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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Synchronization. Part 2

Submitted: September 04, 2016

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Submitted: September 04, 2016



Once, long long ago, the world was perfect. There was no illness, people wouldn't age. Fields would give harvest every season without the need of someone working them. Days would come and pass peacefully, with no worry on mind. Everyone was equal as there was no concept of possession. Everything belonged to everyone and at the same time, to no one. And the most important thing, there was no sin.

Millennia passed without a stir in the water. But one day, a man  disturbed this silence. A man proclaimed himself king, telling others, that everything around was his, but he would share his wealth if the people would bow down to him. Some didn't understand, they thought it was the way the world should be, just like it has been all this time. So they bowed to him and received his blessings. 

However, there were those, who saw through the trickery of the self-proclaimed king. Why would everything belong to him, if it was everybodys'? They gathered together and went to oppose him. Yet to this day, there was no violence. All the people could do was talk and ask the self-proclaimed king to leave, to let the things return as they were. 

The king took one of the men and threw him to the ground. Such, violence was born into the world. He put his foot on the man's head and told people that he chose to be the king and it's their turn to choose where they shall stand. Some of the those who had gathered attacked the king, but he easily overpowered them and left them on the ground as he walked back to his castle with his new citizen. 

The one's who chose to be by his side saw the people on the ground and felt superior to them. They passed the laying people with heads held high. None offered them a helping hand. And such, pride was born into the world.

The men laying on the ground wondered why did they not choose to be by the king's side. They looked at the ones passing by with envy and such, greed was born into the world. 

One by one, all kind of sins entered the world. Feeling death approaching, the world gathered all the innocence left and became pregnant. Some time passed and in a far away place, a girl was born out of a blooming flower. 

The girl opened her eyes and looked at the sky. She knew nothing. An infant, born just seconds ago. The last innocence in the world, overcome by sin. After some time, the girl got up from her flower bed and started to wonder. She knew not where she was going. She knew not this world in which she was traveling. Her curiosity led her from one village to another. People would see her red lips and give in to their beauty, that freed them from everyday worry.

Once, a starving man asked her, why would the noble men let them hunger. He did not expect an answer, it was just a question the village people would often ask one another without giving an answer. But this troubled the girl. Why indeed.

On that night, she visited the nobleman's house and asked him the same question. He could give no answer and so the girl took the food from the man's house and took it to the town. Seeing how grateful were the people, she set off and for many years freed the people from the noblemen. 

Finally, she confronted the self-proclaimed king and asked him the same question, why did he let his people hunger? 

"Because they chose it so." He answered her.

After a fierce battle, the girl defeated the king with the power of her sword, filled with shining red roses, and brought him to the people. She requested to give him a fair trial and so the people did, but in the end, the self-proclaimed king was to lose his head. 

The girl cut off his head in front of all the people and peace returned to the land. With her help, people recovered prosperity to the land. Sin ran from peoples' hearts as soon as it would see those beautiful red lips. 

But not all land was freed from sin with the self-proclaimed king's death. Monster started wondering in every forest and plain, in every mountain and valley. The girl knew that her quest wasn't over yet. She led her life protecting the people from these monsters, defending them from sins taking them over again.

The people gave her the name Isolda, for she was the protector of their hearts and the fairest of them all.

Ray finished reading the book he obtained in the Vine Garden's hedge maze. He put it back in his inventory and leaned back. He was sitting on a high column in the ruins of a marble shrine he found. 

He had already cleared the area of monsters. Since he left the high-level areas it was a lot easier killing monsters. The ones he found in the shrine were at most level 13, with no special attacks or traits, giving him no challenge at all. Then again, the drops he got were nothing special either. The only things worthwhile were the logs he got in the shrines. Writings on the walls and a few stone tablets provided him with five new logs in his library, however, they were in an unknown language making him unable to read them. Ray was planning on getting the archeologist job once he would find out how, with it, he could easily proceed in the game if there were this many logs in every ruin. 

He had to start planning for the area boss battle as well. The experience required for leveling up increased greatly with each level.  At this rate, it would still take him about two to three months to reach level 50. By that time, he would prefer to already know the location and weaknesses of the area boss.

Ray thought about the log he just red. It would make sense for the self-proclaimed king to be the area boss, but he was already defeated. Then again, if the game brought him back to be the boss, Ray had the rose sword from the legend. Maybe it would be his weakness. Unfortunately, all this would be too convenient from his side and things rarely go as smoothly as that for him. 

"Aaa!" A scream brought Ray back from his thoughts. He looked around. The area was covered in short willows, with a river flowing right next to the path. A little further away foliage was stirring around. Something big was coming his way.

"This is all your fault, Ashley!" Ray saw two girls come out of the forest. One of them was about his high. Her white short hair caught his eye. It looked too unnatural.

The other one was a lot shorter, carrying a greatsword on her back, almost twice the size of her own. Ray couldn't see her face over the hat she had. It was like the ones he saw kids wearing when dressing up as witches during Halloween. 

"I know, I'm sorry!" screamed the short one. 

A huge ram stormed out after them. It was at least two meters high. 

A boss? Ray thought to himself. Not all bosses had a specific room. Some should be in the wilderness, only restricted to a certain area, but free to wonder it as they pleased. These weren't as strong as the bosses like Tanatos, but were still stronger than an average monster by several folds. 

No. Most likely an uncommon monster, that's all. There would sometimes spawn a monster that would be a little stronger than others like it. It didn't happen often, but Ray did run into one the other day while leaving the mausoleum. 

Ray had used two stacks while clearing out the shrine, but an hour had already passed. Not that it mattered, the ram was level 16. Even if it was an uncommon monster, Ray shouldn't have troubles defeating it. 

"If you're that sorry, how about you tank it then!" The taller one shouted as she pushed back the other one and sped up.

"Noo!" Ashley clung onto her companion's waist. 

"Let go! Take one for the team!" Said the first one while trying to get Ashley off of her. Such a small girl couldn't have weighed a lot. That sword on her back probably weighed as much as she did, if not more. Ray wondered why didn't she store it in her inventory.

"I don't want to die!" Cried out Ashley as she clung onto her companion even tighter. She had now fully climbed on the girls back and had both her arms and legs around her waist. 

"Get off, you leech!"

"Noo!" Ashley refused with tears coming out of her eyes.

Ray sighed. He leaped from one column to another till he reached the one closest to the path and jumped down, causing the column to fall from the force. 

The rose sword dug deep into the ram's neck. Vines shot out, decapitating the beast in an instant. The beast slid down the path from inertia. Ray rolled aside and stood up  with his blade facing the ram. He started being cautious while fighting monsters he had not encountered before, in case they would have some ability. The beast was dead, blood pouring out from his neck. His head stopped rolling a few meters away from the body. A trail of crimson dyed the path of dirt. After a while, the body and the blood would disappear, but for now, it left a huge mess.

"Aaa!" The girls screamed. 

Ray turned back. Was the ram not alone? He got ready to go after them.

The girls were running away, just like before. Ashley on her companion's back and her friend trying to push her off of herself. Nothing was chasing them anymore, but they didn't seem to notice it as they ran like their lives depended on it. Or at least one of them. 

Ray watched as they disappeared behind the trees. He waited there for a few minutes, thinking that maybe they would come back. He opened his window. Ten minutes, twenty. 

"Well, they're probably fine." Ray sighed. "Probably." While waiting, he gathered the plants around the shrine and the river. On top of that, he collected some wool from the ram he had killed. After he was done with it, he took the pills that he had left to dry up before the girls and the ram came and headed down the path.

*** ***

Ray was looking for where the ram came from. A couple of tablets he found at the shrine revealed images of a giant herding a flock of sheep. People were bringing him food and gold as sacrifices for his rams protecting them from the monsters in the forests. 

If the ram came from somewhere nearby, maybe he would be able to find the giant. It was most likely a boss monster and it would be the first Ray was going to defeat. He wondered, maybe it would even be the first boss monster defeated in the entire game.

As he was walking along the river, something odd caught his eye. There was something floating down the stream. It was a black witch's hat. 

Is it the one from before? Ray thought as he looked back. Two bodies floated down the stream next to him. Ignore it, just ignore it. There was nothing to gain from it, not to mention he had already helped them. If they got into trouble again, it got nothing to do with him.

"Damn it!" He put his sword into his inventory and jumped into the water after the two. 


"What the hell is wrong with you two?!" He couldn't help but shout out as he clenched his drenched clothes. The two girls laid on the river's bank. 

"Uh..." They stared with empty expressions. Ray sat down next to them. He picked up a stick and started poking Ashley's cheek.

"Yo, you here?" He kept on poking but got no response. Ashley was laying lifelessly. Something rolled out of her robe. Ray picked it up with the stick and brought it to his hand. It was a small brown mushroom.

Ray opened it's window to examine it. It was called a blue mist mushroom. A tasty mushroom found in areas often covered in mist. Eating it without cooking it would restore a small amount of hp. Ray took out a mushroom from his inventory. It looked identical, but was called the sacera mushroom and a couple of minutes after eating it, would cause harsh paralysis. 

"Really now." Ray took out some pills he had made. "Just how many did you eat?" He asked even though he knew they couldn't answer. 

Ray guessed that those two started picked up the blue mist mushrooms and examined them, however after the first ones, they didn't bother to examine the rest as they all looked the same. This was the result. 

Ray brought the pill to the girl's mouth. It seemed like she was completely out, not noticing him at all. His eyes slip down to her chest. Her whole outfit was soaked in water. The white blouse under her leather vest revealed her skin. Of course, earthly temptations were below Ray. He took the stick with the other hand and started moving the vest away from her chest.

"Uh..." Ray quickly directed his eyes at Ashley. She was laying there paralyzed, her eyes furiously piercing Ray. His sight slip to her chest. This was probably the first time Ray had seen something that flat. "Uh..." She growled.

"I know, I know." He put the three pills in the girl's mouth. One might usually be enough, but to be paralyzed for so long, he didn't know the amount they took in. Ray then took another pill and put it into Ashley's mouth.

"Uh..." She grouched. He glanced over her whole body. Such a small figure really didn't require any more. "Uh..." She growled once again.

"Fine." He took out another two pills and shoved them into Ashley's mouth. This really wasn't necessary, not to mention this only left him with one. These pills weren't specifically for the sacera mushrooms, but paralysis in overall. Making these pills took a lot of time and resources, so he wanted to avoid wasting them as much as possible.

"Mmm!" Ashley started waving her hands around, trying to make Ray move his hand from her mouth. Ray ignored the short hands flapping around. Ashley's face started turning blue and he removed his hand.

"Ah!" She started breathing heavily. 

Ray sighed. His intuition was telling him that he got himself into a mouthful of trouble.

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