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Submitted: August 01, 2016

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Submitted: August 01, 2016



This election is about the view of the world that each side is espousing, Republicans and Democrats. One is a view of fear--'Be afraid of everything, and trust no one but me--I am the only one who sees things as they really are,' and the other is much more hopeful, 'We'll get through this together.' I find it incredible that that so many subscribe to the former, not the latter view. When did we as a nation become so willing to follow a man with such a dark view of the world? In fact, some of us are so afraid, we're willing to overlook the fact of his crudeness, which any other year would automatically disqualify him, but this year seems to make him more palatable. Each nasty thing he says is worse than the last, but still his support grows. 
One candidate has years of experience, while the other has nothing but his trance-inducing personality (apparently--I don't get it!) and the media platform to say 'Trust me--be suspicious of your neighbor, they may be plotting as we speak," really, America? The rest of the world looks on incredulously, not believing that we could be serious. He says, "Who cares about the rest of the world? What we need to do is withdraw from the world stage, because it's a dangerous place." It seems to me isolationism was touted once before, prior to WWII, and we all saw how that would have worked out. You can't build a wall and keep out the bad stuff. Is this really how we want to play it, America?

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