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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Two Sides of a Coin. Part 3

Submitted: August 06, 2016

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Submitted: August 06, 2016



Ray looked at the flower field in front of him. Vine Garden apparently had four of them, one in each far side of the map. The field was a kilometer in diameter, going alongside the outer wall of the city. One field would bloom in a season and now, as the winter came, the northern field started blooming. Full of white flowers and grasses, it looked like a snowy white pond. At the end of it was a hedge, around three meters in high. That was where Ray was heading.

Yesterday started pretty tragic, as the S rank weapon he got was nothing but a harvesting tool with witch he could not even dream of venturing out of the city. However, after that, the day went pretty smoothly. Not many people went to the information registry to get the full map of the city, therefore they were a lot slower in moving around the places.

After getting his armor, Ray went to choose a job. After asking around, he found out there are three tiers of jobs, tier three being the most common ones, and the ones you could choose in the city just by going to the main guild building of the job. 

Tier two jobs were a little harder to get. The best tier two job was probably the treasure hunter. They had the ability to examine any type of item in the game. This might not seem as that special, as any job could examine items aswell, however, every job was limited to examining items of said categories. For example, armorsmiths could examine armor pieces, weaponsmiths could examine weapons. Treasure hunters were not limited in such a way, therefore they could be of a huge use when venturing out of the city for a long amount of time. The problem with joining the treasure hunter guild was that to join, a person had to offer them an item that they would find rare and worthy of their collection. Of course, just starting the game, no one could do such a thing. 

The second job Ray found to be the most useful was the archeologist job. The ruins and dungeons in Garden all had stories hidden in them that would provide information to the players about the monsters, items, lore, and maps. All of them, once found, would be put into a players log, however, most of the time, they would be in a fantasy like unknown language. The archeologist job allowed to use an auto-translate function for these texts. Unfortunately, archeologist job of tier one, and could only be acquired by some unknown method. Or at least no NPC Ray asked knew the method. Ray guessed that there had to be some kind of hidden quest for it, but that was only for later. 

Ray also had to take into consideration that one person could only choose a total of three jobs. With that in mind, he had decided to take up those two jobs once he could and for now, choose a tier one job. It seemed, the job Ray was to take was already decided. Since he got an S rank harvesting tool for herbs, he decided to go with herbloring job. It was a pretty useful job on its own. It mainly focused on making potions, pills, and ointments from herbs, roots, and other plants. If Ray didn't need to go back to the city every time he needed to refill his potions, it would boost up the speed at which he processed through the game by a handfull. The problem was still maintaining his weapons and armor, but that was not what he was concerned about now. Right now what his thoughts were focused on was the fact that he didn't even have a weapon to begin with. 

And that is what led him here. Yesterday when gathering information about the game, Ray was also asking the NPC if they knew a place he could find the best weapon there is. One of the guards whispered him that there was this place in the northern flower field, called Vine Garden's Hedge maze. He also asked not to tell anyone where Ray got the information, as apparently no one was allowed to go there at the moment. Ray didn't fully understand the details, but it seemed he could get a pretty good weapon from this place. It must be some kind of dungeon in a city or a hidden quest. Either way, Ray had no choice as this was the only place he found he could get a weapon.

Ray made his way through the white field to the hedge. The maze looked a lot bigger from up close. The entrance was of an ark, right before him. The green hedge stood out on the white floor of flowers and rock pavement. In it, seemed to be a different kind of flowers aswell. Ray approached the entrance to the maze. Suddenly, from the pavement rose two short rock golems. Ray stoped. He looked above their heads: Lvl 28 Garden Golem. 

"Level... 28?" Ray felt sweat running through his back. This was no dungeon he could go at the moment even if he did have a weapon. 

It seemed the Garden Golems wouldn't attack anyone who didn't want to enter the maze, as they just stood there and watched Ray. He thought for a second. Ray walked by the hedge away from the entrance and looked back to check if the golems were following or at least watching him, but they didn't.

Ray wanted to try something out. He took out the Sunflower cutting knife and slowly started cutting the hedge. He wanted to see the ability of an S rank harvesting tool.
He felt no resistance as the blade easily cut through the branches one after another. Ray looked at the knife in his hand. Maybe, just maybe, he actually hit the jackpot with it. 

When he was almost on the other side of the hedge, he looked around to see if there were any more Golems around inside, but there weren't. Ray started making his way one wall after another. The further he went, the more golems he noticed, but then he would more through the hedge in another place and avoid them. On top of that, all the branches and flowers Ray got from the hedge, he put in his inventory. It seemed that even with herbloring job, he could not examine them, most likely because his harbloring level was too low. But that also meant that the branches were of higher level and he could benefit from getting more of them if he found a good use for it.

Still, in a way, this felt like cheating. This was not how the maze was meant to be explored. Even so, Ray always thought that even if cheating, what mattered in the end, was achieving one's goals. Not to mention that this was in the game, so technically even if it was some sort of bug, it wasn't cheating. 

Almost three hours had passed. Even if Ray could cut the branches easily, it was still a slow improvement through the maze, not to mention he had run into the golems a couple of times and had to quickly retreat through the hedge. Still, he had gone a pretty long way into the maze. If this was made like a regular hedge maze, the middle of it was where Ray had to go. 

"Hm?" Ray focused on the surrounding sounds. He could hear running water somewhere nearby. A fountain? It seemed he was close to his destination. 

Ray made his way through another hedge wall. There were two golems not too far from him. He walked away from them around the corner and made his way through another wall. 
He came out to an open area. Ray looked around, but there to make sure there were no garden golems around. He was only level 1, the best he could do was run away, though for monsters that round and small, they were really quick. The times Ray was found by them, he barely managed to get away. 

Ray walked up to the fountain. The water was calmly running down a sculpture of a knight. In its hand, the knight held a sword of shining metal. As water sparkled in the air, red beams of mild light shone in the water drops around the blade. Inside the blade, as if under a glass cover, grew a vine with blossoms of red roses all over. 

Underneath the statue on the fountain was written: Isolda, forwards shall your red lips lead the people of light. 

Ray didn't understand the meaning in them but hoped to hear the story or legend behind them. The knight was wearing a full set of armor, so Ray couldn't really tell it was a woman, nor could he see any distinguishing factors how he could recognize this knight in the future.

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