The Beginning

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This is about a start system being invaded by the massive surrounding collection of states the 'Alliance' and what happened to the one man that could not escape.

Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016



Asteroids floating past, so peaceful. They just go about their business doing nothing, and noting happening to them… I wounder what they would think of the carnage that is happening around them if they could think…


Looking out the window, well a screen made to look like a window, watching the rocks float though the emptiness of space. Watching as fortress by fortress, out by outpost, ship by ship, this system is being invaded. Taken from me. One slip up, I trusted one person, and now all my work is gone, everything…


My main battle fleet is out; we have sent word but they might not get here in time. They wont get here in time. I’ve already setup a message for them when they return to this, this destruction. If they were here, we could have won, beaten them, but that traitor, said that it was vital that we send them on this mission. There was word that this was going to happen, that we would be attacked, but I went along with it anyway. He was my friend, now he is with them.


I ordered the outer patrol unites to regroup and form up, I plan to order them to leave, get word to the main forces what had happened and get them to safety. Let them decide what to do. I’ll be sending all my data with them so they can star up again if they want to, they will have to information that will let them have access to the trade routs that we had set up. They might even go after them, they would have no trouble destroying them, destroying everything they own and more.


They have formed up time to give them the orders. “Remanet fleet, do you copy?” They were about 10 light seconds from the main base, so it would take 20 seconds for my message to reach them, and for a response to get back to me. “We copy, what are out orders?” Captain Lucose, the highest ranking remaining officer in the system said in a flat, monotone voice. “You are to take what’s left and go. Go and find Armada fleet, they will not have entered warp by the time you get there, tell them what had happened. Tell them that we have lost. We were betrayed.” I take a deep breath “I’m sending all of my data over to your ship now, it will allow you to do what every you chose to after you arrive in one of the neighbouring systems. Overreaching commander Michael Riordan, out”

With that last message sent out, all I can do is wait. I receive a message back for Captain Lucoes. “Sir…” His voice is deep, low, troubled. He doesn’t want to say or do it, he doesn’t want to leave you behind…” we… we… we will… Goodbye sir, may you rest in peace with the fallen…” It ends there. Thank god he didn’t stay. He did what he must.


I see the ships start to move to the edge of the system, it would take them another few hours before they could enter warp, but now that they were on their way, the Allied force would not able to catch them, not their outdated ships.


Two hours passed, I decided that I would call the local Allied fleet commander. I wanted to the face of the man that had brought this devastation on to my people. “I am Michael Riordan, Overreaching Commander of this system, I wish to speak with the man that is commanding tis fleet.” He was 2 Light minuets out so four minuets later I got the response “This is Admiral Sulka, what do you want?” he said that last part with as much venom and hate as he out into in, and I just wanted to ask some questions. “Why are you using old ships, from what I can tell those ships are about four years old. Is the ‘Alliance’ really doing that bad on the frontier? Also why did you decide that we weren’t worth keeping around and kill us? We kept all the surrounding factions in their place, you have just giving all the factions even more power, and you have made them very angry, you just cut off one of their biggest supply ports. Why? What was this to the ‘Alliance’?”

These were the biggest questions on my mind, don’t know why but they were.


His reply took a little longer than it should have. “look… I don’t know why they decided you weren’t worth it” he calmed down a lot, and the background seemed different… more like a stateroom instead of a command centre… “maybe you hit something that they just could not ignore, or maybe they needed the public support from taking you out. They don’t tell anyone anything, even the Admiral that they send to do it.” He sighs, his head drops into his hands and his shoulders droop. “The Fortier front is going terribly, the creature we fight out there don’t play by the same rules as us, they have better ships. More ships. Even their tactics seem to be more advanced than ours. I guess siting around and not fighting for 3 centuries does that to you huh?”

He wasn’t wrong, we have never had any major fighting since the near extinction of out race when the first colonise started to build their own ships. The only real fighting was with the pirate groups that had popped up, like mine, and some extremists with old tech unable to do anything.


He continues “we need someone who knows what he’s doing. We need you.” The message ends there. What was he trying to say? Did they want me to join them? Join the ‘Alliance’ military? Well… “You know what? Go fuck yourselves, I’m not joining you, I’ll never join you, you kill people for the fun of it, you kill the innocent. You call your selves the ‘Alliance’ but you’re not really allied with anyone, you’re just putting a gun to their heads and this threat on the border only solidifies your grasp. I refuse to join you!”


Three and a half minutes’ pass when I get the response… he had a massive grin on his face… “well then, I guess you’ll have no choice in the matter” My blood frozen as his eyes meet mine… they weren’t that of a real human… “This would have been so much easier if you had just came with me” The secure door behind me opened, showing 3 men win full battle armour standing there “You are coming with us” Sulka said with an icy tone, as the I turn to look at him the transmission ends and then blackness…

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