the devil's heart

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
it is about a girl who works as a secretary in a big company but this girl prefer to isolate herself from anything and anyone around her .One day she meets a company president who turns out to be a demon and not just any demon :the demon king himself?! then he threatens her to be his secretary ,and now she became a demon secretary .they both don't care about love but will that change?...

Submitted: August 01, 2016

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Submitted: August 01, 2016



Everyday was the same

Nothing seems different to me

I wake up…



And sleep

The normal way of every living been that I came in contact with

Not that I am a people person

On the contrary, I lived my life alone

Not concerned by the people around me

More like I never felt their presence

Just like a living corpses or talking shadows

Nothing more and nothing less


I merely lived for my job

I was a secretary in a big company

But living in a large house all alone

Was lonely…

 And cold…

It’s sad yet I can’t seem to feel it


One day I was told to meet a company president

In order to make a contract between us for a new project

But I was shocked, more like impressed

To see a young handsome boy waiting for me

Alongside with four strong-looking men

We got down to business quickly

And I was taken by his way of work

It is just so strange that a man so young could be so professional and composed

To be the president of the biggest company in the country in such a young age is very fascinating 

Yet it feels like I’m dealing with an older man who’s very much experienced in this field of work

(Wow what a look!)

(He looked at me and suddenly I got a chill down my spine)

“Well what do you think, sir?”

“Do you agree to be our sponsor?” I said

“Well it depends on the benefits, I won’t sign a contract until everything is planned for better or worse “he said

“Of course you will be our sponsor as well as one of beneficiary “

“Very well, but I’d like to request that the president will pay me a visit at my company for personal reasons and to continue with supplementary details about the projects “

“Well there might be a slight problem. you see the president has some work to do and I’m afraid he won’t be able to spare the time to talk to you and we are really sorry about that .And I know it’s not a polite way to treat you but he entrusted me with this matter so if you don’t mind , I’ll take his place instead “

“Well that's a letdown but it can’t be helped. I understand what presidents go through

It could be really tough sometimes! Very well, I’ll see you at my office tomorrow at 7pm and…

I, too, believe in your potential “

“Thank you sir but, umm…isn’t 7pm is after the closing time? “

“Well there are things that I prefer to discuss alone, do you mind?”

“Oh no, of course not, well 7pm it is “

And then we parted


“Well it’s 6:45”

“I must get going now “

I arrived at the company at 6:56 and I entered through the main door

“Is he really here?”

“The light are all off, let…me find…the switch…ah! Here you are “

“kyaaa ! Oh, it’s you president! You scared me half way dead!”

“My apologies, we wouldn’t want you dead now won’t we?“

“You won’t be much of use then “he said whispering

“I’m sorry what?”

“Oh nothing, so should we go to my office then”

“Yes of course!”

I entered the office which was quite dark if it isn’t for that large window reflecting the moon light

“So I was thinking that if we check these details here*creak* I’m sure…why… did you close the door?”

“Nothing, just for privacy reasons so no one will disturb us”

“But we’re the only ones here?! “



“Did you really think that I will let someone into my office at this hour just to discuss some details? I never thought that not interacting with people for so long could affect one’s intelligence! “

“How do you know that? No one knows about it!”

“I’m simply checking out the merchandise I want “

“So now I’m an object?!”I said that with anger

“There’s no reason to get so worked up .it is an honor to be told that I want you “he said that arrogantly

“I think we are done here…excuse me”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you “

“Well you’re not”

“Are going to walk away on your job? I know that you don’t care about anything but you always make sure you do your job perfectly “

“What do you mean? “

“if I don’t get what I want , I will call off the deal and there won’t be any contract between us not now and not in the future, meaning I will destroy that company “

“What do you want?”

“You, I want you to be my secretary “

“Is that it??”

“Well I’ll take things slowly, so do we have a deal?”

*sight*”fine, I’ll do it “

“Good! come to my office tomorrow after you cleared your situation but before that you will be working personally for me so you will keep my secrets and help me with them “

“What kind of secrets? I warn you if it’s something funny, I don’t want to know! “

“What kind of idiot do you take me for, I’m not like those idiot presidents, I have something better “

“What is it?”

“Look me in the eyes and tell me what do think?”

The moment I looked into his eyes I ran off scared

His eyes was shining red like those of a devil

I ran through the hallway and I pressed the elevator’s button

Suddenly I felt something around my waist

“Where do you think you’re going?”

He wispered in my ear

“Where did you come from? More importantly, let me go!!”

“Oh no, that won’t do, now let’s head back to the office and we’ll talk this trough nice and clear, ok?”

“*grrr*let go of me, I’ll do it! I said I’ll do it ,now let go !! “

And so we did

“Ok, explain now you monster!”

“Monster?! That’s so rude young lady .I’m a demon, a much higher-level creature than monsters, in fact I relay on powers not all demons have because I’m the demon king , and I won’t forgive your rude ,offensive words just because your clueless “

“You’re a demon king?! haha, don’t make me laugh . Prove it!”

“Gladly, especially for you, close your eyes”

“Now open them”

“Oh my god!”

The room is suddenly filled with roses; all of it is covered with beautiful red roses

“This is my favorite kind of flowers; it reminds me of myself somehow”

“It is because of the same bloody red color of your eyes?”

“Maybe, I always had a big garden around my castle just for them “


“How old do you think I am?”

“Younger than me, I guessed?!”

“I have lived a lot more than you think and it’s the first time I had an interest in someone”

“Well I’m not anyone special, why don’t you pick an actress or a singer”

“I don’t care about stupid feelings, your way of living and doing your job is what I need”

“In other words you wanted a human with no feeling that gets the job done perfectly”

“Exactly! And I won’t ask you to do things you’re not comfortable with, but there will be extra hours to help me since I don’t like to work during the day but with payment of course, so what do think?”

“Well I don’t have much of a choice, do I?!”

“No you don’t, well I’ll see you at 9am tomorrow, my secretary “


Tomorrow morning, I head down to the company and handed over my resignation letter

And then I got out to visit the demon president  

“Well, I suppose I should welcome you in your new company”

“Again, I don’t have a choice!”

“Well first of all, please sign this contract to make things official and then I’ll explain what you need to do “


“good, now for your schedule , you’ll be working the same hours as I am since I need you with me :from 8am to 10am , and then from 3pm to 11pm you’ll be working with me in my house and of course you can take breaks , is that clear?”

“You mean I’ll be working in your house from the afternoon till night? Why not here?”

“Must I explain everything?! I can work during the day because of my strong powers but being exposed in broad daylight is like asking a grim reaper to visit you early , even I can’t stand it too much .I'm more of a night creature"

“So basically sunlight is you weakness, right? “

“Yes, it is the only stain in my perfect demonic life!”

“Oh, really?! Finally, there’s something valuable!”

“Don’t you dare think of something because…”

“Relax! You’re my boss and the payment is very good, it is just for my protection, plus I can’t out-ran you with just sunlight “

And then he smiled saying “right, I will never let you go”

At that moment I felt that something inside me has changed


to be continued

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