Suzane face bumped the table and covered her head with her arms.

"Let me guess, you spend the entire night drinking alone, like very Christmas." Nella waved the waitress. The girl in a maid uniform nodded and went through the kitchen doors.

"Nahm..." Suzane grumbled under her arms. "Well," She sat up more or less straight and moved the hair off of her face. "I did drink the entire evening... but not entirely alone." She tried avoiding eye contact, but when she glanced to see Nella's face, her eyes were grabbed by a sharp and spellbound glare. "What?" She crossed her arms after starting to feel uncomfortable.

"You spend the night drinking with someone else? Really?" Nella was under a spell.

"Yea... it's not that big of a deal." Suzane tried to avert her eyes again, but there was no escaping Nella's stare.

"Was it that sidekick of yours? Robert, was it?" Nella grinned from ear to ear. She hadn't been this much excited for a long time.

"God no!" Suzane shook the table, scaring the maid next to her. "Oh, sorry." She lowered her head when she noticed the girl. 

Nella nodded the girl and she placed two plates on the table with two dark brown blocks. They had a surprising sheen.

"No, not him. And it's Robers" Suzane took a fork and dug into the pastry, revealing a condensed dark stuffing between layers.

"Then who?" Nella didn't touch her plate, which was unlike her.

"Just a guy I met yesterday while..." Suzane stuffed her mouth. It was refreshing, considering it was the first thing she ate this morning.

"A guy you met while drinking yesterday?" Nella got a nod as a reply. "Gosh, and here I thought you got your head out and met someone other than me." She acted disappointed and started eating. "Was he at least human?" 

"Of course he is. I spend the night in PROJECT." 

"Oh, well I suppose that's at least some improvement." Nella's statement was met with a wintry expression. "What was he like?"

"Good, I mean it was my first, so I can't really compare."

"What?" Nella gave an asking look.

"Huh?" Suzane realizes what she just unwillingly answered. "I mean.... I..."

Nella's look slowly turned into a grin. This was probably the first time in her life Suzane saw Nella smile like that. "So, what was he like?" She repeated the question, with a specific hint.

"Can we not talk about this?" Suzane was stuffing her mouth full of delicate sweetness.

"How can we not? You're 27 and have not even had a boyfriend since high school years." Nella waved the waitress again and got a nod as a reply. Suzane didn't know how the girl instantly knew what Nella wanted. "This changes everything."

"No, it doesn't. We were drunk, I can hardly remember it."

"Wasn't the alcohol effect only last till you log out? In that case, you should fully remember EVERY LITTLE DETAIL." Nella put an enthesis on every syllable, slowly leaning over the table towards Suzane. "Your face is red, are you feeling okay?" She couldn't stop grinning. This was just too fun.

Suzane gave her a mean look. 

"Fine, fine." Nella sat back in her chair and took her cup of tea. "But do tell, who it was?"

"I don't know, just some guy." Suzane grumped.

"Yes, and when did you stop fizically traumatizing 'just guys'? There had to be something more than you being drunk. Believe me, I've seen you drunk." Nella talked a lot calmer and ordinarily, that gave Suzane some breathing space. She wanted to mess with her a bit more, but she also knew she shouldn't push the limit. "Plus if he could log in during the Christmas Eve, he had to have administrator access, so I wouldn't call him just a guy."

Suzane's eyes widened. Up till now, she had not thought of it. Mostly because she was focused on other things.

"That explains it."

"What, you tried to kill him, but failed?" Nella hit the jackpot and saw Suzane lightly shake the moment she said it. "Of course you did, why did I think you wouldn't." 

"You think he works in HRD?" Suzane started rubbing her hands. If that was the case, chances are they could see each other any day.

"Maybe, what was his name?" 

"His name?" Suzane started thinking.

"Yea, administrators can't change their names or avatar look in PROJECT." She noticed Suzane lost in thought. "You didn't ask for his name?"

Suzane shook her head. 

"Well at least tell me how he looked." Nella sighed. "I have the records of everyone with administrator access to PROJECT in HRD. Maybe I'll be able to find him."

Suzane didn't want to find out who he is, but at the same time she felt a strong urge to see him again.

"Well, he was around my height, maybe a little taller." Suzane pictured Tanatos in her mind, although she didn't have a completely clear picture. "He had yellow eyes and his skin had a blackish tone. Long, black hair. I think he's from north, scandinavian or something similar."

"Let's see, I think I have two people that fit that. Here." Nella showed Suzane the pictures on her phone.

"No, it's not them. And he wasn't black I think, he just had a blackish tone." Suzane looked at the pictures again, just to make sure, but neither of the two was the one.

"I see, maybe then something he did in the game?" Nella started looking through the records again. "Then I have only one. Here." 

Suzane didn't know if she should look at the picture, but in the end, she lifted her eyes. 

"No, that's not him." She relaxed.

"Well, then I don't think it's someone from the HRD. And here I was all anxious to meet him."

The two sat there having breakfast for a while, till  Suzane decided to go home. Just because it was a holiday, didn't mean she had no work to do. Of course, she could just give it all to Rebers, just like Nella apparently does with her assistants. However, Suzane needed a way to lose herself and work seemed like a perfect option.

After clearing her head out and talking to Nella, she got straight back home. She wanted to go shopping for some groceries, but she realized she needed to change her looks. After taking a shower and reading the news, Suzane got on her bed and closed her eyes. 

She woke up on her office bed, where she had logged out that night. She looked around, to make sure no one was around and opened her window. She took out a robe she usually wore and put it on. 


"Ah!" Suzane jumped up from the sudden scare and backed her head at Tanatos.

"Did I scare you? Honestly, I was about to leave. Didn't know when you would be back and all this waiting made me bored. But you're here now." Tanatos put on a broad smile.

Suzane watched him sit up side down on the ceiling. 

"You're here." She mumbled.

"Of course I am." Tanatos laughed. 

He didn't think of what happened during the night, but since he had no idea where Ray was, this gave him an opportunity to learn more about these adventurers and their world. It seemed Suzane for some reason thought he's from that world two, but he didn't know why she would assume that. Even so, that gave him a chance to get closer to her. A chance he didn't want to miss.

"So, what are we doing today?" He looked in a good mood. 

Suzane stood up straight and gave him a cold look. 

"Look, what happened tonight was just a one time thing. We were drunk, we had fun, let's forget it." In the end, she decided it would be best to settle it this way. 

She confirmed something she wasn't sure about now, that beeing around him gave her an uneasy feeling. It felt like the man wasn't controlled by anything and she could do nothing to him. That left her with a sense of powerlessness. a feeling she chose to rather not feel.

"Got it, already forgotten. Though I don't know what you mean about that being drunk thing. You'd need a lot more than that to get me." Tanatos laughed.

Suzane was astonished. Did he just say he wasn't drunk? Administrators could toggle that option. She turned it off and for some reason assumed he had done the same. She now saw it was naive to think that, but at the time, she had already had quite a lot to drink. But that didn't matter. He just admitted that he used her while she wasn't fully aware and even though she had to admit most of it was her fault, she wasn't planning on leashing out on herself. This man on the other hand.

"You..." She clenched her fists.

"Huh?" Tanatos was startled by a wave of air gushing out on him from all sides. "Are we back to this point?" He sighed and watched the ceiling get destroyed.

"!" Suzane witnessed it the night before but was still started to see the man instantly appear behind her. "I guess there is no point in that." She sighed. Even if he didn't teleport, administrators could not be harmed inside the city limits. "Fine, I will overlook the fact that you used me while I wasn't sober, but that was it." 

"Yea, you already said that. It's not good to repeat yourself." Tanatos sat on Suzane's table and crossed his legs. "So, what are we going to do today?" He smiled. "Oh, I guess I'm repeating myself too." Suzane was dazzled by how innocent his laugh sounded. It didn't fit him at all.

"I have a lot of work, what do you want." Suzane didn't know how to handle the situation. This man was just as unbearable as Raynold, however, this one was an administrator. What wrong did she do in her life to deserve this? A few things flashed in her mind after asking herself that.

"Oh, well I was thinking we could go East from here. I want to explore the world and that was my next destination. Alexandria to be precise. It is a bit far, but it shouldn't take us too long." Tanatos didn't even try to read Suzane and just kept on going with his own thing.

"I mean what do you want from ME?" Suzane tried to be as clear as possible and get the man out of her office.

"I want to get to know you." Tanatos was enjoying the conversation way more than Suzane. He wanted to go explore the city, but not knowing when Suzane would come back he decided to stay in the office the entire morning. "And I mean not just like tonight." He laughed again. "Oh, wait, wasn't I suppose to have forgotten that?"

Suzane felt into confusion for a bit. "Well, you wo..." She was about to say something she knew she should have, but she could not finish the sentence. Deep within she felt something she had not felt before. She didn't want this man to leave for good.

"I won't?" Tanatos gave her a questionable look. "That's silly!" He put his hand on her shoulder. "I want to. That means I will and you have no say in it." 

The feeling of powerlessness overwhelmed her. For some reason, she felt like she will never be able to get rid of this man. And she was fine with it.

"No!" Suzane slapped his hand from her shoulder. "I'm not fine with it!" She pounded out.

"But you have no say in it. Did you not hear what I just said?" Tanatos was completely honest when asking that. 

Suzane opened her mouth. How could someone like that exist? Did he have no morals? No sense of restrain? she took a deep breath.

"Alexandria, huh? Maybe it doesn't sound that bad." Tanatos was glad to hear her words. "However!" She proceeded. "As you can see, I have a ton of paper... work?" She looked around, but there was nothing on her table aside Tanatos. "Did Robers take care of it?" Suzane felt a bit proud of him. He always did a lot of work, but never without her concern. It was almost like he was growing up.

"Paper? Oh, you mean the paper that was on your desk?" 

"Yea, wait, did you do it?" Suzane looked at Tanatos and wondered if this man was actually good for something.

"I did. Had to kill a lot of time while you were gone." It touched Suzane. Was this how Nella usually felt like? With the work of her hands. "It's quality was quite good."

"Quality?" Suzane didn't know what he meant. "What quality?"

"The paper. I flew really far." Tanatos spread his hands.

"What flew?" Suzane didn't want to know the answer, but she had to ask anyway.

"The planes I made from it. I failed at it at first, it has been a long time since I had last made one, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly." He pointed to the window.

Suzane slowly walked up to the windowsill. Outside she could see hundreds of paper planes all around the roofs and streets below. She took another deep breath.

"Hm." The desk Tanatos was sitting on blew up in pieces. "Those weren't important, were they?" He leaned back against the wall next to Suzane. 

"No, no at all!" Suzane was about to slap Tanatos with the air current following up, but Tanatos grabbed her hand and jumped out of the window, dragging her alongside him.

"Good! Then we can be on our way!" He was eager to get out of the room and used all his strength to kick off the wall. The two went flying over the buildings in speed unseen before to Suzane.

Suzane watched the city beneath them, but suddenly realized something.

"Stop!" She instantly stopped in mid air. Tanatos was pushed back and would have fallen down if he hadn't been holding Suzane's hand the whole time. Now he was hanging on it.

"What is it?" He sounded surprised but was met only by a cold glance. 

Suzane opened her window and took out some robes. In the rush, her bathrobe had fallen off.

"Off." She said in a freezing tone. 

Air exploded around Tanatos, making him let go and fall to the ground. She quickly equiped the clothes and slowly descended.

"You know, you really need to work on your temper." Tanatos watched Suzane slowly descend. 

"Hey, that's him!" A small group of people further away started running towards them.

"Who's that?" Suzane noticed them.

"No idea. But I don't like the way they look at me." Tanatos cracked his knuckles.

"Really? I had the idea that's how I've been looking at you the whole time today."

"Oh, I didn't notice." Tanatos gave an honest smile. 

"He's a PK! He killed us yesterday." A woman in the group shouted pointing at Tanatos. People nearby started paying attention to them. If a red player came here, the guards will get him. So far that hadn't happened, so this sounded quite curious.

"You killed them?" Suzane was in no way surprised.

"I killed a couple of people while coming here. I don't remember if it was them." Tanatos made it obvious he didn't even bother to remember their faces.

"Someone call the guards! Hold him, don't let him escape." People surrounded the two.

"A couple? There's more than twenty of them."

"Well, I didn't count." Tanatos shrugged his shoulders. "Doesn't matter, this will only take a few seconds."

Tanatos stepped forward, moving ten meters in a single step, and slashed at one of the players. His hand was stopped by Suzane's.

"Ah..." She breathed out. She didn't expect him to actually kill players inside the city. Just now, she barely made it in time to teleport after him. 

Thoughts ran through her head like a waterfall. How could an administrator kill players inside the city? If he wasn't from the HRD, he wasn't responsible for the Vine Garden, but he still had to abide some rules. Forget about punishment, regullar and intentional killing of players inside the cities would get you fired.

Tanatos saw Suzane and relaxed his hand. 

"Fine, I'll let them live. This time." His words calmed Suzane down a little bit. "So, shall we be on our way?" 

"I haven't agreed to go."

"I don't need you to." Tanatos laughed.

Suzane finally smiled. "Fine, but I can't leave just like that. Tomorrow." 

Tanatos looked at her. She instantly knew what he was thinking and took in her arm before he could grab her. 

"It's final." She gave a firm statement. "Also, give these people the items you took." She said the later just because she felt like she was finally holding some ground against him and wanted him to get down even lower.

"Items? I took some gold and these clothes, that's all." Tanatos tilted his head. Suzane looked at the people.

"He's lying! He took absolutely everything from our drop boxes!" A man stepped up, but after seeing Suzane wasn't moving, he stopped. They didn't know who Tanatos was, but many people and all the NPC knew who Suzane was.

"I left everything on the ground. And I wouldn't give it back even if I did take it." 

Suzane sighed. "You took everything out of the boxes and left it on the ground?" 

Tanatos nodded. That meant he looted the drop boxes and then dropped the items. That way, the players didn't get the items back after they spawned. Suzane giggled. This was a terrible thing to do. Not only did he kill and loot everything, he didn't even take the items.

The group was waiting. They expected their items to be given back or at least to be refunded for them.

"What are you waiting for? You should hurry up until someone else got them." Suzane smirked. "So?" She said, after seeing no one left.

The grouped looked at each other and left. There was nothing they could do to an administrator.

"So, what are we going to do today then?" Tanatos scratched his head. He accepted that they would leave the following day, but still needed something to do.

"You are to not cause any trouble." Suzane gave him a serious look but he was completely ignoring it. "ANY." She repeated. He rolled his eyes. 

"I guess I'll try." He finally said.

"Good, then I will go do the work I need to do. I will see you tomorrow. Is twelve okay with you?" She thought for a moment before offering the time. If she would leave, she needed to do the work in real life.

"Twelve?" Tanatos had noticed clocks all around the place. Things like that didn't exist back when he ruled the city, but it seemed like everyone put their schedule around that. "Sure." 

"See you then." Suzane was about to leave, even though she was a bit scared to leave Tanatos alone. The trouble he could cause would be devastating. However, at the same time, she wanted to believe he really will try to stay out of trouble. Not to mention she knew that if she kept him with her, he would not only annoy the living hell out of her, he would not let her to any of the work.

"Before you leave, do you know a guy named Ray?" 

Suzane instantly stopped after hearing the name. That was a pretty generic name, but she wanted to know.

"I don't know, how does he look?" She said over her shoulder.

"Hmm, about this tall." Tanatos put his hand in front of him. "Dark hair, might get a bit annoying." 

Not something you can say. Suzane couldn't help but say inside.

"And he has the Crimson Rose Adamantium Sword." 

At this name, Suzane knew it. Ray had stolen that sword from the maze.

"Is he a friend of yours?" She asked.

"I wouldn't say that. But since you're leaving, I need to hang out with someone." Tanatos laughed. "And I don't really know anyone else."

"I see. I'll ask around, maybe someone has seen him." Suzane said and quickly left.

She was no longer in charge of finding Ray, but that didn't mean she was going to give up an opportunity. He didn't know where Ray was, but he had some sort of connection to him. 

At this point it hit Suzane. She still hadn't asked for his name.  She hesitated for a second.

"I'll ask tomorrow." she mumbled to herself and flew away.

*** ***

Tanatos took the wanted poster from the wall. I had a picture of Ray on it. Next to it were posters of Purity and Ashley. 

"Hey." He walked up to a group of people. "Do you know where I can find this guy?" He showed them the poster.

"Oh, Raynold Sunlight. You interested in the reward, bro?" A man patted him on the shoulder.

Tanatos was about to cut off that arm and say he's not his brother, but remembered Suzane and stopped himself.

"I heard he was at the Wdeion Nation Ruins a couple of hours ago. A lot of people were chasing him, but no one could catch him. He's probably logged off by now, but I heard they last saw him in the undercity, on the way to Akropolis." The man smiled.

Tanatos grinned. "Thanks." He was no longer bothered by the hand on his shoulder. The man told him more than he expected to find out. 

Tanatos kicked off the ground and vanished. The group looked around, but could not see him.

Tanatos looked at the setting sun, then at the watch on his hand he got from a store. He spread his wings and dashed through the air.

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