The Sniper

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Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016



The sniper
By River Dawson copyright 2016
Trained to peak perfection,
Until every shot is true,
Even using the millidots,
On the scope you use.
They teach you respect your rifle,
For it is your best friend,
But when the battlefield is silent,
They tell you that's the end.
You're nothing but a weapon,
Firing shots on cue,
You get the order to fire
And every round hits true.
Then back in your box you go,
Until you're needed again,
Just like the gun you depend on,
Neither of you feels pain.
At least that's what they tell you,
I can tell you its not true,
When the war is over or you're hurt,
What do they do?
Just say your service is over,
Or you leave when you've had enough,
No word on what to do next in life
You are a weapon, soulless and tough.
Another toy for the brass to play with,
When they make another war,
Then its well done son and thankyou
Shake your hand and slam the door.
You put everything you have into it,
Do everything to be the best,
To end on the same scrapheap,
The same as all the rest.
The ghosts of friends and kills at night,
Go marching through your brain,
Well done son and thank you,
Doesn't heal the pain.

© Copyright 2018 river dawson. All rights reserved.

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