a poem to the moon

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a poem to the moon

the nocturnal life is always more appealing, well that’s if you actually observe it. the world becomes silent enough to let the thoughts of linger out of the comfort zone and let a the brain with a reasonable common sense listen and respond back… like the queen does to the needs a commoner living a life of struggles solemnly wishes to be heard and have it fixed. the summer breeze lightly caressed my skin just like the soft waves hit the shore; soft but prominent with a limited duration. no clouds were present in the night sky and not a twinkling star to see. tonight was the moon’s night to shine. it was full moon and it had my undivided attention. here i sat at the back trunk of my car with bare feet dangling. in my left hand i had a flashlight, on my lap a notebook, and on my right hand a pencil ready to go…

ever so bright with guidance
you shine with perseverance
even the sky is under your command tonight
every creature in the hiding from human sight
slowly began to wonder in adventure
like a gypsy does to her future
barefoot to listen to the earth with a kindred heart
and with the power to create piercing art
lost in your beauty, i feel alive again
and tomorrow a new chapter shall begin
you never fail or deceive one dear moon
and to that i hope to see you at your fullest soon

with that i put closure to my gratitude to such a beautiful gift my eyes could not ignore. how could humanity ever just go on their daily lives without stopping to see the beauty of nature? i could hear a few cars rushing on the highway, their whooshing sounds slowly fading away into the night. the need to meet the criteria of the modern society segregated us from the curiosity to listen to earth’s music. you can take a gypsy out of their own world but you cannot take the gypsy soul out of a gypsy. you have to let your bare feet touch the earth and hear it, but actually heat it. roam the trails with trees and hug one now and then, it doesn’t hurt to be thankful now and then if you aren’t so bound to nature. be in touch with your spiritual side and let mother nature embrace you. there is no better healing than that i can assure you, that is why this world is tied down to stress. society might have a list of where to categorize this, but don’t ever be afraid to dance in the middle of the night in the woods and have a dim fire to cast your shadows.

Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016




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