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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Two Sides of a Coin. Part 7

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



Ema finished watering the plants in the balcony and came back inside. Soft blue light caught her eye. It was coming from under the door to Raynold's room. Everything in the room was sealed off, but she could notice the light making its way though. Ema put the watering can on the windowsill. 

She slowly opened the door. Her whole body was instantly covered in blue light coming from all the windows and holograms in the room. Windows with rapidly changing numbers covered all the walls, ceiling, and the floor. The only furniture in the room was a double bed and the closet installed in the wall behind the bed.

Ema walked through the holograms in the room. White cubes were floating around, making sphere like shapes.

"Really now, don't overdo it." She sat down on Ray's bed and pushed away his hair from his face. She leaned down and put her head on his chest. 

The cubes in the room shook, but Ema was deep within her own world now. 

*** ***

With the swing of Suzane's hand, the invisible force hit Ray. 

"Oh, how energetic." Ray stood there without flinching. "However, it will take more than that from now on." 

Suzane had frozen still. She didn't know what was going on. She was certain she just used a force strike on Ray, like she did before, over and over. Yet this time, it had no effect on him. Not just that, her body could no longer move. Suzane couldn't comprehend what was going on so quickly. She wanted to shout something out, didn't matter what, but no words left her mouth.

The moment Ray hit the ground for the first time, he figured out that Suzane was a moderator. That meant she had access to the system from an additional port, made specifically for them. Naturally, no one but the mods could use this port. However, this wasn't the case for Raynold. PROJECT had a defense system, that was impossible to hack from outside, but with a custom port right in front of him, he had full control of everything around. 

"I'll have to bid you farewell this time." Ray slightly bowed. "May we meet again." He stepped on the teleportation array. It shone with bright purple light and Ray disappeared. 

Suzane could move again. The paralysis was gone the moment Ray got teleported. With no words, she quickly walked to the teleportation array and opened it's window. Since Ray hadn't discovered any locations in the outside world prior to this, his only option was to use the random teleport. Still, there were a set amount of location to where he could be teleported. Furthermore, all the uses of the array would be recorded and accessible to moderators and even players, given the right circumstances. 

The teleportation array had no records of use. Suzane opened her window and logged out. She had to notify the higher ups about this. Someone had access to moderator power outside the PROJECT's jurisdiction. 

Most of the people didn't know what happened. The man that the moderator was hammering into a wall was suddenly set free. Not many understood that Suzane was paralyzed with a debuff. On top of that, she just left right after the man had teleported. Of course, this was none of their business, but they were still hoping for a more fulfilling ending.

*** ***

Ray opened his eyes. It was dark all around. He could feel a slight pain in his head, though he knew he couldn't have felt any pain. Up until a moment ago, he had moderator powers. With them, he had completely restored his body. He had the power to give himself items he could have used later or changed his skills to a certain extent, but he did none of those things. This world was to be taken by his own power. Using moderator power would be like cheating his way up.

That being said, with the Crimson Rose Adamantium Sword and Sunflower Cutting Knife by his side, it was pretty close to cheating already. 

"What do we have here?" A chilling voice came from somewhere in the dark. Ray drew the rose sword from his side on instinct. He didn't even know which side the voice spoke from. "I wasn't expecting company." 

By tempering with the teleportation array, Ray had to find a place to go that would not go on record. At the moment, he had no time, therefore he improvised. He opened his window. The time he had left until he would be forcefully logged out had stopped. Only now he realized what was the place he chose. He recalled it in the information given on the web too. This was without a doubt a boss room. 

Level 4 Ray against a boss? The areas the teleportation array could bring you, even with tempering with it, still had to be somewhere in the first map zone. With that in mind, the boss could not be stronger than level 50. But what of it, a boss is nowhere near a maze golem. To take out a boss, you need a full party of people of the same level as it. Even with his blade, Ray didn't think he could stand a chance. In that case, there was only one option - run. But where to? The entire room was pitch black. 

"Shall we have some fun then?" The voice echoed over the tall walls. That was the only information Ray could gather. The room should be at least twenty meters tall and a couple of hundred meters in diameter. If this was the boss room, there had to be an entrance, but its location was impossible to find without any light. 


Something on Ray's left quickly flew through the air. A yellow slash went towards Ray's head. He moved as quickly as he could. A sharp blade grazed his cheek. Ray tried slashing whatever came at him, but his sword could not reach anything. 

Another slash came toward Ray. He tried blocking it, but it stabbed his chest and with a forceful push, send him flying back. Following that, the yellow slash came from above him.

"Huh?" The voice sounded confused. The ground was covered in roses, hindering his movement and making him lose focus for a second. "What was..." The voice was cut off by an upper slash. 

It caught the sword with his hand, grinding in the darkness. This was a fun surprise for him. But the smile was interrupted with vines of roses, shooting out at him from the blade he caught.

"Rose sword?" His voice declared as he reached out to the vines that started to cover his body.

It knew what the sword was. That surprised Ray, but this was no time for that. The moment the vines flew out at it, Ray launched himself beside the wall. Before, he was pushed back to the point where he could feel the wall behind him. The exit had to be somewhere along the wall. He should be able to find it he followed it.

A yellow slash came at Ray, followed by a joyful voice. "You wouldn't mind if I took a look at it, would you?" 

Cold metal entered Ray's stomach. "You seem to be enjoying yourself." Ray could not help himself but say.

"Shouldn't I?" The two men seemed to be enjoying themselves, regardless of the situation.

"Indeed, ha, ha."

"Ha, ha, ha." The two men laughed and looked at each other smiling, though Ray could not see anything in the dark.

It was obvious the boss didn't mean to kill Ray for some reason. He kept attacking in ways and with speed, slow enough for Ray to dodge or counter. If it wanted Ray dead, he would have died in the first attack. Ray didn't know how strong his opponent was, but he could determine at least that much. 

The question was why it didn't want to kill Ray. Normally, a party would enter a boss room, try to kill the boss and obtain the loot from it. This was just like any other game in that matter. Or so Ray thought. 

During the time he spent in the city, he had a suspicion about the NPC. They were clearly not people, however, they were not just any programs either. Ray suspected that PROJECT used android personas for NPC. This idea wasn't new, just never used on such a huge scale, since there were thousands, probably tens of thousands NPC in the whole game. 

Now the thought Ray was having was if PROJECT used android personas for bosses too. Or maybe just stronger monsters, though it was highly unlikely. Using an android persona on a monster would require too many resources. On top of that, the control on them would be a lot smaller. Even taking the NPC into account, controlling the android persona as a program wasn't as easy as doing it in the real world with androids since they had bodies build with control programs installed in each one. In PROJECT they had no physical bodies for that. 

Ray wondered how PROJECT was still able to keep the personas under control, but he couldn't think of anything. It would be useless to ask an NPC itself. 

"May I know what you want?" Ray asked. He came to the conclusion that this boss had to be an android persona putten into the game. On top of that, it had lost the control as a system. Ray didn't know how, but somehow PROJECT had found a way to give the personas their will of thought while still keeping them under control. Such a thing was impossible in the real world. Even what was a persona was very rare knowledge.

"What makes you think I would want something from a petty human?" It smiled and drew out the blade from Ray's stomach.

"We're having this conversation, are we not?" The wound closed off. Ray sheathed his sword. 

"Geez, straight to the point, huh? You seemed like to be more fun than that." It sounded disappointed. Ray could hear metal entering a sheath. 

"I'm pretty sure it would be more fun if the gap between us wasn't that big." Ray sighed. There was no tension left between the two. 

"It would, wouldn't it? But then again, there's always fun in crushing someone who's much weaker. You know what I mean?" What a pitiful way of looking at it. Something like that was nothing more than bullying. Ray knew what he meant, that was probably his favorite way to have fun. These guys were too much alike. "I wonder how someone like you entered here, though."

"I used a way I can't anymore." Ray shrugged. "So, will you tell me what you want from me or not?" Ray opened his window. Before, he only had ten minutes left. The time limit was now at zero. However, until  the person leaves the boss room, he couldn't be forcefully logged out. 

"Long story short, I want you to let me out of this room." The boss said. 

Let out? Ray thought. It was beyond strange. No, maybe it wasn't that odd if he truly had his freedom of will and thought. Still, a boss leaving the boss room? To where?

"And the long story?" Ray needed more information. Not that he was considering the offer. As long as he doesn't get killed, he didn't really care. He wanted to leave here as well. 

"Look, a knight locked me up here as a joke, said it's house arrest. She never came back, been here ever since. That's all there is to it." It obviously wasn't all, but it seemed like asking further would not get much more than that.

"Fine, so how do I let you out?" Ray asked. "It's not like I can simply open the door, right?"

"Well, considering how you came in out of nowhere, I thought you could." It laughed. "I'm not sure now, but we might still give it a shot, right? Come, this way." The boss walked further into the darkness. Ray followed.

"Here." Ray felt a hand on his shoulder. They walked around three hundred meters and got to another wall. "This is the door." The boss slightly pushed Ray on the back.

Ray stretched out his hand and touched the door. It was made from some kind of wood. It was most likely a double door, large enough to fit a carriage. He tried pushing them. A window popped up in front of Ray. It asked if he wanted to leave the room. Ray pressed the 'yes' option. The window closed and the door started slowly opening. 

Was that it? That was way too easy, though it made sense once Ray thought about it more. Players can enter freely and leave as long as they aren't in combat. This meant that someone doesn't have to defeat the boss, just to leave the combat. Also, since this was most likely only available to players, the boss, who was, as Ray guessed, on the same ground as an NPC, could not use this option. 

"That's all?" Ray asked as he turned around. There was no one behind him. The light that came into the hall lit up empty floor.  Even further, there seemed to be nothing in the room. The only thing that stood out were what seemed to be claw marks all over the floor. Almost looked like an ornament. Still, not how he imagined the boss rooms would be.

"I owe you." Came a voice from the outside. Ray looked around. There seemed to be a silhouette behind one of the trees near the entrance. When did he get there? With speed like that, there was a way bigger difference between them than Ray had imagined. "I'll see you again." The boss laughed and wanted to leave for good, but stopped. "Your name, what is it?"

"Sunray. Just Ray is fine." Ray answered. 

"Ray, huh."The silhouette walked away.

"And you?" Ray shouted though he could no longer see the boss. 

"Tanatos." Came the last voice from as far away as Ray could hear. 

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