Sixty days

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Submitted: August 02, 2016





Sixty days





ANNE, a young Irish girl, with long ginger hair and dark

eyes just finish her morning shower, she closes the water and

then grab the towel.


She covers her body with the red towel then she gets out from the shower, put her white slippers and is just about to wipe the mirror when a powerful sound, like an explosion, is heard from the other room.


Scared, she gets out from the bathroom and closes the door behind her.










The laboratory is destroyed, the same as in a horror picture, all around the floor only dead bodies can be seen. Blood is spreading as a carpet, covering everything. The fire slowly starts burning the entire building.


Somewhere in a corner, a female doctor in her 50's is fighting to survive, but she is way too wounded. She looks at the window and sees it turning into hundred of pieces when

the huge body of a white wolf break through it.


When touching the floor, the wolf turns into human, THORIR, a young man with dark long hair. He comes closer to her.




Mom! No!






Thorir! I knew you will make it! You are safe!



How could this happen? Why are

you not healing already?



Listen to me, I lost this war, and

Vladimir took the notes back in

time. That monster will destroy

everything, you must stop him!

Thorir, do you listen to me? You

must kill Vladimir before he can

find the coordinates.



He succeeded to turn off the



DOCTOR Yes! He did!




Then he is the one who did this to

you. I will tear him apart!



Your first priority mission is to

stop him creating the rocket, do

you understand? Revenge leads to

nothing, remember that if you

succeeded, I will still be alive,

and so your father. Thorir, please

fight this war for me and stop this

disaster! I'm begging you!





The doctor spits blood and almost fall unconscious, but

Thorir keeps shaking her until she wakes up. She is weaker and

weaker, it becomes hard to breathe, the hole in her chest is

slowly killing her.



Mother! No! I will not let you

sacrifice yourself.


He protects her when a piece of the ceiling fall on the ground, burning.



Thorir! I am already dead! If you

want to save me, then you must go

back in time! You have to pay for

my mistakes and for that I will

never forgive myself, but I can't

protect you either. Now let's go,

help me stand up. We need to start

the accelerator, before this place




Is too dangerous. If you start it,

the building will explode.



That's why we need to do it fast.



She yells at her son, so he has to help her go closer to a machine with a huge engine and a chair connected to it.


THORIR Mom! Please!



Sit down, Thorir! Is no time for




With tears in his eyes, he sits down on the chair and she ties him up with the belts attached to it, then she walk closer to the engine, but she falls on her knees, bleeding.




Mom! No!






Stay there! This is the only way, remember what I told you, remember what your mission means for an entire planet. Stay there, Thorir!


She stands up and goes to the engine's computer. With her hands shaking, she introduces the coordinates and then grabs a




See you on the other side, my son!


He wants to say something but she pull the lever down and the accelerator is turned on. With all the electricity passing through his body, Thorir is screaming of pain, growling, his eyes turn yellow and just before the time travel he can see the entire lab exploding, and the last thing he remembers is fire.










Scared, dressed only with the red towel, Anne enters the living room and see Thorir on the floor.


She is staring at him, but when he raise his eyes and look at her, she makes on step back.



Who are you? How did you get in



Thorir stands up, his body is injured, but he is terrified to see her. With huge eyes, he is just staring at her, without being able to speak anymore.



Hei, you pervert, at what are you

staring? If you don't talk, I will

call the police! What the hell are

you doing in my living room, and

what was that explosion.



Me, hitting the ground! I a...


He makes one step closer to her.


THORIR Anne? Are you all right?




How do you know my name?


He smiles and almost hold his tears, then, searching for his pocket he takes a necklace and shows it to her.



The symbol of the Aquarius, it

belonged to your mother, and she

gave it to you when you turned 18.



How do you have that?



Listen, I know is strange to find

me in your room, falling from

nowhere, and I really don't want to

scare you, but we need to talk!



Hm, let me get dressed first!





She walks towards the door but looking back she sees him staring at the apples from the table.



You can have them if you want.




Excuse me?






The apples, eat them! You look hungry!



Really? Can I? I... Never saw an

apple before.


Anne just stares at him for a moment, having no idea what is going on, but then she just goes in the other room.


Thorir grab and apple, smell it and then bite it. It tastes so good, that he grab a red one as well and bite that one too, but then he stops and looks towards the other room.



Hei, Anne, what is this smell? It

seems something is burning!



Oh, shit! The food, can you go to

the kitchen and take it out from

the oven, please! I forgot about




THORIR Yeah, I can!


He runs into the kitchen and stops the oven, and when he opens in the entire room smells like burnt meat, but then Anne comes in there, dressed in black jeans and a white shirt.



Fuck the gods! How bad is it?



Do You use that line?


ANNE A? I do what?





Thorir is smiling and watch her taking the meat out on a different plate.



It still looks pretty fine to me,

are you hungry? Do you want to eat

with me?



I would like too if is not too

much of a bother.



You are weird! Too well-mannered

for a thief.


THORIR I am not a thief.



That, we shall see. I am still

curious what are you doing here, and

how do you have my mom's necklace.


He sits down at the table and grabs a banana, smelling it, but after Anne start laughing, he looks at her.




What is it?






You should see your face!



What is this thing called? It

smells really nice.



Are you making fun of me?



But then when he looks at her, Anne realize that he is not. His eyes are pure, he has an innocence that is different from everything she ever saw, but at the same time, he looks strong.


Is something about him that makes her feels weird, he is just a stranger, but she feels safe.


After everything is set on the table she sits down and they start eating.



That is a banana, the same with the

apples, I guess is the first time

when do you see it?


With his mouth full of potatoes, he just approves by shaking his head.



You are a strange guy! And I am a




Well, you were always a bit scary,

but why do you say that now?



What? Look at me, having lunch with

the stranger that just fall out of

nowhere in my room.


In that moment, Thorir stops eating and look at her.



I am not a stranger!


His eyes are cold, and Anne feels a strange feeling like he really meant it.


THORIR I am... I am ...










Can we eat first? And after that I

will tell you everything.



Fine! Don't be shy and eat as much

as you want, you really look




Thank you, I guess I am a bit

hungry! So many things happen,

that I forgot to eat...



When did you eat last time?



Dono, I guess 4-5 days ago...

Something like that, it wouldn't be

a problem, but my body is

injured... And bad things can

happen if I don't feed properly.



Feed? Do You need to feed yourself?



Yeah, if I don't want to turn



He smiles and then just look at the plates, eating as much as he can. Anne finish and then just stare at him eating like a wolf.



Wow, you make me proud of my

cooking skills.


THORIR You cook very well!


He spoke with his mouth full, but now he swallow and then drink some water, but then he realize is a window near them.





He just jumps over there and stares outside like a cat. Everything looks fascinating, the trees, the cars, the people passing on the street. The view of Moscow looks amazing for him.


THORIR So beautiful.



Yeah, but is cold. I don't really

like winter, but I have to bare it




For the sake of mad science! I

know! You always say that in the




How do you know that?



Fine, this is going to be weird!

So, please don't freak out!



Trust me, I don't get scared that easy.



I know!





He sits back on the chair, and for a second he just looks at her. Is hard to speak, he feels that is impossible to find his words. He opens his mouth, but the words just won't come out, so, looking again at her, his eyes turn yellow.


ANNE What the fuck?


Anne stand up and make one step back. Thorir's eyes come back to normal and look at her with that innocent face again. Anne sits back at the table and smile.


ANNE What are you?



My name is Thorir, and as you

always used to say, I am... I am

your finest creation, strongest,

the faster that the others, alpha..



Are you a werewolf? Is this what

you are trying to say?



Yes. I am a pureblood werewolf,

and I need your help. Yours and

professor Daiki Akira's help.



Professor? You mean that idiot

classmate of mine? That Akira?



Yeah! Using his time travel

The machine, called the accelerator, I

came here from the future, actually

you sent me!




Did I?






Yeah! You did! A person called Vladimir stole a notebook and is going to use it to find the real numbers to create a rocket that will bring the apocalypse for planet Earth, so I need to stop

him, and for that, I need your help.



What is actually going on? If you were truly that important to me, why would I send you back in time? Why would I sacrifice you?



Because I am the only one alive

that can stop Vladimir.



What happened to the others?



Anne, from where I come to Russia no

longer exists, as well as so many

other countries, all that you can

see is a frozen Earth.



So you need to kill this Vladimir?



Yeah. He is the one who started

everything. So, please help me, I

don't know anyone else, and both

you and Akira have to listen to

what I have to say.



Very well, I will call Akira and us

shall have a meeting tonight, but

for now, I have to go to school,

because I have an exam in one hour.



What am I suppose to do until




I don't know, you can stay here, or

you can go to see the city! I guess

you will like it. Here, have my

phone, I will call you in the

evening. You know how to use it,




I am from the future, not from the

stone age!



Yeah but if... Anyway! I need to

get ready now!



Fine, can I eat a banana?



Yeah! You can eat a banana!



Thank you! Anne, how do you eat a

banana? Oh, it tastes weird!


Anne already went to the other room, but now she comes back and sees him biting the banana without piling it first so she starts laughing and then shows him how to do it.



Here, you peal it like this! Just

like an orange, you know what is




I heard of it but never seen one.



What do you people eat anyway?



Most of the time meat, only

sometimes potatoes and beans.


ANNE Ihh... Strange!


While Thorir is eating, Anne keeps running around the house, getting ready for university, and now she finally picks up

her bag.



Here, boy, I can't believe I'm

giving you my keys! If someone

would see this, would think I'm




Listen, Anne, I know you just meet

me, but I know you since I can

remember, you are... You created me

and raise me, you were there for me

every day. You can trust me!



Sorry! But I guess you understand

my situation as well. Try not to

get lost in the city, is pretty

crowded! Call Akira is something is

wrong, I will answer! Be safe.



I am a wolf, I can't get lost, you

be safe, and if you think something

is weird, call me, I will protect




Thank you! I have to go now! See you later!



Bye ...





Anne takes her backpack and gets out from the house in a hurry. Thorir follows her at the door, but he doesn't open it, just stay there and stare at it for some moments.








Russian winter looks cold, but do they actually knows what cold really means?


Thorir sits at a table near the window, staring outside at all those people passing by, and he almost gets scared when Anne speak his name.








He stands up terrified, his heart starts beating so fast and he breathe slowly. In front of him is Anne and near her AKIRA, her Japanese classmate.


Thorir is staring at him and he can't say a word anymore.



This is Akira, my retarded best

a friend and your professor from the




Hei, Anne told me what happened.


But Thorir is still staring at them, with a very sad expression on his face.


ANNE Hei, what is wrong?



Nothing, excuse me! I'm Thorir,

nice to meet you, professor!



It sounds so cool, but, for now, is

just Akira! Please!


They shake hands and then sit at the table.



How... How was the exam?



I guess someone will have a very pleasant meeting with Mrs. Mihailovich in the autumn.


Akira starts laughing looking at Anne.



Professor in biotech my ass...



Oh come on, I will pass it! After all,lookI created a werewolf, how hard

can be to learn that bullshit?



Mihailovich will murder you!


The waitress comes to take their order so they have to stop with the circus.



Even if is cold, I think you should

try the ice frappe, is amazing! You

will love it.



I don't really like it. You used to

make it every day, and I could never

stand it, sorry.



What? You strange people... Both of

you are the same!



So you never stopped with the

coffee, eh? I am telling you, Anne,

this will kill you one day! Thorir,

you should try the orange juice, I

heard you are not familiarly with



THORIR Hm, I will try.



Ok, so two orange juice and an ice

frappe. Thank you.


The waitress leave and then Anne take the menu and hit Akira with it.



Asshole, I still can't forgive you.

How the hell did you learn that




I'm just smarter than you, once you accept it, you will understand.


ANNE Oh, fuck you.



Well, do it! You always lie to me!

You pervert thing!





She hit him again, but when Thorir starts laughing they stop. Anne keeps saying stuff, but he is just looking at them, together, having so much fun, being safe... And alive.



So about that Vladimir guy, what is

is he actually trying to do here?


Now Thorir looks at Akira but because the waitress comes with their drinks he can't answer. After the girl leaves, Anne asks him another question.



Actually, Thorir, what happened

with the Earth? How could that guy

freeze it?



Is complicated, I don't know the

complete story, but from what you

told me, 14 years from now an

the asteroid will hit somewhere in the

Amazon and a massive chain

earthquakes will begin all over the

planet. Because of that Vulcans

erupted, burnt entire cities, but

the real problem is the ash that

raised and formed a dome. Sunlight

couldn't pierce through it anymore,

so the Earth started to freeze.



Simple ash couldn't form such a

powerful dome, something was added

to it!



Yes, it was. In their way of

breaking it, the situation got

worse, and in less than half an

year everything was frozen. You

started your researchers few years

earlier but it was not the time to

waste, you realized a wolf would




THORIR (cont'd)

have more chances to survive, so in

the same lab you failed your exam

today, you created the first




Fuck me! I am so cool, do you

realize that by then I will be

better than you in biotech?



You damn obsessed psycho!



Shut up and accept it! And yeah, of

course a wolf would have a better

a chance to survive, it's temperature

is 45 degrees, is faster, stronger,

better in any way.



Yeah, and in no time the army

figured out as well. They forced

you and Akira to work for them and

find a solution for survival.



I supposed the werewolf was a

beast, so, how did I control it?

Was it more than a beast?



At the beginning, it wasn't, but the

the army didn't care about the beast

itself. The Earth was a kingdom of

ice and people were dying, so the

the military took control of it, safe

places were created, called

hexagon, and with every life they

saved, their power was stronger and




How could they save them without

turning them into monsters and

massacring each other?



Wolf blood! Injected in the body it

could raise the temperature, I

believe it had side effects, but

not that powerful to cause

transformation. It would've been too




You are sick! I still can't believe

you created a werewolf!




You are only frustrated! Ashole!


Thorir is staring at Akira and smile, but his smile is so sad, he almost have tears in his eyes, and he is acting all strange and nervous.



Right? Thorir? Thorir, you ok?


Just now he realizes that Anne is speaking with him, so look her, but then he look back at the window.


ANNE Thorir? What is wrong?


THORIR Someone's here!



Who? What is going on?



It seems that Vladimir is making

friends! Come on, we have to go,




If they are outside, shouldn't we

suppose to wait here until they




No, not if you don't want to see

everybody in here killed.


AKIRA He would do that?



That is nothing! Let's hurry up



They stand up and get their jackets.


AKIRA I pay is fine!


Akira takes some money from his wallet and lets them on the table then they hurry up outside from the bar.

DISSOLVE TO: OUTSIDE Snow start falling on the cold and crowdy streets of Moscow.

They are walking among the people, trying to hurry up.

Thorir is growling looking back, worried, but Anne smiles so

proud of him.



This is so cool!



I told you, you are sick in the



Thorir stops and looks back again.










Vladimir! Akira, please take Anne home, I will meet you there.



What do you want to do? Thorir?



Please, just go home! I will hold

them back! Go now!



Come on, Anne, listen to him!



Be safe!


But Thorir already left, running so fast.



He is a werewolf, he will be just

fine. Unlike us, I believe he knows

what he is doing.


Anne look back one more time, but Thorir can't be seen anymore, so she grab Akira by the arm and leave together.






The smell of apples could be felt in the entire house. Anne opens the oven and takes out the apple pie. On the table, the food is already set for dinner.


She hears the door opening, so she run there, but she stops when Thorir comes in the kitchen wounded and bleeding.



Thorir! What happened to you?



Vladimir happened! He is stronger

than I thought. Damn bastard

managed to escape.



You are bleeding!



Don't worry, this is nothing.



What are you talking about? We need

to bandage...



Anne, the wounds will heal in less

than one hour, never mind it! I was

even worse.


Thorir smile but then the pie grab his attention.



That smells amazing, what is it?



Apple pie! I knew you will like it!

Do you want to take a shower before



THORIR Yes. Where is Akira?



He had to go home, his roommate

forgot the key inside so yeah...

Good thing, last week we had to do

a huge project so he slept over at

my place, so you can use his

pajamas, if you don't mind.



No, not at all. Thank you!



Ok, that should be somewhere around



Anne wants to leave, but Thorir grabs her hand.



Anne! I am here for a purpose not

in holiday, so please don't bother

too much about me.



What do you mean? I don't bother at

all, is fine.


Thorir let her hand go so she starts searching for the clothes.




Or then, are you afraid of me? Your

heart is beating like crazy and you

are all nervous. You know that I

would never hurt you.



In this moment, you are the most

an important person in my life!


Anne throws the pajamas into his face, but he grabs them.



Since I was young I like to write

stories about werewolves, I wanted

to become a writer, but the school

was too expensive and no one could

support me, so I had this chance to

come to Russia and study biotech. I

stopped writing about werewolves,

and instead I am studying as hard

as I can to create one. Akira is

the only one that knows about this

dream of mine, and he always said

is retarded. Is only fiction.


Anne walks closer and grabs Thorir hands.



And here you are, a pure-blood

alpha created by my hands. Thorir,

you were my dream! Now you are my











Now go to take a shower, the pie will get cold! Hurry up!


Thorir just leave to the bathroom and Anne start cutting the pie, but her phone ring, so she answers.


ANNE Akira! What's up?


She listen to what he says and then answer.



Yeah, he is fine, just came home

and now is at the shower, then we will

have dinner. Do you want to come

over as well?


She listen again and start laughing.




Stop being an asshole, the world is

dying and you are still making

retarded jokes. Oh come on, are you



She stop laughing and become serious.



I trust him. Is something about him

that makes me feel so weird, but at

the same time safe and comfortable.

No, you freak, I don't like him in

that way. You idiot! I made him a

wolf, so I guess you could say he

is like a son to me. Is doing what?


She listen for a moment and then start laughing again.



Ok, be safe there and try not to

burn the house. Ok, see ya later,

bye! Ashole!


She close the phone, and then continue to cut the pie, but soon Thorir comes in the kitchen, dressed in the gray pajamas, and a white towel on his head.



You look so cute with that thing on

your head!


Anne is smiling like a retard but Thorir just stare at her, and then grab a piece of pie.



Food first, and the sweets.



Yeah, mom! As you want!


He wants to bite the pie, but he stops, just realizing what he said. He gets all nervous and look at Anne, but she acts normal.



Come on, have a sit! I hope you

will like the salads. The meet is

not burn anymore!


THORIR Thank you...Anne!


Anne smiles looking at him, and then they start eating and just like first time, Thorir is having the appetite of a wolf.



Your wounds are healed already!




Yeah, I told you I will be fine.



I'm just glad you are safe. Do you

want coffee with the pie?



You still drink coffee in the




Of course, I do! Especially now!

Take the pie and let's sit on the









Thorir grabs the sweets and Anne a coffee for herself and they go in the living room and have a sit on the coach.










Yeah? What is it?



I really need to kill Vladimir, so

we can save Akira.


Anne becomes serious now, almost scared. She put the coffee on the table and then sits more comfortable on the couch, with one leg under her.



Akira will get killed in the




Yeah. Remember the asteroid? It

wasn't a natural disaster, it's

the trajectory was changed, with a

certain target, but the coordinates

were wrong.



Who exactly is this Vladimir, guy?



He is the general of the Russian

army. His story is complicated, but

basically, the wolf blood you

created was enough only for a

a couple of years, the Earth

become colder and colder, so people

started dying again, but children




seems to be stronger, to bear the cold easily.



They had the wolf blood in their

body since birth. They were born to

be wolves.



Yeah. And the army realized that as

well, a massacred started when they

ordered to collect the blood. More

and more, they started killing

children to steal their blood.



Fuck! Humans are weird creatures.



That's what Akira said, he opposed

them, trying to close the lab and

refused to work for them anymore,

by now he becomes a professor in

physics and created the

accelerator, the time travel

The machine, so without him the

Russians would suffer a huge

damage, so they tried to force him.

Akira refused, so Vladimir killed



Thorir stop talking and look down at the sofa, playing with the blanket, but after a moment he looks again at Anne, she didn't say a word.



You wanted to kill Vladimir, but

the army killed your wolves. You

took me and we went in Japan, but

there the situation was even worse,

we took shelter, but the commander

betrayed you, the Russians found us

and returned us back to Russia,

where they forced you to help them.



As I know myself I suppose I

refused and get into lots of

trouble with that general dude.



You almost killed Vladimir, but

then his soldiers massacred every

soul in the lab and destroy it. One

of Akira's students started the

accelerator and they traveled back

in time, but it was a mistake and




they come 14 years earlier than the day of the impact, but Vladimir

just found that and is trying to calculate the coordinated again. To stop him, you sacrificed yourself

to send me here.




Did I die?






Yes. I couldn't protect you!



Is not your fault. I guess I

dragged you into so much trouble and

I probably did horrible things to

you. I am sorry.



Is not your fault either. But you

see, Anne, if they find the right

coordinates and travel 14 years

from now, the world as you know

will disappear.



You said the lab was destroyed, how

Could they be able to go back?



I don't know, is something about

time, the lab is destroyed 35

years from now, but not 14. All

that is know is what you told me,

but Akira died before he could

share with you the secrets of the

accelerator. That machine is more

powerful that we think it is.



And that guy, working for the army,

because he was Akira's student, you

think he knows the stuff?



Yes, he does. Akira trusted him

very much. The guy is a genius. But

he is not strong enough, so he have

to stay behind strong people, like

Vladimir. In the place where I come

from, if you are weak, you die. The

cold have no mercy.



A frozen Earth...



Anne drinks some coffee, then just hug the pillow and look at Thorir with a sad smile on her face.










The snow keeps falling and big frozen flowers slowly sit on the ground. The smoke of the cigarette spreads through the cold air, Akira watches it rising, but then he looks at Anne.



So I guess we kind of have no

choice but to help him.



I tell you this, that's pretty

impressive for a story. The future

is not as bright as I thought, at

least not for me.



I don't know why, but I do trust

that guy, and I believe he will do

everything to stop that future to

become reality.



Anne, do you really trust that guy?

I mean, he could just be making fun

of us. He comes in your house out of

nowhere and his story is

impressive, indeed, but, how can

you be so sure is the truth?



I saw his eyes turning yellow, and

you heard him growling, that guy is

a fucking wolf, and I created him.

I probably did some horrible things

to him, because I know I would do

everything to make my dream real,

and that guy, he is an alpha.



Have you seen the wolf?



No, he never changed into a wolf. He

come here from a damn frozen

apocalypse, things like apples and

sweets and the trees make him

smile, and I don't intend to hurt

someone like him. You can say that

he had been through some real shit,

but he still has an innocence,

please, Akira, let's not hurt him

more than we already did in the





I see your point, Anne, but even if

is true, how can we actually help

him? That guy Vladimir seems pretty

strong and he has the military

behind him. Thorir is a werewolf, I

don't know if you realize but he is

a killing machine, that guy is

trained to kill people, and we

didn't even hold a gun, like ever!



I do!


Anne opens her purse and shows him the gun.



Are you insane? How do you have a

gun? And most of it, why did you

bring it at school?



Thorir said we might be in danger.

He told me to give it to you. Here,

have it!



Are you retarded? People might see

you! Just, put it in here.


Akira opens his backpack and put the gun inside.




Is loaded!






Oh God, you two are just the same.



Oh, come on, Akira, stop being so

constipated all the damn time! We

have a werewolf on our side! An

alpha, and maybe you don't know

what that means... But for me, this

is so damn cool. So don't you hurt

my dream or I will be the one

killing you.


Anne takes her bag and makes few steps, but then she look back at Akira.


ANNE Are you coming?



It sounds more like a nightmare to

me. Hm, frozen Earth my ass!



Akira takes his backpack, then he follows Anne inside the university.


During the day the snow keeps falling, as both Anne and Akira couldn't pay attention in any class, they just stare out of the window, thinking about Thorir's story.


And in the evening when classes are finally over, they are too stressed and nervous.



Are you sure you will be ok going

home alone?



Yeah, don't worry! Is already late,

you need to hurry up, the dentist

won't wait for you all day.



If is something call me!



My phone is at Thorir, but don't

worry is fine. I need to pass by

the library to buy some papers, so

I will hurry up because soon they

will close.



Ok, be careful! See you tomorrow!



Yeah, be nice at the dentist. Bye!


Anne kisses him on the cheek then she leaves.


















The cold air can be seen and its feeling cutting deep into the skin. Outside of the hexagon, all that can be observed is a frozen land.


Thorir is just a kid, dressed in white clothes, now stained with blood, with long dark hair and big eyes. The other kids hit him so hard that he spit blood.


He falls to the ground, bleeding, being so beaten that he can't even stand up anymore, so the others just keep kicking him.


The doctor, his mom, come closer and then, terrified of fear, the others are just staring at her.



Thorir, what do you think you are





Mom! I was just playing!



You are covered in blood, why is



She looks at the kids, and they make one step back.



Why do you step back now that I'm

here? I don't want to stop you from

playing, so please, continue, hit



The kids just bow their heads, breathing slowly. Thorir knees and look at his mom.



Mom, I am sorry! Let's go inside




Is this all you can do, Thorir? I

believe you forget that you are an

alpha. Look around you, this place

is hell, and if you want to survive

in hell, then you need to be

strong! You are a pure blood,

alpha, so please act like one.


The doctor looks again at the kids and then she leaves. One of them give his hand and want to help Thorir to stand up.



Why? You are a pure blood wolf, so

why didn't you fight back? Why did

you let us hit you?


Thorir grabs the kid's hand and stands up, and then look at all of them.



Because then I would've killed you.



Thorir wakes up and looks at the ceiling.



A dream...


He stand up from the couch and look at the phone to check the clock, and see that is passed 12.



Anne! Anne, are you home?



So scared, he searches everywhere in the house, but Anne is not home. Then he grab the phone and call Akira.



Akira is Thorir! Please tell me

that Anne is with you!


He listens to what Akira answer for a moment.



No, she is not home and is very

late. Damn it! Yeah, I think

something happened to her, and that

something is Vladimir. Is fine, I

will go find her.


Still talking on the phone he go at the door and put his shoes.



What? You sure you want to come, it

can be dangerous. No, is not about

getting in my way, I am worried

about you.


He move the phone to the other ear and get his jacket on.



Fine, you saw her last time at the

university, so see you there! Ok,



Thorir closes the phone, put in me his pocket then get out from the house and start running like death itself is chasing him.










Anne is chained, tight up by a chair and beaten, brutalized in a cruel way, he have bleeding wounds all over her body.


Holding a wooden sword, IVAN, a man in his 30's, keep asking her questions, yelling at her. His is surrounded by soldiers holding guns.



Come on, doctor, give up, tell me

the truth or I will kill you. I

will kill you and then I will

murder your precious wolf. You

don't want that, don't you?



Screw you! I am just a student, I

have no idea how to make the wolf





Lies! You were this age when you

wrote the notes. You told me that!

So Anne, let's not make it worse,

tell me how to make the blood.



Fuck you!


He hit her again and again. Anne scream of pain, but he doesn't stop until she almost falls unconscious. But then he grab her face and look at her closely.



I don't have much time to waste, so

is either you tell me, or I kill



He take his gun and point it at Anne's head, but in the moment the door is flying in the middle of the room and Thorir with Akira come inside.





Thorir is getting insane of madness, his eyes turn yellow and he start growling.



Thorir! At what are you looking,

kill him, you retards!


The soldiers start shooting, but Thorir is too fast, he jump and turn into a huge white wolf and massacre all of them.


Akira is terrified, he can't even breath anymore.



No! Anne, see you in hell!


Ivan wants to shoot, but the wolf jumps over him and rips his hand away. Anne scream but then she is staring at the wolf tearing the guy apart.


Akira comes there and releases her from chains. Thorir turns back into a human and grabs Ivan by the shirt.


THORIR Where is Vladimir?



I am not afraid to die.



Believe me, Ivan, there are so many

more terrifying things than death.

I will make you beg to put an end

to that suffering, you wouldn't want

that, right?



Thorir hit the guy by the wall so powerful that break his bones, the he go there and grab him again.



So, tell me where is Vladimir! Is

anyone else from out time here

excepting him? Where is the



Thorir starts growling and with bare hands, he pierce through Ivan's chest and break his interiors. In horrible pain, he can only scream.



Answer me! The answer, and I will spare



When Thorir breaks, even more, bones, Ivan accepts to speak.



Out of the town is a cemetery and

there is a deposit, abandoned, the

same as this one. Vladimir is

there, the notebook is always at

he and he is the only one from

our time here.










He will kill you, you know that! Maybe you are an alpha, but he is stronger. You won't be able to stop the asteroid.


Thorir is growling and then we get closer to Ivan's face and whisper to him.



You betrayed my father, and he was

killed because of you, I was only a

a child so my heart broke back then,

but now, Ivan... I will break



With horrible fear, Ivan looks at Thorir, but then the wolf rips the heart out of the Russian's chest with bare hands.


Both Anne and Akira are scared, amazed my everything that happens. Now Thorir wipes his hands on Ivan's shirt then he come closer to them.



Anne, what have they done to you?

Are you all right?




Yes, I am fine. They thought I know

how to created the wolf blood.



Yeah. I know where Vladimir is, so

please, Akira, take Anne home and

wait for me there. I will be back




What do you want to do?



Kill the general and put an end to

this madness.



All by your own? Thorir is




Don't worry about me, I will be

fine. Please, go home and take care

of Anne.


Thorir doesn't even wait for their answer and leaving, he gets out from the deposit.



You saw that too, right? He is a

white wolf.



Have you seen how he basically ate

those people alive? He is a beast,

and you my Anne, you are the one

who created him.



You are wrong! He is not a beast,

and I am not the one who created

him. He is a pure-blood alpha, a

wolf, that is not something you can

create. He was born like that. He

was born from tow werewolves, and

one of the is an alpha.


Anne starts walking towards the door.



Anne, where are you going!



Have you ever wondered why his name

is Thorir if his parents are













Because they are not Russians. Let's go home!


Tears fall from Anne's eyes while she walk towards the exit.






The sound of the key opening the door is heard and then Anne and Akira enters in the house. He help her take her jacket off, and then she just go in the living room.


On the table she sees Thorir's wallet, so after she has a second thought she open it and find his ID card inside, and in that moment, she have a shock.


Her heart is beating like crazy, tears start falling from her eyes and her hands are shaking.



Daiki Ryuunosuke Rurick Thorir!


She smile between tears and look again at the ID card.



A dragon meant to be king,

protected by Thor. So obvious! So



Akira comes in the room and sees her crying.



Anne, are you in pain? Do you want

me to call a doctor? Anne?


Anne look back to him, with her eyes covered in tears.



It hurts, it hurts so damn much! It

was so obvious, but I was so blind.


AKIRA What do you mean?



Is just as I told you in the first

day of college. One day I will

create a werewolf, I know is

illegal to experiment on people, so

I will do it on my own body, and I

did. I was the first werewolf, and

who knows how many other things I

did to me so he can be pure...

So he won't have to suffer.



You created the accelerator just after the massacre of the children started, you knew he will be in danger, so you had to protect him, somehow you only tried to protect your son.


Akira is shocked, but Anne give him the ID card and after he takes a look at it, his hands start shaking.



Don't ask how and why, because I

don't know, but Thorir is our son.

Thorir is... My son!


Akira can't say anything for some moments, he is just staring at the ID card, but then with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes, he looks at Anne.



Of course, he is your son, who the

fuck else would give such a name to

a kid?








Anne just runs like crazy at the door and put her shoes on. Akira goes there and grabs her my the arm.



Anne, where do you think you are




Isn't it obvious? I go to help my

son! If us from the future knew

that he needs help, it means he

can't kill that Vladimir guy by his

own. We must help him.



How? If a wolf can't kill him, you

think you can?



No, but I can't just wait here. Is

killing me! Come on, we made this

kid suffer already too much in the

future, at least now, let's at last

try and help him.


Anne takes her jacket and goes out from the house.



Anne! Wait! Anne!


Akira put his shoes and take the jacket in his hand, open the door and run outside.










Growling, Thorir is trying to get up, but his entire body is covered in wounds. Around him the floor is a ground of death, only blood and dead bodies can be seen.


VLADIMIR, a man in his 40's, with his entire body turn apart, injured by claws, manage to arrive near a soldier's body, pick up a gun and point it towards the wolf's head, but then he feels the pain of a bullet piercing through his shoulder.


He look at the door and see Akira with the gun in his hand, and Anne walking behind him. Vladimir wants to move, but in the next second, the only thing he can see is the wolf's body over him, growling so close to his face.



Come on, Daiki, kill me, do it, and

let's go to hell together. Do it!


The wolf is growling and pierce the general's shoulder with his claws. Anne wants to go closer, but Akira stops her.



I suppose Anne haven't told you

this, but your are a smart kid, you

know that if you kill me now, the

future will change, the world as

you know it, will no longer be. You

will be erased from time.



Thorir? What does that suppose to

mean? Thorir?


Anne starts crying and wants to run there, but Akira grabs her and holds her tight in his arms.



Don't, Anne! This is not something

in which we should get involved!


The wolf looks back at Anne, but then he become even more violent and mutilate Vladimir's face with one hit of his claws.



You will die! Time travel lasts only

60 days, then you will disappear!




VLADIMIR (cont'd) You will die, Daiki... You will die.


But then, growling, the wolf break Vladimir's neck. Anne starts screaming and hide her face at Akira's chest.


Thorir makes few steps closer to them, then he changes back into a human, but when he fall on his knees, they run at his side.










Please don't cry for me, Anne. A frozen Earth is not really a place you can call home, there I saw my parents dying because of me, there I am nothing more than a killing

machine, everybody can only see the alpha part of me... Nobody can see me as a human.



But we are alive here and now! If a

frozen Earth is not a place you can

call home, then I guess is our duty

to make you feel home here... Even

if is only for a while.


Thorir raises his eyes and looks at Akira.



We know that you are our son. I am

sorry, Thorir, I am sorry I

couldn't realize it before. Just

because of your name, I should've

realize that I am... Your mother.


Thorir look at Anne terrified, he don't understand how they could find out.



No need to be impressed, kid, who

else would name my son Ryuunosuke

Rurick thorir, if not Anne?


Thorir look at Akira but he just smile and put his hand on the wolf's shoulder.



Is fine, it is indeed very strange

and weird for us, but is not much

we could do, so we are fine with



Thorir smile and tears fall from his eyes, but then he stands up.




I need your help, please help me

burn this place to ash!



That's a good action a father

should do with his son.


ANNE Akira, you jerk!



Come on, Anne, don't kill it!


Anne smile and just look at the guys taking the bottles with gas and spreading it all over the deposit and the dead bodies. Thorir search into Vladimir's desk and there he find one big notebook, take a look inside and realize that is the plan for the rocket.


He spread gas all over it and over the desk, then he take a lighter from his pocket and set it on the fire.


THORIR Nasdravya, tovarish!


Thorir looks back at Vladimir's body then he get out, running with Anne and Akira.


The keep running and when the deposit explodes he cover

Anne's body with his, protecting her.



Anne! Are you all right?


ANNE Yeah! Thank you!


The three of them stand up and look at the fire burning everything.



The door opens and the three of them come inside the house. Without saying a word, the took their shoes and jackets off, then they go in the living room.



I really need a coffee, does anyone

else want one?



I do, without sugar, please.



I am fine! Thank you.



Anne just smile and then go in the kitchen. Thorir sits on the sofa, and after Akira grab an orange, he sits next to his son, with his legs under him.



Thank you, for accepting to spend

the night over. Is... Is very

important to me.


AKIRA Yeah, I know! Here!


Akira gives Thorir half of the orange.



I think it was hard for you, a

frozen Earth is not really the

the happiest place for a kid, not with

an exocentric mad scientist mom and

a crazy father.



Don't say that! It was fine, I was

never like the other kids because I

am an alpha, I told you everyone

could only see the wolf. Mom was...

She was busy all the time, I was

alone most of the time, training to

get stronger, I killed the first

person when I was seven. For the

other kids, I was a monster. When

dad died, I was too young, so I

wasn't able to remember his face...

Every night, before bedtime, I

used to stare at pictures and

imagine how is to have a father.

Mom said I am weak, so she burnt

the pictures.


Anne comes in the room crying, but she is quiet. She give

Akira a cup of coffee, then she sits near Thorir.



My mom was the strongest person I

knew. Both physical, because of the

wolf blood in her body, but

emotionally as well. So many times

she got into fights with the army,

telling them to fuck themselves if

they don't agree with her way of

doing things. She was a genius in

biotechnology and she died sending

me back in time. My mom died in the

lab explosion when the accelerator

started, but before that, she told

me one thing- see you on the other




Anne's tears are like a river on her face. She grab Thorir's hand and put her head on his shoulder.


ANNE I am so sorry!



No! She was right all the time. You

guys are here, alive and safe! I

saved you, and that's the only

thing that matters, so please don't

be sad... Mom!



I guess we are cool if you

sacrificed yourself just to save




No, is just a fair trade. I would

sacrifice everything for my

parents, because somewhere in the

future, they did sacrifice

everything for me, even their



AKIRA Yeah, we are cool!


Akira smile but tears can be seen in his eyes. He grab the cup and drink some coffee.




The light in the bathroom is turned off, and Akira gets out and hears Anne calling his name from the bedroom, so he go there.



Anne, did he fall asleep?



Yeah! He is a strange should. So

powerful and dangerous, but in the

same time so gentle and kind. He is

a great kid.



You know that he is actually one

year older than us? He is 21.



Yeah, I know, but I am his mom.


Both Anne and Akira smile like retards and then he sit in bed near her.








Can you actually imagine that somewhere in the future I was your wife, we were married and even had a kid?



Yeah, I think is scary too. I never

imagined myself married or with




I did, but not with you, what the

hell, we are pals, you are my best

a friend and you are crazy and

retarded and I fucking hate you and

want to kill you most of the time,

and I love you, but not in that

way. What the hell...



You and your hentai dream with



ANNE Oh, fuck you!



Well, I guess you actually did,

somewhere in the future.


Anne looks at Akira and both of them start laughing.



You are sick in the head.



But Anne, even if is beyond me to

understand why I am happy you are

his mother. I guess it would be so

weird if a stranger would come and

tell me that we have a kid

together, and the kid is a

werewolf and the Earth will




Yeah, is pretty scary. But Thorir

is a good kid, I guess when I used

to imagine how is to have a child,

it was exactly like him.



He has only one month left, then

he will disappear. I wish we could

do something for him, I wish we

could stop that.



I want that too, but is impossible, the future as he knows is erased.



Anne, do you want to quit

biotechnology and move to Japan

with me and Thorir?



What are you saying?



Don't make any weird ideas, you

pervert! That help that he want to

ask from us, is not military combat

against Vladimir, he is an alpha,

so he could do that alone anyway.



He wants us to quit biotech, but he

was afraid to ask it.



Yeah. Anne, if you create a

werewolf in the future, then all

this was for nothing, and history

will repeat. People like Vladimir

might show up in the military

again, so let's not give them ideas

anymore. Not about time travel and

not about something so powerful as

a werewolf.



Yeah. If we keep going with our

dreams, then everything that Thorir

did, everything that us from

the future did was for nothing.


Anne hug the pillow and for some moments, silence covers the entire room.



Let's do it! Tomorrow we quit and

we move to Japan. If Thorir has

only one month left, then let's make

it memorable! We have all the time

in the world to think what we will

do after.



Yeah, I was thinking the same.



Oh my, since when are you so kind?




Me? Since when do you care about

anyone else excepting you?



You weird! I still can't believe

all this is for real!


Anne turns around, with her back at Akira, hug the pillow and with tears falling from her eyes, she goes to sleep.



But at least, Anne, we will be



Akira turns around as well, but for him is impossible to sleep.




In the very next day, Anne and Akira quit biotechnology, leave Russia and move to Japan.


Living together, as a family, in a nice apartment in Kyoto, they cook and have dinner, watch horror movies all night and scream getting scared, or cry watching dramas.


Thorir feels happy, safe, he feels home. Watching Anne getting into fights with Akira all the time, and hitting him, after which she start yelling when he tickles her, she is nothing like the cold scientist from his time, she is kind and smiling all the time.


Watching them making dinner together, Thorir can only smile happily.


Akira is trying to spend as much time as he can with Thorir, playing video games together all night, or watching videos about cars.


The three of them visit Kyoto and his historical places, Thorir being so excited, even the smallest insect in the forest make him smile, because, at the place he used to call home, all that can be seen is death and a frozen Earth.


Every Saturday night they go to concerts, party all night, get drunk and take retarded pictures. All this month and those great memories didn't only managed to bring them closer to Thorir, but also closer to each other.


At the end of the concert, drunk, they are having a drink on a bench in the park.



Anne, you know that this is not a

very good education for a kid!

Parents shouldn't get so drunk! Oh,

boy, my head is exploding.



Then stop talking so much. Thorir

is old enough to have some fun with

his parents. He is actually more

responsible than we are.



Parents shouldn't admit that



Thorir is just staring at them and laughing. After they finish the juice, they head towards home, but while walking Akira grab Anne's hand.


AKIRA Don't say a word!



I won't!


She just smile and look forward while walking home.

DISSOLVE TO: DAY Anne wake up, her eyes hurts and her head is exploding. Her

hair is a mess, but when she see Akira sleeping next to her,

she just smile and slowly pet his nose.


She gets down from the bed, and want to walk towards the bathroom, but then she notices a letter from the office.


Unsure of what is going on she go there, take it and while reading it her hands start shaking.



In the future, I never knew what

fun means, none of those children

knew what happiness means. I saw

Nature and the animals only in

pictures, I could only imagine how

is to have a family and to be

happy, how is to have a father. But

in this month, I had everything, I

would be happy to die thousand of

times just to have that again. Be

happy mom and dad, stay safe and if

possible, please  don't forget me.

Your son! Thorir.


The letter falls on the ground, tears start falling from

Anne's eyes, but then, so scared she wake up Akira.



Wake up! Wake up, Akira! Thorir is




Anne! What do you mean Thorir is




Today is his last day, 60 days since he comes here. He will disappear, so he just left! No, we have to stop him! We must!


Akira just jumps from the bed and both of them get dressed in a second, then run outside of the house.



Why? We talked about this, we

decided to stay together until the

last moment! Why would he just run

away and only let a letter behind.



This is why Anne. He just wanted

to spare us from the pain of seeing

him disappearing.



But it hurts even worse! We have to

find him! I drive!


Akira gives her the keys, and then get into the car and start searching everywhere possible where Thorir might go.


They have been driving and searching all day, but only in

the evening they find him in the forest, sitting near a lake.










Mom! What are you doing here?


Thorir wants to walk closer to them, but then he feels his heart beating like a drum and he falls on his knees. Both Anne and Akira run there and sit near him.


Crying, Anne hugs him so tight. Thorir hugs her back and with tears in his eyes, he looks at Akira.



Thank you for everything! I

apologize for making you quit

biotechnology and your dreams, but

is better to suffer now rather than

all your life.



Don't you worry about that, we will

be fine. We can just start another

college, something less dangerous.



Yeah, please do! Be happy and stay

safe. Live well and never forget




THORIR (cont'd)

that in another future you were

heroes. Dad, you created the time

travel machine, and you mom, you

had an army of werewolves on your

side, but please... Let that be

only a memory!


Thorir almost scream of pain and his nose start bleeding.



No! Thorir! Please don't go!



Please don't cry! I want you to be

happy and smile all the time.

Please, mother, be happy, is all

that matters to me.


He hug Anne so tight, then, with tears in his eyes he stands up. The pain is killing him, but he smile.



I promise you that we shall meet

again. I don't know when, but you

will be born again and you will be

happy and safe. You will have

everything you want and you won't

have to fight anymore.


Thorir hugs Akira.



I already had everything I ever

wanted. Be happy, father.


Thorir makes one step back and lets Anne hug him again, but then he wipe her tears and kiss her hand.


He bows in front of his parents then he start walking towards the lake and change into a werewolf.


Anne wants to go closer, but Akira stops her. With eyes full of tears they can only watch the wolf's body turning into smoke while walking closer to the lake, then completely disappearing.








Anne screams and almost fall on the ground, but Akira holds her. Tears fall from his eyes as well, but he hugs Anne so tight.



We will see him again one day! Just

bare with me until then, Anne!



She cuddles into his arms, and he hugs her tight. With tears falling from his eyes he looks once more at the lake, but Thorir was gone.



Anne, would you marry me, if I

would ask you?


With her eyes covered in tears, she looks at Akira and smile.



You retard! I will tell you that

when you will ask!


But then she just kiss him and even if she smiles, tears keep falling from her eyes.










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