Tick tock

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Submitted: August 02, 2016

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Submitted: August 02, 2016



Totally unsafe,

blinded by your fears.

you're making me cry.

Shameful tears.

Sick , twisted , demented, insane.

What a fucked up stupid, stupid brain!

But you're all just the  fukin’ same.


Rotten leaves decayed with desire

There ain’t no answer,

ain’t no fire.

Fleeting thoughts on a wayward wind

You got me so, I’m fukin’ unpinned.


A creaking door

Don’t step on the crack

Or you’ll fall n


Yeah, whatever.


Monster face mocking me

Turn back that hand and I’ll show thee!

 Shadow in the moonlight freak

You never did let me speak.


Foolish memory, forgotten soul

Will we ever break the mould?


Trust is broken, honesty gone

A life of sorrow almost done.


Scratch me dearest and watch me weep

Blood red tears of your deceit.



Snowdrop in the waterfall

Did you come to watch me walk or crawl?

Music is the taint upon you man

So go on and follow the piper now.



Be the vermin, join the scum

Watch your kingdom come undone.


Wreak vengeance on the mighty

Scream to the heavens your lost trophy


Forgiveness, forgiveness cry!

What have you done?

Seek your mercy soldier boy

Tough guy





Wisdom to the foolish seek

And truth do  tell

In whispers deep.


Tick tock

Tick tock.


Age is ever wise.

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