The Family Friend

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The story of a teenage kid and how a facebook friend helps him get through hard times.

Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016





BAM! He slammed the door. His mom shook her head in regret. She shouldn’t have said that. But he was asking for that! He can’t be that rude. She heard a scream right then, “I HATE YOU!!!” She went downstairs. Karan was reading the paper with his legs on the table opposite to the chair he was sitting in.

“Again?” Karan asked.

“Yeah! I wish he would change. It’s high time. He is in 9th for God’s sake!”

“I wish the same but he just wouldn’t.  Something is really wrong with him.”

Both of them looked at each other and then she hugged him.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Karan asked.

“Oh I’m just trying to switch on the T.V”

“That’s not how you do it dad. Look”

Rohan saw his dad show his grandfather how to switch on the new smart T.V. He only liked his grandpa in his family because he didn’t bother Rohan as much as the others. And also he was the only person who recognized Rohan’s talent in photography. Rohan even received many awards in photography. He knew that his grandpa saw every argument between him and his parents. But even then he didn’t say anything. He sighed and slowly creeped out of the house with his camera. It was 6.15pm. The best time to take photographs. From 6.15 to 7.15 is called as the golden hour. Even most of the professional photographers use this time to take their best unedited photos. He was in his favorite black hoodie. He went to the public park and clicked a couple of photos. His phone suddenly vibrated. He got a message from Achantya. He was a photographer friend of Rohan. He had some pretty good photos. So Rohan accepted his request.

“Howz lyf dude??!?” Achantya messaged.


“Oh why do you say ‘bad’?”

“Never mind. I liked your new photographs!”

“Tell dude!!”

“Well my parents don’t appreciate me at all. They don’t even look at my photographs. They just say that it is waste of time and ask me to read and get good marks in my exams. It’s just driving me crazy. We keep arguing every day.?

“Oh sorry to hear that. But you could improve the situation.”


“Well, first try to break the ice by talking to them normally about school. do some things like cleaning your room or something. That will put them in a good mood and you can talk to them about your passion for photography.”

“hmmm…sounds good!”

“Don’t talk to them about photography just yet. I’ll tell you when, ok?”

“Ok then. Talk to you later. Bye”


Rohan thought about what Achantya said. It actually made sense. He thought of trying it. He went to his home. He thought that toady was not a good day to start as they had an argument. He decided to start tomorrow new and afresh. He woke up earlier than his parents and made up his room. And he went downstairs and silently made breakfast for his parents and put it heat mode. He even bathed and came down when he saw that his parents were shocked.

“Good morning!!” he said.

“Um… are you having a fever?” his mom asked.

He was a little hurt but he said, “No. Just decided to turn over a new leaf.”

He went and returned from school and he put his bag in the room. He went downstairs and talked to his dad about his school and the subject he learnt today. His dad was impressed.


A few days later,

“It worked!!! Your plan worked!!! They’re in a good mood every day.” he messaged Achantya.

“Oh great!! Now just casually show your dad some of your photos. Don’t say that you took them. Ask his opinion and then reveal who the photographer is.”

“Ok. Do you think this will work??”

“Of course!! Have faith!!”


He showed his parents his photos and later revealed that they were shot by him. They were really amazed and asked him to join a photography institute which paid him money for each photograph. His life was starting fall in place. There were a lot less arguments in his home. His parents supported his passion for photography. And his grandpa learnt how to switch on a T.V.


“Dude! We need to meet! I really want to thank you!” he messaged Achantya.

“Ok! Tomorrow at 6.30 in Diamond Park. I will wear a red T-shirt.”

“Done!!! I will wear a blue one!?


He was really excited for this. He was waiting for Achantya. There was no one in a red T-shirt. He searched frantically. When he found no one he disappointedly started leaving the park.

“You must be Rohan!” he heard a familiar voice say.

He turned back to see his grandpa… in a red T-shirt!!!

“Grandpa? You’re Achantya?”

“Yeah! That’s my real name. What did you think? My name was Grandpa??”

“But..why? I mean you could just tell me normally, you know, without texting, face to face.”

“You would ignore me thinking that I didn’t understand your problems because I’m not of your age group! So that’s why I had to do this.”

“I love you!!!!”

He ran and hugged his grandpa.

His only friend turned out to be a family friend.





© Copyright 2018 Pradyumna Pappu. All rights reserved.

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