ghostly river soul

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autobiographical poem

Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016



Ghostly River Soul
By river Dawson copyright 2016
Many roads I've travelled since no more than a boy
Every town I came to I explored but not belonged
Many thought I'd be an amusing toy
Then when they turned round they'd find me gone.
Thought I'd found places on my way to make a home
Making friends and changing faces in the dawn 
Then like the lonely river of my name, 
I'd be on my ceaseless journey I'd be gone.
Never belonging any place or to anyone,
Always alone, the stranger, always free,
Many thought they would hold me for their own,
They never cared enough to let me be.
I am an endless stranger blowing with the wind,
Touching many lives along my way,
Hopefully inspiring and bringing joy to those I'd meet,
Then onto another place, another day.
A life of ceaseless motion, fighting wars and battles
None of which I made, but often finished
I see the people everywhere like herds of cattle
Busy going nowhere and for me no tears to shed
I'll never find a kindred spirit nobody else can see
The thing that they love most in me 
Is what demands I must be free
Cages are not meant for such as me.
One with mother earth and with the wind,
Listen hard and listen well if you really care
For one day you will listen to the whispers
Blowing in the wind and I'll be there.

© Copyright 2018 river dawson. All rights reserved.

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