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And with this, volume 1 ends. I think I slightly improved over time, although not nearly as much as I wanted to. But I will continue writing, I will continue improving, and at some point, I hope I can fill my reader(s) with excitement ^^

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Soul and Fearful Biscuits. Part 8

Submitted: February 04, 2017

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Submitted: February 04, 2017



The group walked out into a giant square. Temple ruins surrounded it from all sides. 

"Wow." Ashley and Purity were amazed. They had seen pictures and holograms, but seeing it first hand like this was completely different.

"Haaa!!!" A loud voice came from one of the buildings ahead.

A figure rushed through a wall and started running at the group.

"Is that the boss?" Ashley asked.

"I doubt it." Ray drew the rose sword. "See that temple straight up?" The rest looked at the far temple. "It's almost undamaged. Looking at everything around, it just stands out way too much. Not to mention the exit from the underground is on the opposite side of it. My guess that is the boss room."

"It's coming." Michael turned his weapon into a shield.


The monster stopped around twenty meters away from them. The gluttonous body was wrapped up in a toga. Its eyes were pure black and it had spume coming out of its mouth.

Tanatos stepped forth. "Tinio?"

"You know it?" Ray didn't lower his guard. The monster stopped for now, but it could any moment. 

Above the monster's head Ray could see blue text: (Guardian of Akropolis) Tinio lvl 25

"More or less." Tanatos started walking closer to the monster. "Tinio, it's you, isn't it?" 

The monster was heavily breathing. 

"Aaa!!!" It shrieked and jumped at Tanatos.

"Tinio!" Tanatos let out a shout. 

The monster stopped its hand a couple of inches from Tanatos' head. It frowned and closed its eyes. Bit by bit, it opened them again. They were no longer black. Instead, they let out a green purplish vibe.

"King... Tanatos..." It let out a soft voice.

"What happened?" Tanatos took its hand, but the gargantuan glutton ball jumped back.

"You must leave! Please!" 

"Tinio, tell me what happened." Tanatos stepped forward. Seeing that, the monster started walking back.

"No... you must leave, you must!" It screamed again. 

Two more buildings collapsed in the distance. From the dust, two monsters showed up and rushed at the group.

"They're here. You have to go, now! I'll hold them off!" Tinio turned around and rammed the two. Their small bodies were blown away from the impact and fell down.

"Tinio!" Tanatos wanted to go after him, but Ray was quick enough to grab his shoulder.

"The boss room!" He shouted. Michael instantly reacted and started running towards them. Purity and Ashley followed him.

"But..." Tanatos wanted to say something.

"While coming here you said you felt some dark energy, right? If you still do, it has to be the boss room! There's nothing else." Ray ran past Tanatos.

The three followed him and left the man behind. 

"Tch." Tanatos looked at his friend holding back two monsters. 

But Ray was right. Now, even more than before, he could feel dark energy coming from the temple Ray referred to as the boss room. Tanatos couldn't help but have a bad feeling about it. He feared the energy, and he was a man that would say he feared nothing.

His friend was not himself in all the ways possible. The other two were people he had seen as well, although he didn't know their names. Whatever happened to them, the source of it came from that energy. Tanatos looked ahead. If he could destroy the source, maybe the three would go back to normal.

"Huh?" The girls gasped. Tanatos rushed pass them like they were standing still. 

The man stopped in front of the door.

"Don't go in alone!" Ray shouted but it was too late.

Tanatos forced the door open and went in. Ray stopped and waited for the rest. He could see the three monsters in the distance. Tinio and the other two were coming at them. It seemed whatever brought Tinio to his senses was now gone. It was back to being a mindless monster.

Ray thought for a moment. What if Tinio and then the other two as well were personas with their will freed to a certain point? How many monsters could be like that?

He didn't have time to think now. The others caught up and they all went into the room before the three monster could catch up.

The door closed behind them.


The inside of the temple was completely empty. A huge area stood silent and dark. The only dim light inside was provided by some torches on the gigantic columns near the walls. The group could see some sort of images portrayed on the floor, but there was not enough light to see what it was exactly.

Tanatos was standing a bit further in, not moving a muscle, just mumbling something under his nose.

Ray opened his window to make sure it was the boss room. He wanted to check the name of the temple too, but his window suddenly started turning black. 

"What is this?" Purity had her window out as well and got surprised. It slowly turned black and finally turned off. 

"Stay together." Ray said while backing up to them. He looked around, but could not see the room boss. "Can you see it?" He asked. "Guys?" 

Ray turned back. There was nothing but darkness. It quickly lashed out around him. 

Ray tried jumping back to avoid it, but the darkness surrounded him almost in an instant. The light from the torches, even the light from Michael's shield, all was gone. Ray couldn't even see his hands.

He blinked and found himself standing in a huge fire. He could hear screams around, bodies were lying beneath his feet. The night sky had turned crimson and the smell of blood overpowered all senses.

"Yes~~~..." A shadow embraced Ashley in its arms. It smelled her hair and moaned. "Ah~~~..."

It went on to Purity and did the same. It didn't get the same feeling from Michael but was still pleased. Lastly, it went up to Ray.

"Ah~~~... I can feel it. Yours are the strongest of them all. This taste of fear... Mmm... Yes, dro~~wn in it, give yoursel~~f to it. Revea~~l, what do you fear the mo~st..." It enclasped Ray in its arms and tried to see what Ray was seeing.

"Blondes, probably." Ray gave an innocent smile.

"Wha~~ ah!" Vines of roses shot through the shadow, making it retreat.

Ray looked back. The others were all frozen still. Their eyes were completely black, but it didn't seem like they were turning hostile like the monsters outside. 

"A trance?" He looked at the shadow which was now standing next to Tanatos. What remotely resembled arms were placed on its abdomen, dark smoke was coming out of them and filling in the hole the vines had made. "Shit, don't tell me you guys are leaving me to fight the boss alone." He sighed.

Ray didn't like to work in a team, but against a boss monster, he would have preferred at least some backup. He looked above the shadow. The text that should be shown was unreadable. Ray guessed that it was the effect of whatever messed up their windows.

"Ho~w~~..." The shadow started lurking around Ray but didn't get too close. "Your fe~~ars~... How~ did you es~~cape them?

Ray checked his window again but it was still completely black. The only thing he could use was his quickbar. Not that it mattered too much to him since all his pills and items were already in it.

"Fears? Is that what it was?" He looked at Tanatos. 'Shit, even you?'

The shadow didn't attack Ray, so he decided to try talking. He didn't think they could avoid fighting, although that would have been nice, but if he could get a minute or two, maybe someone else would snap out from the illusion, spell, or whatever they were in.

"What~~ did you see~~?"

"Oh, I was just taking a casual stroll in the park." Ray laughed.

"Stroll~~? No~... You sa~w your fe~~ars..." 

"Is that what you do? Show people their fears?" Ray got curious.

"Show~~, tra~p. You ca~~n't run from them~~." the shadow was trying to examine Ray. It was the first time someone had broken out.

"I see." Ray said in a disappointed tone. "And why do you do it?"

"Doesn~~'t matter why~." The shadow stopped near Tanatos again.

"Really, how useless." Ray sighed. The shadow seemed interested in him, so Ray decided to quickly prepare for battle. He started arranging the quickbar.


"That right. Trapping us in our fears? Do you even know what fear is?" 

"Do I know~~ what fear is~~~? I~? Of cou~~~rse! Fear is the pri~~son, the da~rkness~ within the hea~~rt." 

"Hmm, interesting theory. But you see, there are only two types of fear." Ray noticed the shadow paying close attention. "The fear of something you either can't or couldn't do, and the fear of something you can or will do. Either way," Ray started slowly walking towards the shadow. "there is no point in stopping because of it."

"No~ po~int? And ye~~t, it contro~ls you." The shadow seemed pleased with itself.  "And I~~ control~ it~!"

Ray heard swift steps behind his back. The sound of metal piercing the air rushed into his ear. 

Purity slashed her scimitar at Ray. The shadow had no face, but a smile appeared somewhere on its body. 

Ray didn't shudder. Within a couple inches from his head, the scimitar was stopped by a golden sword.

"Sorry, took me a while." Michael pushed back Purity. Her eyes were still dyed black. 

"Whatever. Just don't let her get in my way." Ray swirled his blade. 

Ashley wasn't moving, but her eyes were still black. Ray wondered if that meant that she hadn't broken free from the spell, but the shadow hadn't taken control of her either. Whatever was the case, Michael should be able to take care of them. The problem now was...

"How~~..." The shadow was dazed, but instantly recovered. "Doesn~~'t matter~~. Kill~ them~~..." It put its arm on Tanatos shoulder.

"Shit." Ray clenched his teeth. It was obvious Tanatos was trapped in the spell, but he wanted to think that at least he hadn't been taken control of.

"AAAaaa!" Tanatos screamed. 

He swiftly turned his body and kicked the shadow, sending it flying into one of the columns.

"Oh..." Ray wanted to say something, but Tanatos turned to him. His eyes were black. "Oh, shit..." Ray gulped down two different pills, his speed and defense rose.

Tanatos disappeared and reappeared right in front of Ray, barely leaving him any time to react. Claws left afterimages in the air.

Ray ducked and swung his blade. Tanatos caught the blade with his bare hand and lifted it with Ray into the air. It swung and tossed Ray into the wall. Not letting Ray rest, he attacked once again, this time destroying the column behind him, as Ray dodged and leaped towards the side. He tried to put up some distance, but Tanatos caught up and kicked him away. 

Ray's back hit a wall, breaking the stones.

"Damn it." Two more pills went into Ray's mouth. They had only one-third of the potion's effect but stacked up to three times. 

The shadow got up from the rumble close to Tanatos. "Hu~~h?" A kick put him even deeper beneath the stones.

Black shadows started rising all around Tanatos. The moment one would be complete, it ran to help its master. 

"Michael! Don't come near!" Ray shouted out while munching the pills. Tanatos was distracted for a couple of seconds, this gave Ray some time to max on the pills. 

"Got it!" Michael answered. He was holding back Purity under his feet. She was all chained up in his weapon. 

He clearly saw the difference in strength, but was still ready to provide support with his bow. He also kept a close eye on Ashley, who was still inside the spell.

"Good." Ray cracked his neck to both sides. 

His speed and health regeneration were up by 40%, and his attack and defense were up by 30%. One pill would increase it by 10%, stacking up to 30%, but once the alchemy level rose high enough, some potions would get a 'master brewer' boost of another 10%. 

Even if Ray was only level 17, while the boss monster was most likely around level 30, he could still put up a fight. Especially since the shadow didn't seem to have a very strong fighting power. It most likely relied on his spell that Ray got out of. Other than that, he spawned a large number of weaker shadow-like monster that Tanatos was now fighting.

On that note, Tanatos was the main problem. He was affected by the spell, but Ray guessed that because of his level, the shadow couldn't control him, therefore he attacked whoever was the closest. Tanatos wasn't using his dagger or his special attacks, like the black feathers Ray had witnessed in the plains. Ray didn't know if he would use them but hoped he wouldn't.

The mausoleum Tanatos was locked up in was surrounded by monsters called Kodamas. They pretty much capped at level 20. With this in mind, Ray originally guessed Tanatos to be level 20 or 25, but after these few exchanges, he was certain Tanatos had reached level 30. Maybe he was even a little over it. 

If Ray would have to bet who would win, even if Tanatos didn't use his weapon or special attacks, he would still be able to defeat the boss. Right now, Ray could try to pull back with Michael and wait the fight out. If they didn't get too close, Tanatos would most likely ignore them. Then, after the fight is over and the boss is defeated, the spell might end and Tanatos would go back to normal. This would be the perfect outcome. But Ray wasn't going to do it.

He launched at Tanatos.

The one gone berserk looked more like a devil than a man. His skin had a darkish tone and his eyes were glittering in black. Two horns on his forehead were growing bigger and bigger. Any shadow that would get near would be cut into pieces by his claws.

Tanatos turned his head. Afterimages of blades started appearing in the air. A bomb exploded, engulfing everything in smoke. Ray jumped out and slashed at the shadow boss.

The blade went through the body with no resistance and the shadow was intact. Tanatos ran out after his opponent. Ray jumped over Tanatos shoulder and the berserk arm hit the shadow, going through it just like the blade.

"Urh..." Tanatos clenched its teeth. "Haa!" Black feathers came out of his arm and flew all around, cutting anything in its path, including the shadow. 

"AAaaa~!" It shrieked in pain. 

Ray grabbed the dagger from Tanatos belt and before the demon could react, rose vines swallowed both bosses.

Ray put up some distance. Even if they were bosses and of a higher level. Ray's speed, defense, attack and health regeneration stats with the pills were of a level 24 player. On top of that, the shadow didn't have much fighting power, especially against Tanatos, and Tanatos himself was just going berserk. He had no technique or strategy in his attacks.

Ray looked around. The shadow monsters that the boss spawned had almost recovered. There were around twenty of them and they would attack any moment. Ray swallowed a couple of pills again. Even if they stacked and had a lot of power, they only lasted for two to three minutes. If they ran out in the middle of the fight when Ray couldn't eat them, he would be in trouble.

Countless black feathers destroyed the vines and flew in all directions.

Ray jumped back again and hit them away with his sword.

From the dust rose Tanatos. His body was covered in black feathers and from his back grew two bone wings. His skin looked scorched and had red lines running down from his forehead all the way down his chest. The two horns on his forehead were like coal, even darker than his eyes. 

Ray noticed a yellow light coming from his eyes, though they were still completely black. He didn't know if it meant Tanatos was breaking away from the spell or if it was just part of this form. 

Beneath Tanatos feet lied the shadow. It was covered in black feathers. Taking that attack from zero range would no question kill Ray on the spot. 

Ray looked around. The shadow monsters had collapsed and were barely moving, though not all were hit by the feathers. Purity and Ashley still had their eyes black and hadn't woken up. Ray looked back at Tanatos.

The man was only a couple of meters away from him. Ray couldn't dodge. He blocked the slashes with his sword. Tanatos turned around and kicked him in the chest. The ground under them shattered and Ray flew away.

"Whaaa..." Michael could barely react to Ray flying passed him. He instantly took a couple of pills. They needed to somehow retreat.

Tanatos stepped in front of Michael and disappeared.


Michael heard stones crash behind him before he could react. Tanatos attacked Ray on the ground over and over. 

Ray tried defending against the attacks, but he could only block half of them. His health got lower and lower with each hit.

"AAaaa!" Tanatos finally roared. A rain of black feather launched from his arms at Ray. 

Ray was lying lifelessly.

Health: 0%

'Would you like to die?'

The shadow boss devoured the ninth monster. Because of the wounds he had, the process was a lot slower, but he was now almost fully recovered. The other monsters were merging together too. There were now only six left.

"Even though~~, you're still~ trapped in your fea~~r..." The shadow boss smiled. If it could take control of that demon, nothing could ever come before him.

Tanatos turned around and went to the shadow monsters. 

Micheal looked back. Particles were surrounding Ray. He had died. The knight looked down at Purity. He needed to find a way to leave the boss room, but with Purity attacking him, they couldn't leave the combat. He glanced at Ashley. Maybe if he left Purity, at least the two of them could get away. There were still monsters outside, but he was confident they could run away.

Tanatos and the shadow boss started fighting again. The boss kept on devouring more and more of his monsters, getting stronger with each one. He was still being pushed back by the demon, but it noticed that Tanatos was slowly losing his speed and power.

'Would you like to die?'

Ray stared at the window that had popped up with empty eyes. 

'Would you like to use the effect of the Marigold Narcissus Adamantium Dagger?'

Ray got up. 

"This is not enough." 


'Your health has been restored.'

'Your character stats have been increased by 20% for 5 minutes.'

'Charges left: 0/1. Next charge in: 13 days 23 hours 59 minutes 57 seconds.'

"It's not... enough..." Ray felt the blood in his body burning up. Both this and his physical body felt like they were on fire.

Tanatos and the shadow crashed. Everything around them was breaking. 


"Uhn~~!!!" The two roared and put all power they had into their attacks.

The two swung the hands, but before they could hit each other, they stopped.

Purity was struggling to get out of Michael's chains the entire time, but now, for an instant, she froze. 

Ashley fell to her knees and buried her head in her arms.

Michael felt cold sweat run down his back. Under him, Purity started shaking.

Michael turned around. In the dust, he could see two eyes letting out a skirmish of blue light.

'Synchronization complete. 120%'

Ray slashed at Tanatos.

The demon turned and dodged the attack, but Ray had already shifted his attack. The side of the blade hit Tanatos' shoulder. He kneeled down from the impact, but right after rolled over and kicked Ray from below.

The rose sword went through the shadow boss. Again, again, again. Not once did it hit anything. 

"Heee!!!" Tanatos attacked Ray though the shadow. It collapsed and returned next to them.

Ray blocked the attack and diverted it at the shadow.

The arm and the sword went into the shadow's abdomen. 


"Uh~~..." It wanted to back out, but vines of roses came out from the blade inside his body. 

The shadow was torn apart by a flock of vines, each with a mind of its own, cutting everything they reached. 

"Heeaaaa!" Tanatos screamed out. Vined tore apart his arm and cut deep into his body.

Ray hid behind Tanatos' back. Given another opening, the yellow dagger cut deep into the demon's body.

"Aarrhh!!!" Tanatos kept on screaming. He slashed at Ray but couldn't hit him. Tanatos' speed had drastically dropped. "Aaaa!!!" The feathers stiffened and thousands of black needles launched at all sides.

"Hmm..." Ray stood on Tanatos' horns. He got hit a few times but was still in good condition. 

The rose sword went into Tanatos chest. Ray opened his quickbar and moved down to the ground in an instant. 

"Aaa..." Tanatos' let out a deep breath. 

Ray's hand went deep into deamon's chest. He pulled it out just in time to dodge Tanatos' next attack. 

The berserker stumbled. The wound started closing, but he could feel the poison left inside him. Ray had pushed a handful of paralysis and weakening powder into the wound. The medicine was now rushing through his body, diminishing what was left of his strength. 

Ray swung his blade. Blood splat on the ground, revealing a shining blade. The room was almost in complete darkness with the torches destroyed, but the metal reflected every single piece of light inside the room.

Ray lifted his blade above his head. A swift sound came from metal rushing down through the air towards now helpless Tanatos.

Tanatos lifted his yellow eyes at his opponent. The rose sword hit the ground next to him. Ray was frozen stiff.

'You have been forcefully logged out due to the stress on your body'

A window appeared in front of Ray, but he couldn't read it.


Ema was reading her book in the livingroom. She was turning the page when a sound filled the entire apartment.


The book fell down on the floor as Ema rushed to Ray's room.

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