A Real Life Cinderella Story

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A Real Life Cinderella Story, Is a story, of , tragedy, Loss, Forgiveness, happiness and love that follows the life of Carly. Carly was born few months before the massacre on her Island that ended up wiping out her entire family. Carly survives the massacre but life becomes unbearable moving from family to another until one miraculous day Carly got a forever family and moved away. Later justice was served on Athena Island where Carly was born and she was invited to me her family's perpetrators who were seeking amnesty. Can Carly truly forgive and let herself be happy? Would she ever want to move back to the Island?

Table of Contents

The birth, The massacre and survival

Submitted: August 02, 2016

"Carly!" That's it " she should be named Carly" Munana shouted from the study.
meanwhile in the other room Laura called: " Babe I think it's coming"
"Oh crap! you mean now? Munana asked nervously
As he was rushing from room to another, grabbing all he can so he can take his fiance to a hospital,Laura called again: "I did it, she is here!"
Munana stood in doorway not believing that he was about to spend his whole life with this strong woman.
Laura whispered:"Carly would you like to meet your dad"?
Then Munana walked over with tears in his eyes and held his daughter for the first time. The calmness in the house brought peace to them both
"We did it" he whispered to his bride to be, kissing her tenderly Read Chapter

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