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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


Characters involved in this story

  • Arjun as a kick boxing champion
  • Vicky as a highly talented guy
  • Keerthi as a very pretty girl
  • Lilly as the sister of Arjun
  • Rocky  as an ex-champion of kick boxing
  • Vimal as a best friend of Arjun
  • Raman as the father of Arjun
  • Seetha as the mother of Arjun
  • Ramesh as the father of Keerthi
  • Yamini as the mother of Keerthi
  • Ravindran as a father of Vicky
  • Yadhav as a family doctor
  • Mr. x as CBI controller









Theme of the story


This story is all about three real lovers. A lady falls in love with a guy. Have a break up with him and falls in love with another guy and marry him. Due to some disturbances her x-lover comes back and asks her to marry him. She comes to know that due to her fault only her x-lover fell in trouble. And now she falls in a dilemma whether to live with husband or lover. She wants to give equal importance to each. It’s highly impossible to stay with both. So what will she decide to do now? Live with both or leave the both.











Scene 1: Indore kick boxing stadium

[Rocky an x-champion but was a champion 3 times before he lost against Arjun this year.]

[Arjun is a champion. He won the title for the first time. And in his first attempt this year.]

[Commentary: (here is the x-champion Rocky) & (there comes the 2015 kick boxing champion Arjun).]

[Both the guys (Arjun and rocky) enter into the ring]

[Bell rings]---------------started fighting.

Rocky hits hard against Arjun. Arjun defenses it. Rocky keep on hitting harder and harder. Still Arjun just defenses his every punch. In the mean while Arjun’s friend vimal enters into the stadium. Saw both are fighting well. People are betting on the both in an equal ratio. Vimal bets on Arjun and then starts encouraging his friend Arjun. Both are at same points. Time is getting over and in the final minute. One hard punch can change the game. Rocky is hitting hard but it is not so effective to Arjun. Arjun can hit hard but he is not in an intention to win it. He just wants to learn more tricks of defending a real champion who had won the title thrice.

[Time is up and match results as a draw]

Vimal: hay Arjun, what happened to you man. You are a champion and won the title recently. And you would have almost lost it. One punch really makes the difference you know. But why have you done so. I noticed that you were just defending instead of attacking.

Arjun: How much did you bet on me? Come on tell me.

Vimal: I bet 20000 on you. I would have won its double. So I lost 20000.

Arjun: But still you have your money with you right. What would have happened if I would have lost the match?

Vimal: No way I know about you well, you never want to lose in anything that you love.

(Both of them are back home in their car)










Scene 2: At Arjun’s home

[Calling bell rings]

Arjun’s mother [seetha] opens the door.

Seetha: Hey. Who is at the back of you? Oh Vimal when did you come to India. Come get in.

Vimal: Hello aunty, I came on the previous day actually. I was stuck up with some work. So I could not come to meet you yesterday.

Arjun: Yeh really he stuck up with some urgent work. Ask him what was that work. Which made him not even had time to inform me that he was coming.

Vimal: Nothing aunty, it was a girl who picked me up at the airport and asked me to join her for dinner. Actually she was the friend of us at our college. Of course she was the only girl who doesn’t like Arjun’s behavior.

Seetha: My son’s behavior. Who is that stupid girl? And is that you who is supporting her and went for dinner tonight. How could she be so stupid vimal? Don’t you know about his behavior? For name sake you are a friend of him since childhood or what.

Vimal: Oh auntie, please wait. Ask your son what he did with her. Which made her to get vexed on him?

Seetha: What Arjun what was your problem with her. I never believe that you misbehaved with girls.

Arjun: She is one of the beautiful girls of our college. She proposed me several times and I responded to her only once.

Seetha: Aah! Is that really hurts anyone. She has to take it easy no. What was your response then?












Scene 2 (flash back): at college canteen

Arjun:” Actually I like your proposal but you have to wait for me for some years”.

Sheela: I’m very happy that you accepted my proposal. Tell me how many years do you want me to wait. No problem I will wait for you for my life time.

Arjun: Till I get some good girl friend, marry her, give birth to my children, get older and older.  If in that case you still wait for me then we start a new life.

Sheela: What! Are you creasy .It’s disgusting. It’s highly impossible.

Arjun: You said that you will wait for a life time. You couldn’t at least wait for 5 minutes after I accepted your proposal. Then how could you say so easily that you can wait for a lifetime. “Dialogues do make sense but cannot make love. Feelings make love which doesn’t really need to make any sense”.

Your feelings make others to love you but not your dialogues. I think if my dialogues really make sense to you. Make love with your heart not with your mind. Sorry if I hurt you.  

Sheela: [murmurs in herself] “Oh god why do you send such handsome guys with typical minds”. Better l has some other guy who listens to my mind not my heart. It’s very typical to love someone the way Arjun said.


Scene 2 (continues):

Vimal: From that day onwards she started following me.

Seetha: As Arjun already said that he doesn’t like her. Why is she following you? It’s all just a waste of time. Tell her not to follow you because there is no use for her.

Arjun: Mom still you didn’t understand. She is in love with him now. Perfect couples, anyway vimal don’t have time to love and propose someone and she doesn’t even know how to love anyone.

Vimal: That’s enough buddy we can talk about it later. I’m feeling hungry very badly.

[In the mean while Arjun’s father comes home]






Scene 3: [dining hall]

Raman: Hello guys when you came home. Vimal how is your work at US.

Vimal: Absolutely fine uncle.

Raman: Arjun how was your practice today.

Arjun: Yeh, it was good dad. I had fun.

Vimal: yes had fun of loosing.

Seetha: What?

Vimal: Yes aunty, almost he would have won it by a single punch. But he just defended him, not even hit him a single punch. It’s almost like a loss today.

Seetha: Always defending makes a man to get stubborn. Gain in confidence to win when it is needed. However this is just a practice. Practice is a practice for learning something new. I know about him very well. Whatever he does, it does really make some sense.

Vimal: But win will always differ in kick boxing. He really needs to win any match if once he is in the ring. There was a huge support to him today.

Seetha: Kick boxing is his passion not his profession. Whatever it may be this is a practice not a tournament. So winning doesn’t really make any difference to him for today.

[Both seetha and Arjun leave the dining as they finished their dinner]

Vimal: Oh god! Both mother and son have the same mentality. What do you say uncle?

Raman: Yes you are right. They possess the similar kind of mentality. Same kind of ideas, attitude, work, etc…

Vimal: What about your daughter?

Raman: She really has some other kind of mentality. Which neither tally’s them or me. I always think something about her and it gets true.

Vimal: So you are a lucky father you can judge about her before only.

Raman: Yes but I always wanted her not to do so. But it always happens as I think.

Vimal: Oh! That was really funny uncle. [Laughs louder and louder]

[Both say good night to each other and leave]




Scene 4: [keerthi’s home]

[Keerthi wakes up at 10:30 in the morning. Gets fresh up and have breakfast. She feels like still she is in the hangover.]

Keerthi: Watchman who brought me home yesterday.

Watchman: I don’t know mam. But he seems like a known person to you. He was awake all night here.

Keerthi: When did he leave then?

Watchman: Early in the morning. Asked me to see no other comes inside home until your parents come.

Keerthi: Ok then, don’t say to mom or dad that I came drunk and someone dropped me. And he stayed all night here. Mean while I will know who he was.

[She leaves home on a car in hurry]

[At the same time Arjun leaves his home on a bike]







Scene 5: [main road]

[Both are on their own way but on the same way. Arjun saw her face on the shining reflecting glass mirror of a shopping mall. He falls in love at his first sight. Moves further to watch her face directly. He follows beside her car and asks her to down her glass of the door. She then down’s her glass]

Keerthi: What do you want?

Arjun: Better if you give your address.

Keerthi: Excuse me. What did you say?

Arjun: I meant to say is… where are you going?

Keerthi: Why do you want?

Arjun: So that I can follow you.

Keerthi: Why to follow me?

Arjun: The more the distance you travel with me, the more I have the opportunity to make you know me and accept my proposal.

Keerthi: What kind of love proposal is this?

Arjun: “On way love”.

Keerthi: It really sounds good. But what does this actually mean.

Arjun: Just like a teenage love, college love, street love, bus stop love it is on way love. Which means “if someone falls in love at first sight, that too while he or she is driving on their way”?

Keerthi: It’s quite interesting to listen. But I can’t love someone like this while driving. It’s much traffic ahead. Please leave me now I’m having some urgent work. We shall meet some other time. Anyway it was nice meeting you.

Arjun: Actually you didn’t understand the power of “on way love”. If a person really falls in love with someone on his first sight on his way then he cannot leave her that simple. Some guys follow at her back; know her address, habits, ideas, and etcetera. Then propose her. I don’t really think that all can happen. It takes years. Better you understand me now itself. Accept my proposal. And “I love you”.

Keerthi: It’s too much. Sorry if I really disturbed you that much. I don’t really believe in all these. Goodbye.

{She accelerates her car with anger. It was a junction and she hit another car.}………..accident took place.

Ambulance arrives and Keerthi along with Arjun are taken to the hospital. Arjun is taken because his bike got struck up in between these two cars.

------yes Keerthi dashed Arjun’s bike.




Scene 6: [hospital] 

[Keerthi is lying on a bed. Arjun’s parents were informed of the accident.

[Raman and Seetha along with vimal (arrived at the hospital).]

Arjun just comes out of the keerthi’s room]

Seetha: Arjun, are you ok. We listened that you met with an accident.

Arjun: No mom, I’m ok. But the person who dashed me is taking treatment inside.

Raman: He dashed you, you are ok and he is taking treatment.

Arjun: Actually dad “she is not he”.

Seetha: So she is a girl who dashed you. Who is she?

Vimal: Oh … aunty ‘she’ meant ‘girl’ only. She will be fine, no problem. But Arjun tell me what happened actually.

Arjun: I was going on my way. She followed at the back of me. She tried to propose me. I said we meet again; this is not the right time. There is lot of traffic ahead. She said no we can better know each other while we are moving on the way. I got vexed with her behavior and said goodbye to her. At a junction I was crossing towards right. She hit me with her car.

Seetha: why all these girls getting more excited nowadays. Meaningless works.

[Raman and seetha entered into the room of Keerthi]

[The movement seetha saw her, she lost all her anger. One thing that struck up within her mind was if Keerthi really wants her son. Then she wants to make them a couple]

[Seetha says to Raman that she really wants Keerthi to marry their son. They make a decent couple.]

[In the mean while Keerthi wakes up]

Raman: Hello dear, how do you feel now.

Keerthi: Yeh I feel better now, but you are …….

Seetha: We are Arjun’s parents.

Keerthi: Oh Namaste aunty…Namaste uncle.

Seetha: Keerthi if you do really like my son. Then you had proposed him in some restaurant or a coffee shop or any shopping mall or a park. Or else you would have come to our home directly. We wouldn’t mind anything. Instead we would help you. Is that really needed you to talk and propose him on the way in a huge traffic. It isn’t safe. See now you met with an accident unnecessarily.

Keerthi: So he said you that I proposed him. Well actually what happened is……….. {Says all what happened]

Seetha: What happened Keerthi don’t you like him. He is really a good guy you know.

Keerthi: He is a good guy. I liked the way he proposed but I need to know a lot about him aunty.

Seetha: Doesn’t worry; take your own time dear. But I really like you to come to my home as my daughter in law.

Keerthi: Sure aunty. Bless me.

But I really need to go home; my parents might be waiting for me.

Raman: Yeh ok, shall I drop you dear.

Keerthi: No thank you uncle I will go on my own.

[Keerthi leaves the room]

[Arjun and Vimal are at the corner playing satires on each other. Arjun notices that she is leaving hospital. Asks his friend and parents to go back home safe. And runs for her]








Scene 7: [on road]

[Keerthi asks auto-rickshaw to go; saying her home address. Arjun follows her on a bike (which he borrowed from his friend who is a doctor at that hospital)]

Keerthi: You came again. Oh god. Why are you following me? I don’t want to go back to hospital again because of you.

Arjun: Did you talk to my parents. Do you like them? So when will you take me to your parents.

Keerthi: You will meet my parents. What for?

Arjun: I will ask them to accept me as their son in law.

Keerthi: before that I should accept you. But I will never accept you.

Arjun: But what happened. What’s wrong with me? I really want you to marry me. I don’t want to miss you at all.

Keerthi: You said to your parents that I proposed you. Why did you say so?

Arjun: If I say that I proposed you. Then they don’t believe because they always knew me as rejecting girls proposals. As I said that you proposed me. Immediately my mother responded on you. She came inside to warn you. But I knew that she will really accept you once she enters the room.

Keerthi: How would you know that she will accept me?

Arjun: My father, sister and my friend vimal always say that we both have the same tastes and mentality. We take similar decisions. As I like you as usually she likes you it happens.

Keerthi: I too like your mother but not you.

Arjun: If you really like my mother. Then unknowingly you like me also.

[In this mean time they reach keerthi’s home]

Arjun: Is this your home. It’s nice.

Keerthi: My dad is watching from the window. Please leave me Arjun.

Arjun: You know my name. But I didn’t say you my name. How would you know?

Keerthi: Your parents introduced themselves as your parents.

[In the mean while keerthi’s father comes out of their home]







Scene 8: [keerthi’s home in the lawn]

Ramesh: Keerthi darling who is he.

Keerthi: He is my boyfriend Arjun, daddy. If you accept our proposal then we both are willing to get marry.

Ramesh: Hello young man. Nice meeting you. You are 2015 kick boxing champion right.  I know you even before. But I didn’t know that such a champion will be in relation with my daughter. I’m really happy for your proposal. I never said no to my daughter. For the reason she always takes a right decision. She never gave me a chance of correcting her.

Keerthi: Thank you so much daddy. Where is mom?

Ramesh: She is at the kitchen. Go and call her.

[Keerthi brings her mom and introduce Arjun. Her mother feels very happy]

Yamini: Arjun did your parents knew about your love.

Arjun: Of course my parents knew that she loves me, before I knew.

Yamini: [laughs] so when did you know then.

Arjun: Just at the movement when Keerthi introduced me to uncle.

Ramesh: [laughs] it’s so weird. Didn’t she tell you before?

Arjun: She really gives a lot of value to your decision. Am I right uncle?

Keerthi: As you said Arjun, you and your mother take similar decision. Just like that I make similar decision with my father.













Scene 9: [engagement of Arjun and Keerthi]

[All the arrangements were made very grandly. All the relatives, friends, etc attended this function.]

[Ring ceremony is over.]

[All had the feast. Singing and dancing and amused like anything.]

[Everything went well and ends the party.]

[Both Arjun and Keerthi drunk fully and driven to some star hotel. Taken a room and started enjoying their event movement and spent all the night together.]










Scene 10: [hotel room]

[Arjun and Keerthi woke up early in the morning. Watched around and couldn’t even view a piece of cloth of their engagement dress in their surroundings. Watched together and had a huge laughter in themselves]

Arjun: So our engagement is over.

Keerthi: And so our enjoyment. (Laughing)

Arjun: But still one is left.

Keerthi: Marriage (Arjun weds Keerthi) a huge holding. All the people gather after long time. And you marry me. Ha ah…….

Arjun: I didn’t really think that you will accept my proposal in such a quick and easy manner.

Keerthi: I liked you on the movement you proposed me. I believed that love at first sight happens as per your concept “on way love”.

Arjun: So tell me how did you feel me the night.

Keerthi: I cleared that you have much love on me than what I expected. What about your opinion on me?

Arjun: I had all your love that balanced my love with a true love. I felt that let this love, joy, happiness lie with me forever. Promise me that you never leave me even if we die.

Keerthi: I promise that this love remains in between us forever. I really love you darling. The movement I leave you is the movement I leave me.

Arjun: [kisses her] I love you too.

Keerthi: You said that you never accepted any girl’s proposal. How could you accept me the movement you saw me.

Arjun: I really believe in on way love. It may not get success but it never cheats.

Keerthi: Didn’t you ever have such incidents. Like the way we met.

Arjun: I met with two such incidents. I proposed but they rejected.

Keerthi: How could they reject a guy like you? I think I’m lucky that they left you.

Arjun: If any of them would have met with an accident. Then sure there would be any of them in the place of you.

Keerthi: Really on way love changed my way of love.

Arjun: Do you have any.

Keerthi: Yes, I had one.

Arjun: Only one proposal for a beautiful girl like you it’s so pity.

Keerthi: Not one proposal I had one boy friend.

Arjun: You had a boy friend at school or college.

Keerthi: He is Vicky - was a topper of our college. He was named as Jr.Einstein and he was so brilliant, quick and handsome. He proposed me on his final year annual day. I was his junior.

Arjun: So you didn’t accept him. Am I right?

Keerthi: The movement he proposed me. I couldn’t even have a second choice to think. Immediately I accepted him.

Arjun: What?

Keerthi: But I kept some rules to him that I will never go anywhere with him singly. Whenever we want to go we should go with our friends. He should never break them. If he breaks them, we get break up.

Arjun: Oh god I really love you. You saved me.

Keerthi: I found myself breaking rules. We used to go around like a free love birds. But one day he asked me to meet his parents. I said ok.

Arjun: Wait I can guess. His parents are money minded. Didn’t accept you? So he changed his mind as usually and you got break up. Am I right this time?

Keerthi: No. actually I didn’t go to meet his parents that day. Instead I came to watch kick boxing championship 2015 final.

Arjun: So you know me before itself.

Keerthi: Yes I do know you before itself. I was a fan of yours.

Arjun: Ok what happened next?


Scene 10 [A] (flash back): (In a restaurant)

[Keerthi and Vicky met each other at a restaurant]

Vicky: Where were you yesterday?

Keerthi: Actually I had some other work so could not come.

Vicky: What was that? Was that work so important that made you not to come to meet my parents? I came to your home thrice yesterday. You were not there. I called you more than twenty times you did not lift. Neither of our friends knew where you were yesterday. Your watchman said that you were inside the city. Haven’t said to your parents at least where you were going to.

Keerthi: Enough stop it. Stop questioning me like that. I’m getting irritation. What happened to you today? I said I had some other work. And you are questioning me as if I were caught with some other guy with date. It’s disgusting actually. I’m sorry once again that I could not come yesterday. I went to see kick boxing championship finals yesterday. I said no one that I was going to because everyone including you will ask me not to go. One day I have read about a young champion in an article. I really liked his story and his passion of winning this year championship. Actually it was his first attempt and reached to final. Has a highest possibility of winning in final. So I thought not to miss his match anyhow.

Vicky: So you went to watch it. You have no idea what you are doing. I planned a lot yesterday and you made me upset. My parents felt that you really don’t have any responsibility. Your first impression was lost totally. If ever you try to impress them also they can’t be convinced.

Keerthi: Why should I make your parents to impress on me? Of course it is your part to make your parents get impress on me. I’m responsible for what I have done. So I apologize to you. Please stop quarrelling with me. And tell me what our plan further is.

Vicky: Now we have no other plans left. My parents will not convince know. You made a great fault. You would have told me before that you cannot come. I would have postponed our date.

Keerthi: Sorry actually I read about the show in the newspaper in the morning. I had no time to inform anyone. And you know, I have taken the ticket in black for five times the amount.

Vicky: Have you gone mad or what. What is that so important that you watch it in live? Don’t you remember yourself that you are a girl? How could you be so rude watching it like that? Don’t you have common sense?

Keerthi: Vicky you don’t know how much I enjoyed his win. The movement he won the match, I felt like I won it. The crowd shouting Arjun, Arjun………

Vicky: Please stop it Keerthi. It’s too much. He won the match and you enjoy it. I became a looser because of you. It’s over now. You know Keerthi you love others win, and feel like you won it. I can’t say that it is some kind of phobia. But that will never make you win in your own life. Now I came to know that why you loved me it’s just because I was the topper. You are really a typical minded girl.

Keerthi: What did you say Vicky. I loved you because you were a topper. How could you say like that? You better remember who proposed whom. It was you who proposed me. I knew nothing about you. I thought I will know you better and then proceed. That is why I kept some rules. And I broke it myself when I came to know everything about you.

Vicky: If you really don’t know anything about me then. You could have said no to me, then know me and then say yes for my proposal. How could you say yes to me directly? This is because you know me as a successful person. And you found your success in mine.

Keerthi: I’m so happy that you understood me very well. Thank you and I hate you. Try not to meet me again. Goodbye.

Vicky: I pity myself that I loved you. Goodbye.

[Both of them leave the restaurant]



Scene 10: [continues]

Arjun: You watching my fight made you to fight with him. So due to me you two got broke up. Really “gods must be double crazy”.

Keerthi: What do you think? Do you think that I loved you because you are a champion?

Arjun: No not at all. But I think we have done something wrong staying together to night.

Keerthi: What was wrong? We got engaged right. I have not done any wrong before. Believe me I really love you. It was my first time ever.

Arjun: Oh darling! I’m not saying about that. I know you better than anyone know about you. The thing is that we have six months to go to get married. And we didn’t use any precautions. Incase if you get pregnant. Then what can we do.

Keerthi: Are you sure that sleeping for one night can make that possible.

Arjun: I read about it somewhere that possibility is there. So can you please take some pill or something like that?

Keerthi: Would you like me to take an I-pill. How could you say it Arjun. It’s our first lovemaking night. And you want me to do so. Sorry Arjun I can’t really do that. Please …….

Arjun: You do not understand what I’m saying. If some problem arises then I can face it but I don’t want you to face any problem. Because I love you more than you love yourself.

Keerthi: Don’t worry dear; I have already taken precaution yesterday night itself. I really promise you now that I will never leave you. The movement I leave you is the movement I leave me. I love you so much.

Arjun: I love you too. [Hugs her so tightly] [They get dressed and check out the room]











Scene 11: [beach]

They went to beach in the evening.

[The sun sets down. The light gets dark. The crowd limits to high. Hardly clear sky and the cool and moisturized breeze. Waves touching their feet, Children enjoying at their heights. Youth in their limits, parents recalling their happy movements. Senior citizens enjoying their rights]  

Arjun: So tell me what our plan is now.

Keerthi: I want to go for a long trip. Anywhere, any place, where we can here only our voices. We should be alone. Where no one disturbs us unless and until we like to be disturbed?

Arjun: Why do girls always like to go to such places? Where no human likes to live? Get struck up with some ghosts and face problems.

Keerthi: Because I watch mostly horror movies. I like to experience such movement at least one time.

Arjun: Fine then, I will definitely take you to experience that movement. But not now, let’s get married and I have a complete responsibility of yours. Neither your parents ask me whatever happens to you, nor do my parents think of me that I have done something to you.

Keerthi: Then let’s get marry as soon as possible. Take all the rights over me and do whatever you want to do to me but make me happy forever.

Arjun: So for making you happy, I have to get you into trouble. It sounds hard to believe.

Keerthi: Do you believe me?

Arjun: Do you have any doubt?

Keerthi: I doubt whether you have a doubt on me regarding Vicky’s matter.

[Arjun keeps silent for a while and then answers to her]

Arjun: shall we leave.

[They leave the place and returned back to their home]









Scene 12: [Arjun’s home]

Seetha: Arjun, Lilly called yesterday.

Arjun: When is she coming?

Seetha: She asked you to call her. It seems that she has some trouble. But she is not saying to me. Better you go and deal with it. Bring her back home.

[Arjun calls Lilly, Its ringing ………, she didn’t lift. After a while she calls back]

Lilly:  Doesn’t talk to me anything, just listen to me. I got trapped with someone. Better you come here. Don’t say to mom and dad. Please I’m unable to stay here. I can’t at least try to escape from him. I have done nothing wrong brother, believe me. If I die before you come here. Then say to our parents that I eloped with someone. Don’t say that I’m dead.

Arjun: I will be there by tomorrow evening. Please try to live till you see me beside you. Take care, bye.

Lilly: [cries and cuts the phone line]

Arjun: Mom she is fine, don’t worry. Do not say to dad, he can’t take it easy.

Seetha: Tell me what happened actually.

Arjun: She didn’t tell me anything. She asked me to come. I can deal with it, don’t worry. I’m leaving by tomorrow morning at 04:00 am.

Seetha: What should I say to Keerthi?

Arjun: I will talk to her.

Seetha: Ok, come let’s have dinner.

Arjun: you have dinner, I will join you.

[Arjun calls vimal]

Arjun: Hello, Vimal just listen to me. Lilly is facing some trouble there. I really need your help now.

Vimal: Yeh tell me, will I have to come with you.

Arjun: You have to keep an eye on keerthi’s ex-boyfriend Vicky.

Vimal: She already had a boyfriend before you. Ok I understood. I will take care of Keerthi.

Arjun: He is not a good guy. He is willing to take Keerthi away from me. Actually he is trying to trap her. He is highly intelligent guy. Don’t try to face him. Better try to avoid him if he comes across you. Give me a word that you don’t exceed limits.

Vimal: Don’t worry, I promise you buddy. I will take care of everything.

Arjun: Thank you, good night.

Vimal: Good night.

[Arjun calls Keerthi]

Keerthi: Hello Arjun, missing me. Shall I come to your home then?

Arjun: Hey just listen to me. I am going to London. I will come back in few days.

Keerthi: Shall I come with you, we can have fun dude.

Arjun: I’m not going on a vacation. I’m going to get my sister back home. Just understand me ok.

Keerthi: Hey, is there any problem. Can I help you?

Arjun: Yes, don’t say to my father anything. Mother knows everything.

Keerthi: Take care, have a safe journey. I miss you.

Arjun: I too miss you. Bye.







Scene 13: [Airport]

[Vimal drops Arjun in the airport]

Vimal: Are you sure, would you like to go alone. I think it will be better if I come with you. Do you think that Vicky is really dangerous?

Arjun: Actually he is a good human. But his surroundings are too dangerous. His surroundings can change his mind to do anything.  Mostly it can make impossible things to make possible.

Vimal: Everything will be fine buddy happy journey.

[Arjun leaves for boarding, flight takes off]

[Vimal leaves the airport]











Scene 14: [airport]

[Arjun lands in London airport. Lilly is waiting for him at out gate in her car]

Lilly: Get into the car brother. Be quick.

[Arjun gets into the car & Lilly leaves the airport. They reach their flat]












Scene 15: [Lilly’s flat]

Arjun: Now tell me what happened.

Lilly: Our hospital got a sample of blood for a new research. It was sent by an Indian doctor named Yadhav. Who is a family doctor of keerthi’s family? And the blood sample was keerthi’s.

Arjun: What are you talking? What was wrong with her?

Lilly: I don’t know what the problem is. But I listened that it’s a new discovery of a disease. To know about it we need to wait for 2 days.

Arjun: Actually what happened to you? You said that you may die before I reach you.

Lilly: That blood sample was injected in me forcefully.

Arjun: Who did it to you?

Lilly: My chief doctor Mr. Lynn.  But it was not his intention. Someone forced him to do so.

Arjun: Why?

Lilly: I think they need to experiment on me.

Arjun: Let’s go to your hospital.

Lilly: No brother I am getting fear to go there.

Arjun: You see Lilly, I am your brother. And also I am a secret investigating officer. I know how to tackle this. I knew that something was going wrong with Keerthi. But I confirm that now. Now I have to take care of you both. I am sure that you both will be fine. The thing is, we have to know what the disease symptoms are and how to cure it? Let’s go to hospital.













Scene 16: [hospital where Lilly works as a junior doctor]

[Both of them go to hospital]

Lilly: What shall we do now?

Arjun: Did you check whether you were attacked with that virus.

Lilly: No but I’m sure of that. I heard about it while they are talking.

Arjun: Take your blood sample now and make sure whether you are injected with it or not.

[Reports will come on next day, in the mean while they take rest in their flat]








Scene 17: [at Arjun’s home]

[Keerthi comes to Arjun’s home]

Keerthi: Hi aunty. How are you?

Seetha: Hi Keerthi did you come alone.

Keerthi: Yes aunty, actually mom and dad are busy in posting the marriage cards.

Seetha: Ok come inside. What would you like to have, coffee or tea.

Keerthi: Actually you sit aunty; I will get you the coffee. I can make it well.

[Keerthi go to kitchen, prepare a good coffee and get it for both of them]

Seetha: Yummy. It’s too good. Even I can’t make that good like you made it. My son is really lucky to get you as his wife.

Keerthi: Thank you aunty. But Arjun is not lucky to have me, instead I am so lucky to have him. I am nothing in front of him.

Seetha: Don’t say like that, “a wife is always a mirror image of husband”.

Keerthi: But Arjun is something different aunty. I am not at least one tenth part of him. He is so good thinking and have cool hearted mind. He can take things so easily. He is a very broad minded person.

Seetha: Really, even as a mother I too don’t know about him that much. So you really love him so much than I love him.

Keerthi: Actually I love the way he thinks and approaches anyone. He can make others to believe in his words. I really fell in love with him by listening to the way he approached me.

Seetha: What were the words that made you to believe him that much?

Keerthi: When I sad that I already had a lover, he did not at least have any angry on me. Instead, he asked me all about him. Got clarified whether I broke up with him or not and if yes then with what kind of reasons. And he said that he will never behave with me like that.

One day when we were sitting in the beach. I asked him whether he doubts me regarding the Vicky’s matter. He did no reply to me anything aunty. But after a while he said “A complete man can never doubt on his mother who gave life to him, his wife who shares life with him and his daughter whom he gave life to live”. The movement when he said this to me. Immediately for a while I thought as if I was all his mother, wife and daughter.

I felt that I was the luckiest women in the whole world.

Seetha: That was all that he learned from his father. Really he was trained by his father since his childhood. Actually his father used to talk to me like that since we got married and till now. People don’t believe even if some couple says that they don’t fight each other. People say that there is no such couple who can live together forever without a pity quarrel. In case of me it is proven wrong.

Keerthi: Then we will keep your record aunty.

Seetha: So you had a lover before itself. Who was that?

Keerthi: He is Vicky, son of Ravindran.

Seetha: He is a son of RGP (Ravindran Group of Pharmaceuticals). He is one of the highest pharmaceutical manufacturers. He is the worst candidate I ever knew.

[In the mean while Vicky comes into the Arjun’s home]

Vicky: Namaste aunty. I’m Vicky. I think you don’t need my introduction Miss Keerthi. I will come to the point straight away. Aunty, I was her lover before your son. Due to your son we got quarrel one day. She left me all alone. A strange thing happened on the day I broke up with her, and that was the day before she met your son. That really turned my life into trouble. I didn’t even think that night reverses me to get back to Keerthi. With your permission I would like to talk to Keerthi alone.

Seetha: Better you two go to some other place if you really need some privacy. Arjun’s father might come at any time. No problem I don’t mind anything. Vicky you are like a son of mine. I really like the way you asked me. By the way, you can come to me for any help without any hesitation. Because I know that it relates to all of you three. Please take care of her my son.

Vicky: Really I thank you aunty. Thank you so much.

[Vicky and Keerthi both leave Arjun’s home. Go to a restaurant]
















Scene 18: [restaurant]

Keerthi: What happened on that day? So you were the person who stayed all night with me at my home. You hated and doubted me and left me on that day. Why did you come back to me then? Still I hate you. I am seriously in love with Arjun. I got engaged with him and how could you come to his home and directly ask his mother to send me with you. I came with you just because I don’t want to quarrel with you in front of her. Know tell me exactly what happened that night.

Vicky: Are you happy now. That day when I questioned you in the same way you questioned me now. You got angry. But now I am not in a position to quarrel with you. I just want to say you something which you really don’t know to yourself.








Scene 18 [A]: [flash back]

[You got drunk on the day we broke up. You were drunk too much. The bar got closed, its owner called me. I took you to your home. I saw your watchman taking alcohol. Your parents were not at home. I thought it isn’t safe at your home. I had no choice left. I stayed with you. Suddenly you woke up as if you got normal. I felt afraid]

Vicky: Are you ok Keerthi?

Keerthi: Where are we now?

Vicky: We are at your home. Don’t worry, I am with you.

Keerthi: So you are with me. How do I believe now?

Vicky: I will be with you forever. Tell me how I can prove myself. Shall we get marry?

Keerthi: First come near to me…….hug me……….kiss me.

Vicky: Stop! You were drunk; I think you may not be able to remember whatever happens this night. Better you go to sleep. We will talk later.

Keerthi: You said that you love me, asked me to marry you. Is that all in just words? Yes, I mean what I say. Prove yourself now. Either have me or leave me.

Vicky: This is completely wrong. I promise you that I will marry you. Go back to bed and take rest.

Keerthi: I want you on my bed. I mean it. If you really love me then make me feel it.

Vicky: Why are you behaving like this? You are too rude to yourself. I am leaving now. Lock your door.

[Vicky thinks for a while: if he leaves her now in this condition then she will really get out of her home and make some nonsense. So he decides that better he stays with her.]

Keerthi: Why did you come back?

Vicky: because I can’t leave you like this.

Keerthi: I love you Vicky. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me. Come to me, I want all your love to feel my love.

[Vicky has nothing to say, he just blindly go near to her. He thinks however he is going to marry her. So now he can only stop her by making her wish.]

[Vicky wakes up kissing her chick, finds her still sleeping like a cute baby girl. Found that she already got clothed in this mean time as it is too cold weather outside]

[Vicky found that watchman woke up]

Vicky: I saw you taking alcohol yesterday. So I was bound to stay back with her to secure her.

Watchman: Sorry sir, I will not repeat this again.

Vicky: It’s ok. Be alert from now. Do not allow any one inside until her parents come. Say that no one is at home.

[Vicky left her home]


Scene 18(continues): [restaurant]

Keerthi: Why didn’t you tell me this before?

Vicky: Because I met with an accident, I was hit by someone at my back with a truck intentionally. My skull got damaged, and I was taken to London immediately. It took five months exactly to recover. I came back for you; I saw you were so happy with Arjun. I knew that you can hardly remember nothing happened that night.

Keerthi: I am really sorry Vicky. I really don’t remember all that happened on that day. Tell me what I shall do now.

Vicky: Marry me Keerthi.

Keerthi: Sorry I can’t do that Vicky. Unknowingly I have done something wrong with you. I am sorry for that. But whole heartedly I have done everything with Arjun. We are going to marry next month. All arrangements were done. It will never ever happen which you think. Forget me please, but never think that I forget you. I can hardly ask you for apologize me.

Vicky: A strange thing happened Keerthi. You can never believe me if I say that it’s not because of me.

Keerthi: I am bound to believe you now. It was my entire fault, I truly admit it. Tell me what was that strange happened.

Vicky: Someone had videoed our romance that night. He is blackmailing my family. It’s our prestige issue now. We will lose everything now. There’s only one way we can get out of this that is if we get marry. My father accepted me to do so.

Keerthi: Who would be that stupid who is blackmailing like this. What might be the reason behind this? It seems like all that happened by a preplan. He has some advantage in making this. We have to know him and what might be that reason.


Vicky: After I returned from London. I was spied by Arjun. I thought it was all for you, but I came to know that he is a secret agent. He was appointed to deal with my dad to know all about our industries which are undergoing with illegal activities or not.

One of the secret that was revealed is that he went to London to know something about you, me and our company dealings. I really don’t know what are those illegal activities that my dad is dealing with?

I do not understand one thing, why did he drag you and me into this. That is why we have to get marry immediately. That is the only way for us to stop the one who is blackmailing.

Keerthi: So you say that, Arjun is all behind this. No way, I know about him so well. I believe in him that he will never ever do such kind of activities. I don’t think that just for the sake of his duty, he drags me into such kind of trouble. By the way he is not a spy.

Vicky: That’s ok. Prove me now itself that he is not a secret agent.

Keerthi: It is 08:00pm already. He will be in a deep sleep now. I will call him tomorrow.

Vicky: So its 02:00 am for them now. But no problem you just call him now. He will say what exactly he is?

[Keerthi calls Arjun, Arjun lifts the call]

Arjun: Hello…hello…hello

Keerthi: Are you a secret agent?

Arjun: Keerthi, are you ok. Is there any problem?

Keerthi: I listened that you are a spy. Are you Arjun?

Arjun: Who is there beside you? Did you meet Vicky? Whatever he said to you is true. I knew that you two are in a great trouble now. You better find a good place and are secure. Forward your phone to him.

Vicky: Tell me why you are doing all this to us. You dragged us into this problem. You are a damn spy. You played with our lives.

Arjun: Listen to me first; your father is not a good man. I only deal with you father business. I have nothing to deal with you and drag you into this. Please don’t believe anything that you father says. He is trapping you into this. He wants you to trap Keerthi into this. Indirectly he wants me to get into his trap. I know about you very well. When I spied on you, I came to know that you are not indulged in any of your dads business.

Vicky: Why did you go to London?

Arjun: Actually I came to solve the problem of my sister. I came to know that Keerthi is in trouble including with my sister. I wish you not to say this to her. She is facing some medical problem. We will come to know what exactly it was. You are like my brother buddy. Please take care of her till I get back to you with all the information.

Vicky: Ok bro, I will be waiting for you.

[Ends the call]

Keerthi: What happened? What did he say?

Vicky: His sister is facing some medical problem. They will return within few days. He asked us to stay together till they return. Where shall we stay?

Keerthi: I want to go home. Please….. My parents might be waiting for me. They don’t mind if you can come to my home.

[Vicky and Keerthi go to Keerthi’s home]



Scene 19: [London]

Arjun: Wake up Lilly. We have to meet your chief today.

[Lilly wakes up, gets ready, feels like somewhat tensed]

Lilly: Brother, I am not willing to go. I feel like tensed.

Arjun: You are a doctor, you should never feel so. However you are not alone, come let’s go.

[While they are on their way to hospital, they see Dr.Yadav with the chief doctor]

Arjun: Lilly, follow them.

[They reach London city research center]

Lilly: Hello doctor, meet my brother Arjun.

Chief: Hello young man, nice to meet you. Please come with me. Yeh, Miss Lilly you can leave now. We will meet you at hospital. Arjun, come with me.

Yadhav: Hi Mr. Arjun, I know you man. I met you at your engagement with Keerthi.

Arjun: When did you come to know about Keerthi’s problem?

Yadhav: Six months ago.

Chief: Gentlemen, follow me to my cabin.

[They sit together, doors were closed, lights got off and projector gets on]

[Slide show is running]

Chief: You see, this one is all my research progress.

When this patient consumes alcohol, she gets her ovaries get over active. Loses her control over her mind, gets over exited. If she doesn’t get satisfied, she is going to kill anyone or herself without any hesitation.

Arjun: If she doesn’t consume alcohol. Then will she be alright.

Chief: No, if she is in such a mood of consuming alcohol. You can’t stop her. She likes to enjoy herself by consuming alcohol. If she feels like she is in over joy or in higher depression. She cannot be controlled from that. She become as if she is away from this world.

Arjun: Will it depend on the amount of alcohol she consumes.

Chief: It depends on her condition of joy or depression.

Yadhav: What can we do for getting rid of this disease?

Chief: We found an antidote for this. But it is not a permanent solution. We have given that antidote for Lilly. I think she is safe now, as she is in her starting stage

Yadhav: How did she get affected with that disease?

Chief: While she is in her laboratory for testing. An unknown person shot her with an injection. She fell unconscious, we got her blood samples. They were matching to keerthi’s sample. We immediately reported to the police and to research center. It took 2 days to find an antidote for it. Then we gave an antidote to Lilly. We said nothing to her about this. If she knows about what happened, there may be any chance of rebuilding her problem. It all depends on her control of mind and ovum production speed.

Arjun: What about Keerthi chief? Do we have any chance of getting a permanent solution?

Chief: We have only one solution. Which no lady accepts to do that is vasectomy operation. Which can stop her from getting exited, Even if she consumes alcohol?

[Arjun stays silent]

Arjun: Can I have that antidote.

Chief: We lost it. Someone had stolen that.

Arjun: Who is that? What is the need?

Yadhav: Do you have any enemies. Keerthi doesn’t have any. I know her better.

Arjun: You know that she has the problem since six months ago. I knew her since five and half months. She had another boy friend before me. I faced her for a night. She was over excited; I didn’t know that it was due to her disease. She had consumed alcohol with over joy. The thing is we didn’t know anything that happened that night. We were without cloths so we accepted each other. I just waggle remember her aggressive participation with me.  Now we have to know two things. If ever Vicky faced any such situation with her and the person who is trying to inject this virus. Who stole the antidote?

Yadhav: I think he has some major reason for this. If I am right, he might be watching everything that we are doing.

Arjun: Any how I will catch him. Chief, how much time would you need to prepare an antidote again.

Chief: Mostly two days.

Arjun: Dr. Yadhav, please take care of chief. You get the antidote to India. I am returning back to India with my sister.

[Arjun leaves the center. He goes to hospital]











Scene 20: [hospital]

[Yadhav reaches his apartment. He calls to Lilly, she lifts]

Yadhav: Did your brother reach you?

Lilly: Yes doctor. Shall I give to him?

[Lilly asks her brother to talk]

Arjun: Yes who is this?

Yadhav: This is Yadhav Mr. Arjun what about the person who has tried to inject virus into your sister’s body. And who had stolen the antidote.

Arjun: He needs my sister and now me. So if we leave London now. He will have no work here.

Yadhav: You missed one thing; he doesn’t want you to have the antidote. If he kills the chief now then what can you do?

Arjun: I don’t want any antidote now. I already have one. I got it at his apartment. Mr. Yadhav, your game is over. Try to escape from the police now. Sorry you have no choice, they have already surrounded you.

[Yadhav is at his apartment now, he searched his locker. He found the antidote nowhere. Police caught him]

Lilly: What happened brother? Is everything alright?

Arjun: Everything will be right now. What about your reports?

Lilly: Good news, nothing wrong with me. I am fine brother, thank god. God saved me.

Arjun: Your chief is your god.

[Arjun gets a call from police]

Police: Chief is down. We couldn’t save him.

Arjun: where is Yadhav?

Police: he is in our custody.

Arjun: I will be there by ten minutes.












Scene 20: [police station]

[Arjun comes to police station]

Arjun: Hello, this is agent Arjun. I have come from India to deal the case of Dr.Yadav. Here is the complete file regarding his illegal activities with Ravindran pharmaticals. I would like to investigate him.

[Arjun is taken to Yadhav]

Yadhav: Hello Mr.Arjun. So you are the secret agent who was appointed to ruin us. But you can’t do this because I am not the only one involved in this. Mr.Ravindran knew nothing about this. But he is our boss, he blindly believes us. He had no such faith on his own son.

One fine morning, he came to me. He said that someone had trapped his son. That was Keerthi, your present lover. Sorry, I was mistaken. She is now your partner right.

I thought that he will ask me to break their relation. But I was wrong. He asked me to talk to her if she is really in love with his son. Or it’s just for fun. He really wanted to get them marry. Of course anyone will accept her because she is as pretty as Barbie girl.

He came to me because he knew that I am her family doctor.  I said she is having some medical problem. He asked me what her problem is. I said all about the problem which she is exactly facing now. But she had nothing at that time.

What Arjun, do you think that it’s an instant disease that I created to just say him. No, that’s my new discovery. Which was sponsored by him?

Arjun, don’t you get any doubt that why I have chosen Keerthi. Don’t worry, I will let you know. It is all because a beautiful lady will always have a more excitement than a normal lady. So I thought I should experiment on anyone whom I can observe very near. The movement Ravindran asked me about her, I decided not to let her go with someone. I decided that she is mine. So I said him so.

Even I said him that she has some disease. He didn’t leave her. When his son asked him that he wants to introduce his lover to him? He didn’t deny. Instead he asked him to get her for lunch. So that he can notice what’s wrong with her.

The movement I knew that she is going to meet Vicky’s parents. Without any delay I injected the virus into her body. She felt sense less. Her parents called me. See how lucky I am. Do you think that if I chose some other girl, will I get such co-operation?

[Arjun hits very hard punch towards Yadhav, Yadhav pumped out huge blood from his mouth]

[Police enters into the room and stops Arjun]

Yadhav: Whatever I said to you is nothing agent [shouts]. You have more to listen. Stay calm and sit down.

[Arjun backs a step and sit down]

Yadhav: She slept all night, the morning she woke up was the day you had your final match. She said me before itself that she wants to go and watch your final match lively.

 I showed her the timing of your match in the news paper. She asked me to take her to the match. She just forgot that she was supposed to meet Vicky’s parents. She asked me to promise that I should not say to anyone including her parents.

The reason is that, already she fought with her father regarding this issue of going to watch kick boxing. Her father said that ladies mostly don’t go for such shows.

So she came with me to watch your fight. You know I have taken the ticket five times the price of the actual ticket. I think she said you everything excluding me. It is because she feels very personal towards me. What to do?

I broke them up very easily. And I have to thank you actually. You helped me a lot in breaking them. After they broke up she called me and said everything that happened.

Now I got the chance to make her to get over depression. It was my first chapter in my research. We went to pub and ordered alcohol. She drank too much. I got an emergency call from hospital. I asked her to leave but she didn’t listen. So I left her.

Then I came to know that Vicky took her to her home. There started my second chapter of my research. She tempted him with over excitement. I recorded the complete conversation between them and their play time. I saved it as my subject.

The problem was Vicky. I knew that she don’t remember anything what happened that night. But Vicky will definitely plan to marry her. So before his plan I applied my plan. I hit him hard on his skull. So that he cannot remember what happened.

But his father had taken him immediately to London. As he knew all the best doctors along with the chief, it took 5 months for him to get recovery. The problem was Ravindran asked me to take care of his son. So I was bound to be there.

I returned to India along with Vicky. A lot had changed here. I came to know that Keerthi got engaged with you. When I saw her there was a huge change in her mentality. I doubted whether I have failed in my research. I have taken a sample of Keerthi. I checked out everything, and I found that the virus is still in active. But I have many more things to know about my research.

It is only possible if you leave her. I know that it is not that easy to divide her from you. To make that possible I thought that I have to trap Vicky. So that he will get her back from you. So I started blackmailing him by sending a copy of their romance.

He along with his father was trapped. His father thought that it will make a prestige issue. He asked his son to get back Keerthi and marry her so that it solves the issue.

I came to know that Dr. Lilly who was under my guidance. In these five months in London were you sister. I planned to trap her on the other side. However she will be under my guidance there. And she is gorgeous enough for my experiment.

But no one allows me to take a virus along with me in the flight. So I sent it as a sample for the research center to the chief. I returned to London that night itself.

I injected it to your sister. That was my mistake. The chief knew that it was not a disease generated in Keerthi by its own. So he could easily found an antidote for it.

Arjun: For the god sake, you die here itself. If ever you try to escape and come to India. You fix to yourself that you will be tortured like a terrorist placed in the Andaman jail.

Yadhav: Hey hero, you didn’t ask me anything to say. But I said you everything. Only because you will take me back home. You need me you know. I can cure both your sister and partner. That antidote which you got in my apartment is not an antidote. It’s another virus, my new invention.

I repeat you will fall into danger if you inject it into her. This time no one can find any antidote for it. I caution you Arjun. Take me back home and I will help you.

Arjun: Your game is over. Shut up.

[Arjun leaves the room. He along with his sister is on their way back home (India)]



Scene 21: [Keerthi’s home]

[Keerthi wakes up early in the morning and get coffee for both of them. Vicky looks at keerthi’s face and smiles at her]

Keerthi: Hi Vicky good morning. What happened you are laughing at me?

Vicky: Nothing, I just had a dream last night that you got divorced with Arjun and came back to me.

Keerthi: It’s so strange Vicky; we are not yet got married. And you went unto divorce. If ever I got married to you and then if you give me divorce. By chance if I go back to Arjun, then he will definitely accept me.

Vicky: You will not get that chance dear. If ever you accept me to marry you. This time even if you go to visit moon then I will come at the back of you on a next rocket they launch to moon. There I will marry you, it will be first Indian marriage held on moon.

Keerthi: Did any other country couple have married on moon before?

Vicky: Actually I don’t have any idea about that; I just casually said it, that’s it. What I meant to say was, I don’t want to lose you for one more time. Even this time if you say a huge reason like visiting moon, like the way you said on that day that you visited kick boxing championship.

Keerthi: Are you serious? Please leave this topic. I don’t want to go any further. So do you really love me, still after knowing that I slept with Arjun for a night? You will have to hate me actually if you are the same person I broke up on that day.

Vicky: Actually we broke up on that day for the only reason I cared you a lot. It was just a fear, which made me to speak to you like that.

Keerthi: Fear of what, that your parents will not accept me. Is it?

Vicky: No, I had a fear that I may lose a girl, whom I loved more than anyone in this universe after my mother.  It is that fear which made me behave towards you such worse. It is that fear which made me stay with you for whole night. It is that fear which made me bound to sleep with you for a night. It is only because of that fear I came back to you. And I am still with you just because I still have a fear that I may lose you.

Keerthi: so, you say that, still you love me with a fear that I will leave you. If ever you loved me that much, I would have been with you till now. That means I couldn’t find that much love that is hidden in you. Still I am not convinced with your love expression. And ofcource, this is also the same reason that you repeatedly said, that is your fear.

Vicky: Yes, you are true. I cannot express my love towards you. Because I thought you are mine forever. You know, we can’t express our love Keerthi. It’s a feeling which one should experience heart fully. And I think my heart is fully filled with those feelings. I may be in-expressive, but not a dumb lover. But one thing I can say that, after I got such a huge injury to my skull. I am still alive now because of my strong feeling that I have towards you. I don’t force you to stay with me. But if you say that you will stay with me. Then I can repel any force that exerts on us.

[Keerthi immediately hugs Vicky]

Keerthi: I am sorry, I am really sorry Vicky. I hurt you so much. I behaved with you such rudely only for the reason, to know you better. But you couldn’t express your feelings on me. Instead, you said directly that I am critical person to understand. You said it as if it was a waste of time loving me. And you know that I have an ego problem. Still I waited for you the whole day at our favorite bar. But my uncle made me to drink some alcohol. He left me due to some emergency. Still he asked me if I needed a drop at home. But my love on you couldn’t make leave that place. I remembered all that moments that we had there. Still you didn’t come to me. My stomach filled with full of alcohol, mind filled up with full of depression. And I was down.

Vicky: Actually that whole day I was fighting with my father for you. Finally he accepted, and asked about you to your family doctor Yadhav. He said something about you whom I didn’t understand, not even my father could. Even though he asked to bring your family for lunch the following day, my dad said he wanted to observe you. The following day when I met with an accident, I was taken to London, and was under medical observation for five months. After I got discharged, I say Yadhav there. Later I came to know that he used to take care of me there for that long period. I asked him about you, he said that you were under trouble. When I came here I came to know that the trouble is Arjun.

Keerthi: Arjun was never a trouble to me like the way you think. He is just like a pack of celebration. After you left me I never felt like I am alone. Because I got everything that I lost from you with in a very single day. The moment I met him, the same day I met his parents. And it was the same day I accepted him and said to my parents that I wanted to marry him. Both our families took the decision of our engagement. All this happened in one day, the day after I broke up with you. This all happened very quickly, because I didn’t wanted to lose him and his family. That quickly I expressed my love to him. I didn’t try to impress anyone, they just impressed just by looking at me. And I was like what I was. Then I remembered your words, that you just wanted me to come with you to impress your parents. So tell me whom should I make a choice between you two.

Vicky: Ok, as I said, I don’t want to be with you forcefully. I am done here, as you already made a choice. But I can’t leave you now. Because I promised my brother Arjun, that I will be with you till he return. So I think my conversation is over.

Keerthi: Thank you Vicky. You proved that you have a great heart. I wish you this time you have a good girl like me. But be sure she doesn’t possess a complicated mind like me. Now I really feel your love.

[Telephone is ringing………. Keerthi lifts it up.]

Keerthi: Hello, who is this?

Yadhav: Hello dear, how are you?

Keerthi: I am fine uncle, where have you been?

Yadhav: I have been in London for last few days.

Keerthi: I forgot to say you something uncle. Thank you so much that you took care about Vicky there at London.

Yadhav: When did he meet you?

Keerthi: Actually he is with me now in my home. Would you like to talk to him?

Yadhav: No, actually you should be away from him. He is a cheater, fraud, basted. Just because of him I have been caught here in London. And Arjun suspects me for all that happened to you.

Keerthi: What happened to me?

Yadhav: Just be calm, do not reply to me anything. Just listen to me whatever I speak to you. Ok. Is he such near to you, that he can hear our conversation? Wait. Just hum if no, or else be quite.

[Keerthi keeps quite]

Yadhav: Ok, I understand. So, all that I can say you, Arjun is getting an antidote from here to inject inside you. But it is not an antidote, I asked him not to take it because it is a virus that I invented to transform a human into huge being. You can say it just like a hulk. If it is injected inside you, then you will be the ugliest lady in this universe. That’s all what I can say, so please avoid that injection. Arjun and his sister started from here six hours ago. They may reach you now, so be careful. And I repeat, do not believe Vicky. He is not that innocent as he seems to be. You got under trouble just because he injected a virus in you. And I was the inverter of that virus and I too had a role in this crime. Forgive me dear.

[Phone engaged]

Vicky: Who was it? What happened? Is everything alright? Why were you so calm? Is that your uncle, Dr.Yadav?

Keerthi: Yes, he is. He said me that, today Arjun with his sister is returning back to India. They may reach their home by now. But I didn’t understand one thing. You said yesterday that Arjun was all behind this. He is saying that you are all behind this. But now I will have to believe all the three of you equally. I think I am the only reason behind all this that happened. If it is true then it will be better if I get away from everyone. I don’t mean that I will die. But I want to leave you all and get away from this place.

Vicky: What was that big issue that took place between us? You don’t need to be with me. I do really accept it heart fully. I don’t want to trouble you anymore. I wish you be happy with Arjun, I don’t mind. If ever you feel me as an obstacle, then I am ready to leave India. Go away to anywhere, where you cannot contact me anymore. As you said, I will have a new girl friend. Marry her and be happy for my whole other life. Do not take such strange decisions. Just wait until Arjun meets us. We can know what really happened there. You can’t just blindly believe Yadhav words. You know there were many strange things that happened when I was in coma at London.

[Both of them are waiting for Arjun]











Scene 22: [at airport]

[Arjun and lilly leaving the airport, booked a cab, are on their way home]

Lilly: Arjun, will Keerthi be alright if this antidote is inserted into her.

Arjun: May be or may not be because we don’t know whether this was the antidote that cured you. Or this may any other virus. Mr. Yadhav warned me that if I inject it into her she will become even worse. If ever your chief would have been alive, then we would have a chance of knowing it.

Lilly: Was that virus injected inside me? But you didn’t say this to me. Is it?

Arjun: Oh! Shit. I forgot that you didn’t know this till now. Ok, I am sorry for that, but you were not infected by it anymore. Your chief noticed you and gave an antidote.  So you are completely normal now.

Lilly: So, that day he injected an antidote inside me forcefully. Hah. In that case, my blood will help Keerthi to overcome her disease. Problem is solved.

Arjun: Yes, you are right. Absolutely right, but she is not in a starting stage. It’s been six months passed she was injected. Mr. Lynn advised that she can’t get cured permanently. Just because of that severity.

Lilly: Leave that to me brother. I will take care of all that. Actually I am a doctor, not you. I know what to do.

[Mean while they reach their home]















Scene 23: [Arjun’s home]

Seetha: Oh lilly, it’s been a long time dear. Arjun said that you were in some trouble. Is that everything solved?

Arjun: Mom, leave the topic she is safe, nothing happened to her. Let her go and get fresh. We are hungry mom. Get something for us.

[Seetha leaves in a hurry to prepare some food stuff, lilly moves to her room, Arjun calls Keerthi]

Keerthi: Hi Arjun, did you return home. I am in my home with Vicky. If possible come here quickly. We need to talk urgently.

Arjun: Is there anything wrong with him. My intelligent agents specifically mentioned him as an accused. Better you be careful with him. I am on my way to your home.  









Scene 24: [Keerthi’s home]

[Keerthi got confused, don’t know what to do, whom to believe. But she felt that if two members say that the other one is accused. Then that may be true. She started avoiding Vicky]

Keerthi: Vicky, Arjun wanted us to leave my home immediately. He said that uncle Yadhav is an accused one in this case. So better you go away to your home. I need to go to Arjun’s home. Where I can feel safe? We would discuss about our matter later. I will call you back and say you our meeting place.

Vicky: No problem, I will be with you. Don’t you want to be with me anymore? Do you feel uncomfortable with me? So you still feel like unsafe if you be with me. Am I right? So how far will I have to make you believe that I really care you?

Keerthi: No, I don’t mean that. Please don’t mind, can you please leave me alone.

Vicky: I said that Arjun was the accused one. Yadhav said you that I am accused one. Arjun said that Yadhav is accused one. So we three made a triangle. It seems that every one of us had a part of this crime. But you didn’t believe me or Yadhav. But you believed Arjun immediately after he said Yadhav was the accused. It’s been proved, how much love you have towards him. If ever he says that I am the accused on, then you would definitely believe him. Am I right?

Keerthi: No, you are wrong. When you said Arjun is accused, I didn’t accept. When uncle said you were accused, I didn’t accept for the only reason that I loved both of you equally. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t believe you and uncle. If ever Arjun says that you are the accused one then I wouldn’t believe him. I will consider it as he mistaken you.

Vicky: Thank you for having such faith on me dear Keerthi. But I wish you to believe Arjun more than me because your uncle could be the one who is really accused. Look at the news in the TV.

[News (London): Today in the early morning, there has been a terrorist group attack on the primary prison. Many prisoners got killed and very few were alive. And there has been a notice of a missing criminal. Who was arrested yesterday for murdering, chief doctor of medical council London?

[Breaking news (London): Police found the identities of the terrorists who attacked in group. They were confirmed as a group of people who had their identities, working in Ravindran group of pharmaticals company, India. That was the company which was owned by Vicky, son of Ravindran. After Ravindran passed away last week]

Keerthi: Your father is dead a week ago, and you said that he wanted you to get marry with me. Were you kidding me?

[Breaking news (India): Vicky, the owner of the RGP, confirmed as the accused in murder case of his own father. And he was also been identified as the guy responsible for a fake terrorist attack held at London prison this morning. It is for the only reason to kill Dr. Yadhav, who was responsible for this criminal act along with Vicky.]

[Keerthi ran towards the opened main door and went outside. She saw a huge battalion in front of her house. Saw Arjun and ran towards him. Vicky was still in a shock, seeing the news for further updates.

[Breaking news (India): Police battalion surrounded, where Vicky is hiding in her x-lover house. Still in a dilemma thinking that, what is actually happening to him? And when did he kill his father, become owner of their company, send his employees to London to attack on Yadhav. Suddenly he saw behind him, Arjun with handcuffs.]

Arjun: Game over Vicky. You are under arrest.

Vicky: Yadhav is playing the game Arjun. I am not the accused, believe me.

Arjun: I know everything about the game he played with you. But the screenplay is mine. No one will ever believe you bro, if ever you say that, I am the man who is all behind this. Keerthi belongs to me now and forever. Would you want to know what happened actually? Don’t worry; I will meet you in the prison. When I come to investigate you, we can discuss everything that we know each other.

Vicky: Why you chose me in your crime, Arjun? What wrong did I do to you? Keerthi is innocent, she believed you a lot. However I am ruined, at least let her lead her life happily.

Arjun: Do not act such smart as if I am a villain, and you are a hero. Your father said everything about you before he died. Such a critical minded you are. You thought, no one could ever touch you. Your intelligence worked at your dad. Your brilliance could mesmerize your doctor Yadhav. Your smartness could make Keerthi to still believe you. But I am clever enough to tackle all those. For the only reason I asked you to stay with her till I return to you. Do you still think that you can escape?

Vicky: I thought no one could ever touch me. Until I found you were in reach to me. So I do have my own arrangements. Within 45 seconds, we are all going to die for my sake. Three kilos of rdx is waiting for a blast. Better leave me; we have much life to lead. Not only us but also there is a huge battalion outside. What do you say?

Arjun: Still you think I am a pet that you hold in your hand. Check whether your remote is working on not.

[Remote is not working; Arjun hits a hard punch towards Vicky. Vicky is flat.]

Arjun: Yes, Vimal was right. Winning gives a double kick than defending. But my mother was also right that I win always in a real game, whenever it is needed.

[Arjun’s cell phone ringing]

Arjun: Hello,

Mr. X: We have a mission.

Arjun: Sorry, my marriage is near. This coming week, and you are also invited.

Mr. X: Sorry to say that I am busy.

Arjun: You are invited in the sense, not only you. You may send any one of your family members.

Mr. X: Of course, my daughter is along with you.

Arjun: who is your daughter?

Mr. X: Keerthi is my lovely daughter.

Arjun: Is this uncle Ramesh?

Ramesh: Yes my dear so-in-law. I am.

Arjun: So you are the CBI controller, who guided me all through this.

Ramesh: I think so; I am going to leave Delhi along with my wife today towards home. We will talk everything when we meet each other. See you. Our upcoming mission is your marriage. Are you ready?

Arjun: Mission ready. Get set go……..

[Arjun gets another call]

Arjun: Hello Doc. Are you back to India?

Yadhav: Stuck up with some work. Thanks for saving me from prison. So you got him under custody. Keerthi is back in your mission. But sorry, it’s my game. Look at your back.

Arjun: Keerthi, where did you get that gun?

[Keerthi shoots Arjun, Arjun is down. Police collects the body of Arjun. Keerthi got arrested. Vicky was taken to hospital]















Scene 25: [flash back]

[While Keerthi was coming out of her house, she saw Yadhav at a corner. She ran towards Arjun. After Arjun left her and went inside. Keerthi met Yadhav]

Keerthi: Uncle, when did you come? What did you do to me? Why Vicky would want you to do this to me?

Yadhav: When I spoke to you from London, Arjun’s men were with me. They asked me to tell so. He trapped me in the murder case of London chief doctor. He asked me to behave like an approval. I accepted as if I was all behind your problem. He said he would release me if I admit it as my mistake? The antidote he stole from my locker was the real one. You can get cured. It was Arjun who asked me to inject that virus in you.

Keerthi: For what reason he does all this through you.

Yadhav: Because he needed you to be with him forever. For the same reason he hit Vicky with a rod hardly. Even after he tried to murder with an accident he was the person who shot your video the before night. He got your attention very planned. I could not help you because your father was the one who guided him through this.

Keerthi: My father guided him? Why?

Keerthi: Because he never imagined you would love Vicky, Son of Ravindran. Who ruined your father’s personal life. Both your father and Arjun trapped Vicky and his father using you.

Keerthi: No way, you are lying to me. My father would never do to me like this.

Yadhav: Vicky is going to die, just because of us. He is intelligent but also innocent. He loves you so much. Now it is your part that, whom you believe? Whom do you leave? Whom do you save? Whom do you share your life with? These are all the evidences that I have.

[Keerthi listens to some tapped phone calls, looks some photographs, and immediately runs inside her home. Police got panic when she took a gun from one of them while going inside. When she saw Vicky lying down, she shot at him on his head. And ran towards Vicky to see whether he is alive or not]




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Submitted: August 02, 2016

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