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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Two Sides of a Coin. Part 6

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



*pant* *pant*

Ray rushed through the alleyways as quickly as he could. At first, nothing was wrong once he left the maze, but now, all the city guards and even some players were after him. It was obvious to him why it was like that. He went around the way the system put the maze and the rose sword to be. The knife he had used was a uniquely generated item, so no one could have predicted this and therefore were not ready for it so early on. 

Ray smirked. A weapon created from my nature and atributes? Even if it didn't look like it, it depicted Ray perfectly. A blade to destroy the way the world was put.

Ray jumped over some boxes and went into the darkness in a tight gap between buildings. After a moment, he could hear people running by. 

"Shit..." He was breathing heavily, his coordination was all over the place. This might be a simulation, but the feelings aside the reduced pain were the same as real life. He has been running around nonstop for the past hour.

He opened his window. It was only ten, maybe twenty minutes away from the time he had to log out, he had trouble remembering when he logged in exactly. If he logged out now, his location could be tracked even by players. Location of a player in a city could be found by anyone with enough information. He needed to go outside the wall. Slowly, he's been making progress to the wall in the past hour. Now, he was only a couple of minutes away from the gate.

The problem now was getting through the gate. Once he was on the other side, he could use the teleporter. Another problem was, since he had not discovered any locations, it would be random and therefore very dangerous. If he was to be teleported into a place where he'd be under-leved, he would die easily and lose the rose sword anyway. If he did that, then what was the point of running in the first place. 

No. The rose sword was not the main reason Ray was running. It might have been an amazing weapon, better than anything he'll probably get anytime soon, however, Ray had completely forgotten that. If said in a simple way, Raynold had the need, to not be caught. This was the new world he came into. If he was to turn the real world like he wanted, this one was the first step. As such, Raynold was to be the dominating one. 

Ray let out a long breath and looked at the light coming from the street. The gate was there. With no delay in his steps, he walked out into the street and disappeared into the crowd. He sailed through it with swift and natural movement, then, when the gate were right in front of him, he lounched himself at full speed.

A few people were startled by him running at full speed in such a crowded street. Still, he managed to avoid bumping into someone without lowering his speed. Something Ray had learned over a long time. Two guards at the gate noticed the commotion.


Without giving them time to react, Ray dashed through them out of the crowd. 

"Stop him!" Someone in the crowd shouted. No question one of the people who were chasing him. 

The guards drew their swords from their sides but Ray had already passed the gate. With a quick swing of his hand, he opened his window and set the party option to ready. With this, he should be teleported the moment he entered the teleportation array. 

In his window flashed a red indication showing he had only 10 minutes until log out. Still, this was enough time now. The guards were almost right behind him, but they still couldn't make it. As Ray was one step away from the array, it started glowing with a deep purple light, and...

Ray's body slammed on the ground right in front of the array.

"Wh... what?" He let out as his body was being crushed into the ground. 

"Now, now, about time we caught up. One second later and you would have gotten away, how unfortunate." Ray couldn't lift his head, nor turn it back to see who was talking. The voice belonged to a woman. 

"I can't believe this happened, indeed, as much as it pains me to say, it was our fault that the system didn't function properly. However," The firstly playful voice turned serious. Ray could feel cold air surround him. "that's what I would have said if you were to hand it over to us peacefully. But no. Instead, you chose to run around the city, trying to keep it. With that, you are no more than a mere thief." Suzane stopped talking. 

Our fault? Is she a mod? Ray thought to himself. True, it seemed like she wasn't an NPC, and magic like this could not be obtained so early in the game. Even mods had to start from level one, but they could use the system to regulate everything in a certain reach, that being the cities most of the time. "Good, if that's the case."

"So, what should I do with you?" Suzane swung her hand. With it, Ray got lifted up in the air before her. He looked at her cloggy outfit, unfit to be in public if someone asked him. 

"Well," Ray said slowly. He could taste the earth in his mouth. "I usually need to do a lot more that this to get the girl so interested." Robert shivered, that guy did not just dare to say that, did he?

"Don't worry." Ray continued "I don't mind easy women." 

Robert had his eyes wide open, staring at Ray. He was too afraid to direct them at Suzane. The last time someone in the company said something even remotely similar, they were sent to the hospital, out of the fourth floor window. 

"Could you repeat that?" Suzane was smiling, the side of her lips twitching. At first, she thought she would still talk it out, maybe put some fear into that man, enough for him to apologize and "repent". She had to look good as a representing moderator after all. But now, that man was so so dead. 

"Depends, could you remove that?" Ray smiled at her, looking at her green bathrobe. Moments after that, with no indication, his body was smashed into the wall behind the teleportation array, cracking the rocks. 

"Uh..." Ray let out the air in his lungs, along with blood that had filled them from the impact. The regeneration system kicked in. Something like this still should take ten, maybe a bit more seconds to fully fix. 

Without enough time for Ray to recover, another impact hit his body, crashing it into the rocks. Normally, a level one player would have died and respawned right after the first impact. But Suzane was not planning on letting him off the hook that easily. As moderaton, in the city and around it, she could do anything she pleased. The way she saw this, this was an amazing opportunity to have fun and show people that moderators were not to be taken lightly. By now, there was a small crowd gathered to watch a bit further away, next to the gate. 

Ray coughed out another mouthful of blood as his body kept on getting bombarded with impacts one after another. The pain was reduced to 8 % in PROJECT, but even so, having his whole body crushed, every bone in his body shattered, it was like countless needles were constantly piercing his body. It wasn't pain, no, maybe it would have been, if not for the constant crushing of his lungs, making him unable to breathe. With every time he tried to take a breath, his lungs would already be filled with blood, making its way to his mouth. 

"So, have you learned anything today?" Suzane asked Ray. She looked pleased with herself. Indeed, here, he could not be truly hurt, but something like that would be much more than anything most would have experienced in real life. 

"He..." Ray let out some air after a deep breath, as his lungs got fixed. 

"Oh, so you're still able to speak?"

"He... he.. he." Ray giggled, completely collapsed, but still being held in the air, in the cracks between rocks. Everyone watched him laugh. It seemed simply sad.

"Seems like he lost it, take care of him. Inspect his items and skills, see what let him get through the hedge." Suzane turned to Robert and walked back. Invisible force let Ray go, letting him fall to the ground. 

"He, with a temperament like that, you will never get a boyfriend..." 

Suzane stopped. Her knuckles cracked.

"But I might still take you back, depending on what you're willing to show me. Shall we take a peak under that?" Ray smirked, barely standing, arms hanging with no strength in them. 

Suzane swung her hand, crashing the invisible force into Ray again. "Fine!" Her voice screeching out with bloodlust.

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