Unseen Guests

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Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016



Unseen Guests
By River Dawson Copyright 2016
On my wedding day there will be,
Five guests stood in a corner
That no one sees but me.
Ghost of war, another world,
Here to see me claim my girl.
I know they're happy for me,
That I made it home,
And married the love of my life today
Never no more I'll roam
To where the weapons rattle,
Or smoke and dust fill the air,
But also I know I'll not forget
The friends that I left there.
A toast at my reception,
To absent friends, will be
My tribute to those ghostly guests
That no one sees but me.
As they stand in desert camo
The signs of pain all gone
Souls at peace and smiling
That I got to make it home.
I start out on my new life
With my ever loving wife
I know I will never again see
Those unseen guests that honoured me
By journeying from where they rest,
Across expanse of space and time
To wish me all the very best
And the lovely lady that's mine.
She's my love and my salvation,
Always by my side,
Watching my six like they did,
Devoted friends who died.
Now they see I'm happy,
I'll never again know pain,
And now they know I'm happy,
I'll not see them again.
I leave the church lighthearted,
A spring in my step with joy
Because a very special lady
Loves a soldier boy.

© Copyright 2018 river dawson. All rights reserved.

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