Greenwood island

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about people stuck on an island that does not want them to leave it is not to scary.

Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016



“Wait, don’t leave me on this wretched island.” Let’s go back a bit, Adam and Doug were training to be Fed-ex pilots. Doug is an obnoxious guy, and Adam is a very polite type of person. They were enemies from the beginning, ever since Doug had tried to cheat and copy Adam’s answers to his written exam trying to get his pilot’s license and told on Doug. 

 2 years later, Adam and Doug were doing their routine route. Then they caught a glimpse of each other’s eyes filled with the fire of a thousand suns. That made them want to crush each other, so they started to race going through all their stops, with beating each other being the only thing on their minds. They went too fast and they were careless.

They used up all their fuel, and they needed to make an emergency refueling ON GREENWOOD ISLAND. They had heard creepy campfire stories about this place as a kid. It said there is no beginning, no end, no sides, and no way to get off the wretched island.
They had both thought the story was a lie, but then they realized there was no fuel. Two months had passed, and all their separate ideas on how to get off of the wretched island had failed, so they agreed that if they were to get off this island, they would have to work together.

They decided on a boat, so they collected the materials from the island, built the boat, and set out to sea. They had been sailing for days, but it felt like they were going nowhere. They could still see Greenwood Island, it was like the island wanted us there.

Then, a whirlpool erupted out of the water from nowhere and Doug fell in. A deep, demonic voice said “HOW ABOUT YOU STAY A WHILE?” Doug screamed. “Don’t leave me on this wretched island!”

Then, a young, 11 year old Adam Green awoke, dazed and confused. He sighed in relief that it was just a dream. Then, a booming voice, the same voice as in his dream, spoke. “Or was it.”

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