The Clock

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The tighter you try to hold on to time, the faster it passes.

Submitted: August 01, 2016

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Submitted: August 01, 2016



They say hourglass traps sand

Only letting one by one pass

But i say its a piece of land

Drowned within the walls of glass

They say rocks on the mountainside

Centuries by centuries they stand

But I say nature waits and divides

Back to dust and part of the land

They say when sun sets down

Patience shall be there to wait

But I say skys temperate gown

Color switches with blinding rate

They say clouds in the sky

Remains still as a painting art

But I say that they flash by

A motion picture of my heart

They say Earth's ancient sites

Heritage of life in the universe

But I say it blinks out fast as light

A cycle no significance diverse

They say constellations at night

By which sworn does eternity lay

But I say the unseen cosmic might

Push them onto their own ways

Cycles repeat and time speeds past

The more I hold on the more gone

Only love and verses do forever last

For you my love will always go on

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