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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the sequel of "LOVE EXTREME".The crime, mystery and suspense which was left behind in that story gets reviled in its sequel "LOVE EXTREME II: EXTENDED LOVE". Includes new characters along with the old ones. Chase behind the mystery begins in this sequel.




  • Karan as a CBI officer.
  • Keerthi as special secret agent.
  • Vicky as an intelligent guy.
  • Arjun as a secret agent.
  • Rajendar as CBI superior officer.
  • Yadhav as a doctor.
  • Scott as drugs dealer.
  • Mr. X as unknown criminal.
  • Lilly as Arjun’s sister.





Keerthi tries to find out the reason behind the Arjun change in behavior. Keerthi tries to prove Arjun and his father as accused and Vicky to get out of the case.  Lilly wants to prove her brother as innocent. Yadhav helps lilly to know about Vicky and Arjun fight. Yadhav and lilly try to find the lost antidote. Karan helps Keerthi through her investigation. Ramesh and Rajendar try to know what exactly is happening in the Ravindran group of pharmaticals. All of a sudden they find a person similar to Yadhav and fall in dilemma. Vimal tries to prove that that disguised person might be all behind these crimes. Why did that person help Vicky? Who tried to kill Vicky? Who is all behind this bloodshed drama? Whom will Keerthi find as accused at the end? Who is that disguised person? What does he wanted to prove?







Scene 1: [love extreme overview]

Arjun is a kick boxing champion. He has a best friend who returned from US. Both went Arjun’s home for dinner tonight. Arjun’s mother seetha and father are very happy with Vimal to have with them. Next day Arjun proposes Keerthi. They met with an accident. Arjun’s parents and Vimal come to hospital. Arjun’s parents meet Keerthi for first time in the hospital lying on bed. Seetha thinks she will make a decent couple with her son. When Keerthi leaves the hospital in hurry, Arjun also follows her. Keerthi takes him to her parents and introduce him as her boy friend and asks permission to marry him. They agree to her proposal of marriage with such a nice guy. With In a week they get engaged. They had their great party. Spend a whole night in a hotel. Next day they promise each other to be together forever. But he gets worry when Keerthi reveals’ about her x boy friend Vicky. She tells everything about her love story till her break up. But at present she loves Arjun even more than she loved Vicky.

One fine day they go to beach in an evening. Spend time over there. Get to know each other even more. She feels happy for having a good guy in her life. Because even he knew that she had a boy friend, still he believed in her. That night Arjun’s sister calls their mother and says that she is in some trouble. Arjun knows what happened to her and go to London. Lilly, his sister receives him and take him to their apartment. She explains all that had happened to her. Arjun promises that nothing will happen to her. He will take care of everything.

Mean while Keerthi go to Arjun’s home next day morning. She talks to seetha about Arjun, how good was he. There comes Vicky and asks seetha to give permission to talk to Keerthi personally. Seetha was impressed with his way of asking and sends Keerthi with him. Vicky takes Keerthi to restaurant, tells a huge secret that was hidden for last five and half months. Keerthi gets stunned and feared what happens then. She calls Arjun and asks whether he was a secret agent. He accepts and talks to Vicky, and tells him that she is facing some problem. So take care of her till he returns to India.

Vicky and Keerthi go to her home to stay till Arjun’s return. Arjun knows everything about what all that happened to his sister. Then knows she is safe. But Keerthi is in a deep trouble. He finds a temporary solution for her. And he returns back to India.

The next day morning, Keerthi gets a call from her family doctor, Yadhav. He says not to believe Vicky. He is an accused in many incidents that happened to her. She doesn’t believe his words because since morning Keerthi and Vicky were talking to each other. And they came to know what ever mistakes they have done in their love journey. Keerthi started believing Vicky completely.

Arjun returns home, calls Keerthi. He says her that Vicky was the accused in everything that is happening to her. Then Keerthi started to believe that Vicky was the accused. Suddenly she starts avoiding him. Vicky tries to make her believe that Yadhav was accused one. She believes him until they watch the news. When the news reveled that Vicky was accused along with Yadhav then she ran away outside her home and sees a hundred’s of battalion outside. She finds Arjun among them and runs towards him. Mean while she saw that Yadhav was at the corner. She comes to know that Arjun was accused. Yadhav shows all the evidence he has to prove it. She believes him and runs to save Vicky. But in the mean while Arjun has already went inside her home for catching Vicky. She thought that he may kill Vicky like he killed Vicky’s father. And she runs for him to stop grabbing the gun of one of the battalion.

When she saw Vicky lying on the floor she thought that Arjun has already killed him. With an unlimited anger, she tries to shoot Arjun on his chest. But it hit on his head. So he was down. Police collected Arjun’s body and arrests Keerthi. Vicky was taken to hospital. Vicky got a hard punch on his skull where he was injured before. Blood was clotting a lot from his head. There was a hand of keerthi’s father in this crime. He leaded Arjun to do all this to get his daughter away from Ravindran family. He is the father of Vicky.





Scene 2: [CBI office]

Karan: hello, Keerthi. I am Mr. Karan. I work for CBI. I was also a part of Arjun’s team. I never thought that he would do all these stuff. So I am coming to the point. These are the photographs that are provided by you. And are those we call as evidences in this case. My question is who gave you these photos?

[Keerthi remains calm]

Karan: ok fine. At least tell me whether you believe them as real ones or not. Because as per our evidences we collected, we did not have any one of these evidences, but these photographs after our superior officer’s observation. They cleared that these are the real evidences which prove Vicky to be an approval. Now a new question rose from my mind. My question is what made you such aggressive in these photographs? That made you to shoot him in order to save Vicky. Whom you loved mostly than your x-lover Vicky?

[Keerthi cries louder and louder. Shouts at the officer “leave me alone, leave me alone”.]

Karan: it’s ok; I understand how much you suffer in pain of losing both of them at a time. But the thing is if you want to get out this case, you are bound to answer my questions. Answer me what made you to kill Arjun.

[She still kept quiet for some time, and then she answers]

Keerthi: it was the video that I saw from him. Arjun was killing Vicky’s father very rudely.

Karan: who was that whom you refer as him? Was that he who gave you these evidences?

Keerthi: it was my uncle, doctor Yadhav. He gave me these photos. He has that video in his mobile.

Karan: why did he give you only those photos? Why not that video?

Keerthi: because he had printed those photos but did not back up that video in any means.

Karan: so you could not meet him again because you got arrested. But how could you have those photos with you and not his mobile.

Keerthi: because he showed me the video first. Then after I handled it back to him and took photos from him. When I was seeing that photos, he said one thing which made me to run and save Vicky from Arjun.

Karan: what was that?

Keerthi: he said Vicky was truly innocent like his father. If I don’t save him, he will get killed by Arjun as his father. That brutality of Arjun in killing Vicky’s father remained in my thought. When I saw Vicky lying down with blood flowing from his head, I could not handle myself, immediately I shot him with anger on him.

Karan: why did you take the gun from one of our force? Did you already know before that you will have to shoot him in order to save Vicky?

Keerthi: no, I just thought I will warn him and let him get away from Vicky?

Karan: why were you so sure that Arjun will definitely harm Vicky?

Keerthi: I don’t know. But better you answer me one thing. How could Arjun hit him so hardly which led Vicky to death? How could he dare to kill an accused one, who was supposed to be arrested and take him into custody? Even there was a lot of battalion surrounded by them, why was he alone went to arrest Vicky? Doesn’t it look like you are all the people who were behind this plan of killing Vicky? Answer me. [Keerthi asks in anger]

[The whole CBI officers got stunned by listening to her questions. Karan had no words to speak to her. CBI office shakes for the anger in her questioning]

[Karan drinks some water and wipes his sweat with kerchief]

Keerthi: you better ask these questions to my father, who is a son of a bitch. Who guided you all through this and used Arjun to ruin Vicky’s family. It was he who ruined his own daughter’s life for taking revenge on a good person like Ravindran? You better start investigating him instead of me.

[Keerthi stands up from the chair pushing the table aside which was in front of her.]

[One of the superior officers enters into the investigation room.]

Rajendar: sorry for the inconvenience Keerthi. Your father is on the other side of the room for the investigation. We investigated him before you. We just asked him one question. Was it he, who for his sake, ruined three peoples life including his daughter? Then he answered one thing, he believes you that you believe him. Now he might be so sad listening to your words.

Keerthi: tell him that I don’t even want to see his face anymore. Let him suffer for what he has done to us. Tell me what kind of help you need from me to let my father inn. 

Rajendar: The questions you asked us to answer were the questions that rose first in our minds. I think it is the time for you to listen to our answer. Arjun commanded the force to wait for his call. It was a plan of your father to let him down with a punch. And show as it happened accidentally in order to save from Vicky’s attack. So that he will be taken to hospital. Where he can be killed by the attack formula they used it prior in prison of London. But he never guessed that you will return back and attack on Arjun.

Keerthi: Even though he got success in killing Vicky. You say that because of me his plan failed. It was because of him I killed Arjun. It was because of Arjun I lost Vicky. I lost both whom I loved mostly other that my father. It was because of doctor uncle, I am still alive with no one of them are alive. Every one of them said that I got some disease. But why am I still alive. It would have been better if I would have killed myself. I don’t want to be alive. Before my disease killed me, it was them who killed me even.

[Keerthi moans loudly]

Rajendar: but you still have a chance of living with Vicky. Your father failed in killing him. He is still alive to prove how strongly he loves you. It was his own mother who saved his life with her extreme love. He is absolutely fine because of the love you both showed on him. But we said he is not alive in order to investigate you much better. We are extremely sorry for that.

[Keerthi looks towards Rajendar with a bit of anger with slightly dropping tears from her eyes. Then laughs in a hustle, and hugs Rajendar and say thank you.]

Rajendar: now you are on our mission Keerthi.

Keerthi: what! What mission do I have?

Rajendar: we have a final question which you can’t even answer. But can find an answer to it through only one person.

Keerthi: who is that?

Rajendar: let me finish my question first. Why did Vicky keep three kilos of RDX in your home, handling it through a remote. Which has a timing limit of 45 seconds to get blast, after it gets triggered? If we find an answer for this question from Vicky, then we can proceed further in this case. So we can’t even trust Vicky blindly in this case.

Keerthi: so you say that I will have to play a game with Vicky, till my game is over. Are you kidding me officer? Are you playing a game with me like you played for investigating me?

Rajendar: not this time dear. We just warned you about him that you don’t trust him more and fall under trouble. Better you keep any guns out of your reach. And one more important thing is that Doctor Yadhav is also involved in this case as an accused one. If you find him grab all the possible information that you can. Because even he knows that you are under our custody. He didn’t dare to come to us. That specifies that he has something more information regarding this case which he can’t share with police because he too is responsible for these incidents.

Keerthi: so you mean to say that I am also responsible for this case because I also killed a person in your case. I will have to know all the things and close your case with all evidences and witnesses. And you wait for my report. Am I right?

Rajendar: no, I don’t mean that. You already know that this is a very sensitive case. If we interfere within this, we need to be rude enough for getting information. Which may lead Vicky to fall in trouble once again? And witnesses can escape through the process. We don’t need you to handle in pressure. From today onwards you are appointed as a secret agent through CBI. This is your first mission to complete. Mr. Karan will help you through this case.

Keerthi: interesting, I never thought that I would be a secret agent in order to know about my belongings and to know the revenge story behind them. Even though my love is being followed by the revenge, but can be solved through extending my love. I will chase the mysterybehind this case with an "Extended Love".

[They come out of the room and Rajendar announces to all that]

Rajendar: So officers this is not only her mission. It is our mission so i wish you to co-operate with her.

[All the officers applause her for taking such a daring step into future]

[Keerthi and Karan leaves the office]



Scene 3: [Ramesh and Rajendar inside other investigation room]

[Rajendar switches off the camera and speaker of the room]

Rajendar: your daughter is damn hot. What an anger she have in her. With that anger I think, she can rule whole world. But she is very young to know that, that anger will kill her sometime. The same anger that I found in you when I met you, but that anger in you got here beneath your expectation. So my question is, Why didn’t you try to save your daughter’s life even you were given a choice.

Ramesh: when did you give me the choice?

Rajendar: when we investigated you, if you would have replied to us that everything that happened was planned by you. Then she would have got out of this crime. But why didn’t you agree for that. Instead of that you raised another question about Vicky placing RDX in your home. How can we believe you that Vicky was the person who placed RDX.

Ramesh: If ever he did not place that RDX, then why will he trigger the remote that he was holding within hands? Do you think it was Arjun who replaced the remote in Vicky’s hand? And do you think RDX was also our plan. You can enquire the bomb squad who searched and got it. However it was placed by him or by doctor Yadhav. But my question is why he tried to kill Arjun. Not only him but also tried to kill a lot of people around him along with my daughter and himself. Do you think I am wrong?

Rajendar: not off course but I think you were wrong in choosing doctor Yadhav of your operation.

Ramesh: sorry officer but it will be better if we say that it was our operation.

Rajendar: ok fine. It’s our operation. But how could he come back to India. Even we kept much security around the airport in London as well as here. Our people who were taking care of him after he was out of prison through attack were found no more active. Do you think any other people helped him out by killing them?

Ramesh: no way, if ever they were killed. We would get news about that incident from London. So they were not killed but were sold away for money. One and only person who could buy him would be Vicky, because he would be the only option for Vicky to save his life at dead end. But there is some other person who has helped Vicky in organizing his plans.

Rajendar: so that person would be the witness in our case. If ever we could find him. Then the game will be over. And you and your daughter will be under safe hold.

Ramesh: I think she also needs your help. She is not that capable enough to handle him. And I don’t understand one thing that why did you appoint her as a secret agent. Also why did you revile that thing immediately to the whole staff?

Rajendar: you, I and all of us are trained people. So we know how to handle the situations. But she doesn’t know all those. In order to build her self confidence I just reviled it outside. And you don’t need to worry about your daughter. Mr. Karan will take care of her. He already knew everything about your daughter’s triangle love story. And also about her disease that she is facing now.

Ramesh: we believe truth lies in what we see around us. And what we knew is that which is only happening around us. But we don’t recognize that there are many things that are happening around us which we don’t see nor even imagine. Finally what I wanted to say is that, we thought we were the only people who planned for destroying Vicky’s father and him. But in return they too planned a lot for their survival. Which we didn’t even imagine? For the only reason we lost Arjun, who helped a lot for us in getting revenge on Ravindran. And I don’t want to lose my daughter too in our revenge drama.

Rajendar: don’t worry of her, she will be safe. I guarantee you for her life. That is for the only reason I asked you to accept that you were responsible for all that happened. But no problem, she is your daughter. She has all your intelligence in her. She can handle it well even more than us. We have lot to talk Mr. Ramesh. But I need to leave you now. We already took a lot of time switching off the camera. Even I am the superior now I don’t have to take it long. Take rest. Good bye.

[Rajendar leaves the room]



Scene 4: [lab]

[Lilly is at her research lab. Yadhav enters into the lab to speak to her]

Yadhav: lilly, I am sorry about your brother. I just reviled few secrets in order to save Vicky. But unfortunately we lost Arjun. I never thought it would end in such manner. I just came to know that she got trapped once again by her father. As he trapped Arjun for his revenge, now he wanted Keerthi to involve in this. I need your help now. I wish you don’t refuse my last request.

Lilly: before I answer to your request. I need to know few answers to my questions I have in my mind. Shall I ask those?

Yadhav: yes off course, you may?

Lilly: my brother was my hero ever in my life. I never ever believe that he would cheat any girl like Keerthi. I know how much he loved her. The moment we came back with an antidote to India. Without any hope we left with us that we can save her because we didn’t know whether it was antidote or virus. He felt like he would rather die for her if she wouldn’t be able to get cured. Say me whether my brother is good or bad.

Yadhav: before answering to your question. I would like to clarify one thing that that was the actual antidote. I have already informed Keerthi about this. I think you don’t need to worry about her anymore. And all these researches are waste of time. As I have already wasted much on this so now you don’t need to.

Lilly: are you sure, can I believe you this time.

Yadhav: yes, you will have to believe me. You have no choice left with. We have a lot of work to do further. Better we don’t waste time anymore.

To be frank your brother was a hero who lost his life for his duty. But it is true that he trapped Keerthi in this. Because of her own father ordered him to do so, he never knew that it was a trap. He always believed in his superiors.

Lilly: until I got trapped in this, he never opened up that he was a secret agent. Do you know when he was appointed as a secret agent? And what for he was appointed. Was that the only reason to trap Vicky and his father?

Yadhav: you were at London, so you may not know many things about your brother and his secret life. Before he won the title of kick boxing champion. He was caught under drug addict case exactly one month before he won the title. Before selections all the players were supposed to submit their physical examination test. And that will be only possible under the supervision of a well known chief doctor working under government. Fortunately it was me who took care of all those reports. And I caught your brother to be a drug addict.

Lilly: it is impossible, I know him very well. Say me that it wasn’t true doctor.

Yadhav: I had the same question from your brother. But I was bound to say what reports I got. But I gave him a second chance for the only reason that the reports might have exchanged. But unfortunately the reports came negative. And your brother’s couch was my friend, for the only reason I was bound to help them. But we were caught by the police. With my influence through Ravindran we could stop police and get away from this. But truth can never be hidden; so it came out through some person. When CBI involved in this issue it became a major one. They caught all of us. And we were under their secret custody. No one knew that we got arrested.

Lilly: so what do you say, whether my brother was taking drugs by his own or someone made him addicted.

Yadhav: this was the question that was asked to me by the CBI. Which was actually supposed to be asked to your brother instead of me? When I replied that I don’t know then they hit me hardly.

Lilly: didn’t you know about it really or you just said it casually?

Yadhav: have you gone mad or what? You can say whether a person is talking drugs or not. But also you can say whether the person has taken forcefully or not. But how can you detect that it was forcefully injected by him or any other person. May be it was their duty to use a detector and know from your brother.

Lilly: it was exactly what I was asking you doctor. I didn’t mean that you couldn’t know. I just asked whether my brother said anything about it. But I think he got forcefully injected by some other person. Because he too didn’t knew that he was taking drugs until he got his reports.

Yadhav: that was what exactly we think. So I believed him as you believed so I helped him. But I never expected such an answer from your brother. He accepted that he was talking drugs. When CBI questioned him from where we used to get those drugs. Then he answered that from “Ravindran group of pharmaticals”. I got shocked once I listened that from his mouth. Because it was the only secret that was hidden in three mouths. That was me, Ravindran and Scott. But it was not that we sold them outside. But we used to store them for our research purpose.

Lilly: who was this Scott? I think he is the person who was responsible for the drugs to be sold out.

Yadhav: yes it was right, because he was the in charge of that block completely. So as I have no doubt over Ravindran. I doubted Scott immediately. But I was not supposed to let that secret out because we don’t have any permission. We will all get inside prison, so I kept it secret. But the movement when the keerthi’s father entered into this matter he was completely serious about Ravindran. Who was responsible for these drugs sales? He ordered the other officers to keep this as a secret and wanted them to process a secret operation over RGP.

Lilly: didn’t he doubt you as part of this drug business?  He might have already enquired about you three people. Whether you were involved with that drug business or not?

Yadhav: as your brother was competing for a kick boxing championship and my friend was his couch. They had nothing to do with this. So they were taken away from me to another room. Now I was questioned by Ramesh who was the chief among them.


Scene 4(A): [flash back] [at CBI investigation room]

Ramesh: Mr. Yadhav, you are one of the chief doctor’s in India. You have much history regarding new medical inventions. You worked as one along with the scientists who invented the cure medicines for different types of Cancer patients. You were given many awards for your successful researches and were treated as a role model of India. Representing India in such manner, how could you encourage drugs? Youth like Arjun are going to spoil their lives.

Yadhav: I never encouraged this to happen. That is why I helped Arjun to get rid of this. I never wanted to disqualify a real competitor like Arjun. For the only reason of someone who injected drugs into him.

Ramesh: but he said that he consumed it by him. How can you say that he was forced to?

Yadhav: he was not the first patient to me. Who was addicted to drugs? I saw many like him who pretended that they never consumed drugs. But I saw in his eyes that movement when he got shocked by listening that he consumed drugs. That was the only reason which made me to check his reports once again. It was me who took the complete lab report. And I answered to my friend who was his couch that Arjun consumed drugs the previous day itself. Then I reported as that Arjun was absolutely fine with his fitness.

Ramesh: then what happened in the police enquiry. I listened that Ravindran helped you to get rid of them.

Yadhav: the movement when the police came to us for enquiry. I came to know that there is someone who is messing up with this. Who wanted Arjun to get out of this competition? Then immediately I asked Mr. Ravindran to help us overcome this situation. Then he helped us. That’s it.

Ramesh: whatever it may be the reason. You are all under this crime. Including Ravindran you will be under this. If ever we needed him to get arrested. You will have to be witnessed for it. But you say that he is not related to all this except helping you from police.

Yadhav: yes, it was just his kindness which made him to help us. Please do not consider it as a crime. If you give me some time then I will definitely prove it. And also prove who is actually responsible for all this.

Ramesh: ok I believe you because you are such an honored person of our country. And also you are my family doctor. So I let you get out of this case if you can prove who is responsible for this. But within one month you will have to prove. I think you understand what exactly I said to you.

Yadhav: yes I do understand.

[Yadhav leaves the room and waits outside for Arjun and his coach. Mean while Ramesh go to other room where Arjun and his coach are waiting for their turn]

Ramesh: Arjun I think we don’t need your coach for our conversation. So you may have to stay here and may let your couch get out and stay with doctor.

[Coach understands the situation and leaves the room]

Ramesh: so Arjun, you have very good news to listen. I believe that you didn’t consume those drugs by our own. Doctor explained me about that day’s situation. So you don’t need to agree for that anymore. But if that is correct then who was trying on you, to get disqualified at the beginning itself. Did you notice any enemies around your environment?

Arjun: no I don’t think I have any enemies. But who might be those people. Why do they want to do so?

Ramesh: so now it is your part to know why they wanted you to get dropped. I came to know that someone who is working in RGP is responsible for it.

Arjun: What does that stand for?

Ramesh: Ravindran group of pharmaticals. If ever you haven’t taken drugs by your own. Then how could you say that you got drugs from Ravindran.

Arjun: I have listened from my friends that RGP was the only place where drugs are been sold without any hesitation. Police too are interfered in this. So I thought it would be good to say which is already known to all the police.

Ramesh: CBI couldn’t know which police already knew. I thought we were different to them and we know everything which they couldn’t find. You proved it wrong today. In order to prove you to be an innocent and play in the championship you will have to do one thing.

Arjun: what can I do to prove myself I am not responsible for this case?

Ramesh: you will have to spy on Ravindran Company. And let me know everything that is related to his company with drugs. And also spy on his family and fellow beings. And you can do this along with your passion of winning the title of kick boxing.

[Rajendar enters into the room]

Rajendar: you made a good choice Ramesh. I think we got a real man who could help us in our closed investigation.

Ramesh: what are you actually mean to say?

Rajendar: did you forget the case which turned your life fully?

Ramesh: what was that?

Rajendar: do you believe that Ravindran was none other than the person who ruined our life once in your thirties. It still went mystery in our case we took off together. Whether he was responsible for the missing foreign doctors or not?

Ramesh: is he the same person? Then we will have to take this case personally because we had our superior officers who bent us as their wish. So we couldn’t make it out in our thirties. But now we can make it possible by making it a secret operation.

Rajendar: so we don’t need to run after him. But we can guide a person like Arjun in a right way. That make us possible to reopen the case we closed. And make Arjun to deal with the case. So it will be possible if we appoint him as our secret agent.

Ramesh: yes you were right. What do you say Arjun? It is your choice now to decide.

Arjun: sir, I am unable to decide. I do understood what happened actually. I can help you through this. But my aim was different.

Ramesh: don’t worry about it. You can officially get announced as a special secret agent to all our staff after you finish our championship. How many days will it take to finish.

Arjun: nearly one month.

Rajendar: so no problem you can go for it as you wanted to. But remember that you are been haunted by some people. So take care of yourself and try to know who they are. By the final if you could find them. Then you will be appointed as one of our CBI agents.

[Ramesh and Rajendar ask Arjun to leave the room. Arjun leaves the room]

Ramesh: do you think he can do this.

Rajendar: yes I believe in him. At present you may not know about him. But I can see his confidence in what he wanted to achieve.

Ramesh: if you are true. Then I will agree with you if he wins the championship.

Rajendar: yes let us see what happens.



Scene 4: [continues]

Lilly: didn’t you meet each other after that?

Yadhav: we met each other on his semi final match. He told everything about the guys involved in this. But he needs to prove them that they are responsible.

Lilly: who are those people who are responsible for that? Please tell me what did he say?

Yadhav: I think it will be better if don’t answer to your questions anymore. That’s enough. We have lot of work left with us. Please help me.

Lilly: I can only help you if you answer this last one. I really need to know who are responsible for that. Was that Vicky?

Yadhav: no, it was me.

Lilly: what are you saying doctor? Are you the one who was all behind this?

Yadhav: yes dear it was me who was responsible for all that. But it was just your brother’s feeling. He could not prove that it was me because I am not the only one behind this. There are many people who are responsible for this including your brother and Keerthi along with me.

Lilly: you are confusing me doctor. I don’t understand what you are saying.

Yadhav: that is why I told you to better stop this discussion here because you may not understand whatever I say to you. In order to believe my words you will have to meet few other people.

Lilly: who are they?

Yadhav: as I said, if I answer your questions. You will go on questioning me. And it will be never stopped not our problem will be solved. Till now you know much than CBI knew. So now are you ready to answer my questions?

Lilly: yes I think so.

Yadhav: my question is where did you keep that antidote?

Lilly: it is in a safe place. No problem.

Yadhav: Does anyone know about that location except you two?

Lilly: no.

Yadhav: good. Where did you place that?

Lilly: in my brother’s bank locker.

Yadhav: how can we get that? Is there any possible way other than stealing from the locker?

Lilly: actually it’s our joint account locker. I can also bring it.

Yadhav: you know, you are just kidding me. I just pissed off for a second.

Lilly: why do you worry that much? If ever it was lost then you would able to reinvent it. I think you are not worried about antidote. You are worried about something else. Isn’t it? What was that?

Yadhav: it’s not only an antidote but also a precious medicine which can heal the whole body parts. It can heal it as quick as possible. We can call it as a healing power or healing liquid. We used it on many people who have some short of body disorders. And it worked well on healing their disorders.

Lilly: so you say that whatever may be the miss function of an organ. It will be able to make it function properly.

Yadhav: exactly. But we cannot disclose this in India. We both will fall in trouble. If it gets disclosed by any means, I think you understood what I am supposed to say. As you work as a doctor at London I think you better know about this more than I explain.

Lilly: is it an invention of Mr. Lynn or you.

Yadhav: it’s my invention but it was Mr. Lynn who helped me through this. And immediately after my invention I signed it as one of their medical inventions. So they have all the rights on this now.

Lilly: now I am feeling ashamed to say that we are also Indians. I used to think that we work for them for their currency. But it’s not for their currency it’s all the independence that we get in the foreign countries. Which help us to invent something new? And we keep our knowledge in sale in their market. Isn’t it uncle?

Yadhav: yes you were right my dear. I too feel ashamed to say that I am an Indian. We have independence here in our country also. But everyone involves in others independence. Which is making all to be dependence? That is why we are still depending upon our foreign countries for new inventions. People are forgetting that those are invented by using our Indian brains.

Lilly: it’s ok uncle. Now tell me how I can help you.

Yadhav: we have to get that antidote from your locker. And inject it into two people. One is Keerthi and other is Vicky. Don’t ask why to Vicky. It’s the only way we can find the truth. Believe me lilly.

[Lilly keeps silent and moves along with Yadhav to bank] 



Scene 5: [Keerthi and karan in a restaurant]

Keerthi: I am hungry karan. Shall we go for some restaurant and have some food.

Karan: yeah good idea. We shall go for sure. I think we can talk a lot there.

[Keerthi and karan go to restaurant]

Karan: what would you like to have?

Keerthi: order some spicy food. It’s been a long time since I ate happily. 

Karan: ok fine, excuse me barer. Get two spicy Dum biriyani.

Keerthi: karan do you have a girl friend?

Karan: I had one but we broke up last year.

Keerthi: may I know the reason?

Karan: not a big reason. She didn’t want to marry a CBI officer. She said that there will be no security for life.

Keerthi: really, I too got same thought when I came to know that Arjun was a secret agent. But it didn’t hurt me a lot because I have already got engaged.

Barrier: sir, your order.

Karan: yeah place it here. Thank you.

Keerthi: hmm good it’s very tasty.

Karan: yeah it’s good. So Keerthi can I ask you one question.

Keerthi: sure, what was that?

Karan: how could you believe that Arjun was all responsible for this?

Keerthi: after looking at those proves. I considered him as real accused. Do you have any proof that proves he is innocent?

Karan: since how many years you knew him. Did you ever see him before you met him.

Keerthi: I knew him before as a kick boxer. Bet it’s been six months we knew each other.

Karan: I knew him since five years. We are three best friends in our college days.

Keerthi: who is the other one?

Karan: Vimal is one among us. You know him. Do you?

Keerthi: I know that he is best friend of Arjun but I never talk to him. I think he is living in America right.

Karan: yes, he is on his way back to India. I think he will definitely argue with you for killing Arjun.

Keerthi: let him come we will see. I too have a doubt on him. I will have to ask many questions regarding Arjun. As you two knew him well you may help me in solving this case.

Karan: are you thinking that you are really a special agent or what? Do you have any idea what you are thinking? I think we are all getting trapped for the sake of Vicky.  You don’t need to question us. It will be better if you question Vicky.

Keerthi: so you say that you all are innocent. Vicky and my father along with me, we are accused.

Karan: I don’t mean that. I can’t say that your father and you are accused. But I can say Arjun do not belong to this case. Please try to understand Keerthi, know we have only one guy who can explain. What really happened between Arjun and Vicky? And you can only solve that.

Keerthi: I know Vicky very well. He is innocent guy. He tried to tell me a lot. I didn’t care him because I really felt sorry for his situation. It was all that took place because of me. He tried to convince me to marry him. Even my uncle convinced me a lot to prove his innocence. It was the only reason that I got engaged with Arjun. I believed him a lot and left Vicky alone. But Arjun took an advantage of my love. And he tried to kill Vicky.

Karan: you don’t need to believe any ones words. Do whatever your heart says. No matter what happens. But I wish do not ever think that Vicky is such an innocent. You don’t know much about him. As per our enquiry he kept an RDX bomb in your house. He would have killed everyone using that. And you are also included in that victim list. No real lover can kill his lover for his sake.

Keerthi: he had the remote in his hands. He triggered but it was inactive. I clearly heard everything from your chief. You don’t need to repeat once more. I will definitely prove that it’s wrong.

Karan: tell me how you can prove that. If you ask Vicky he will say which is convenient to him. So you are going to believe him. That’s it, game over.

[Keerthi remains silent and completes her dinner. Even karan keeps silent but leaves the table immediately he consumes his dinner.]

Barer: how is the biriyani mam? I wish you had a pleasant dinner.

Keerthi: it was excellent. Actually I didn’t get any money with me. I will pay you on my next visit.

Barer: your bill is already paid mam. Tips are not accepted in our restaurant. But I will feel happy if you fill up this feelings card.

Keerthi: ok fine give it to me.

Barer: fill it and drop it in that drop box mam. Thank you.

[Keerthi fills it and drop that card in drop box. Karan was waiting outside for Keerthi.]

Keerthi: why did you leave that suddenly from the table karan? What’s wrong with you? Ok I will not believe anyone’s words from now onwards. Are you happy?

Karan: Vicky is dead Keerthi. A mob attacked in the hospital. Almost all are dead including his mother.

[Keerthi cries louder and louder. Karan catches her and stops her from crying.]

Keerthi: I want to go and see him please karan. Do the favor please? I beg you.

Karan: I got an order from my chief. Now you will have to hide at some place. On my part I will have to secure you. I am sorry Keerthi. They may definitely attack on you. Please try to understand to me.

[Karan takes Keerthi to his home]



Scene 6: [hospital]

[Police and press arrived at the hospital. CBI is enquiring about the incident]

[Rajendar gets a call from karan]

Karan: hello sir, Keerthi is safe. We are at my home. Any updates sir.

Rajendar: we had only one hope and now it is also lost. Did you meet Vicky today or not? Did he say anything?

Karan: actually we were on our way to hospital. But Keerthi said that she was hungry so we went for dinner. We were at that restaurant only I got your message.

Rajendar: by god’s grace you two were out of this danger. Promise me whatever happens you don’t leave her.

Karan: I am your son dad. You can trust me it’s my word. I will not let her die before me.

Rajendar: it’s not about my faith on you karan. It’s the faith that her father kept on me.

Karan: I understand dad. Don’t worry about us. You be safe, take care. I will be in touch with you.

Rajendar: you be careful dear son. Good night.

Rajendar: how many bodies were found officer?

Officer: 24 dead, 14 injured. 12 members among dead are his private security. 10 patients are dead and Vicky with his mother counts the other two. 10 among the 14 are badly injured are noted as criminals as per their previous records.

Rajendar: so this is not a one side attack. Give complete security for the hospital till those ten criminals get cured. We can know what happened actually between these two groups. What about the other four injured? Any doctor was among them?

Officer: they are all nurses. Doctors were off duty since evening. As Vicky’s mother was present. She took care of the whole hospital.

Rajendar: take those doctors under custody. Investigate them for why they left this evening at a time.

Officer: ok sir.

[Rajendar calls karan]

Karan: hello.

Rajendar: it was not a single attack karan. There was a double attack on Vicky and his private security.

Karan: how could it be possible? Are you sure dad?

Rajendar: yes I am sure. His security was shot outside itself. The criminals who came to kill Vicky got injured heavily inside the hospital.

Karan: that means some other group killed them, after Vicky was shot by those criminals. So it proves that someone is for to Vicky and someone is against him.

Rajendar: so it’s your part to know now. Who is for to Vicky? If we know him we can know who tried to kill him.

Karan: no dad, we already know who is for to Vicky.

Rajendar: you say that it’s doctor Yadhav. I don’t think so. Even if someone attacks him he does not fight back. I know him well.

Karan: I don’t think you are guessing right dad. Did you forget London prison attack? He has that capacity. 

Rajendar: but there is one thing, the criminals are badly injured. But no one is dead. That means he left their lives for us. He is seeking justice from us. If ever that person is Yadhav. Then he could have come directly to us.

Karan: so you say that it is not Yadhav he might be someone else. Fine then I will take it granted. But in order to know him we need to find Yadhav. Do you have any clue where we can find him?

Rajendar: after London attack he would have left back in India itself. He has no chance to go abroad. As he was keerthi’s family doctor, she may help through knowing him.

Karan: I will try to know and let you know. Bye.

Rajendar: officer, send some team to search doctor Yadhav.

Officer: fine sir.[Rajendar leaves the place]



Scene 7: [Arjun’s home]

[Raman and Seetha are watching news.]

Seetha: did you hear the news?

Raman: no, I was busy with my work. What happened is there any strange news.

Seetha: Vicky and his mother we murdered.

Raman: oh god. Who murdered them? Why all these strange things happening day by day? Mercy less people are increasing day by day.

Lilly: mercy on whom daddy. Vicky is a criminal. I lost my brother because of him. Keerthi got trapped by him. It was her luck losing him now. Or else her life would have ruined.

[News: not even 8 hours gone after Keerthi released out of CBI custody. Such an attack took place. CBI is saying that she is safe. For security reasons they cannot disclose where she is?]

[Lilly calls Yadhav]

Yadhav: I am watching the news too. We will have to know where she is. Tomorrow sharp 8 am.

Lilly: ok.



Scene 8: [CBI office]

Rajendar: Vicky got murdered.

Ramesh: where is Keerthi?

Rajendar: she is safe. She is with karan.

Ramesh: what shall we do now?

Rajendar: I have no more plans. We lost all our hope. We planned a lot to know about Ravindran and his Company. Now the whole family is gone. We have nothing to do now. I wish I will close this case.

Ramesh: just wait. We are not yet finished. With this it is clear that Ravindran family has some other enemies. We have to find them yet. I think will have a tough time now and then. As per your idea now we may close the case. And I will be suspended for some time. So we can complete our mission within that time. Now you will have the power. I too will have your power. We will have to find them together.

Rajendar: of course it is not only my duty to help you but also my son and your daughter. They are also under this duty. We four can do this anyhow. And you are going to lead us as usually.



Scene 9: [lab]

[Lilly gets the antidote from bank locker]

Yadhav: did you get the antidote.

Lilly: yes here it is.

Yadhav: is this that you got from my locker. But this isn’t that one that I kept in my locker.

Lilly: but my brother gave me this one only. Do you remember well? Isn’t it that antidote?

Yadhav: no I think someone replaced this. I knew that no one can open my locker. I never believed that your brother could able to do this. Some other person helped him through this. And we would have exchanged this with your brother. He might be someone definitely from London.

Lilly: what shall we do now? Are we lost or what?

Yadhav: not yet, we have another way to get him. I think we need someone’s help now because you cannot find him that easily. And I cannot go there you know why?

Lilly: who is going to help us? We don’t have any such trusted people around us. We can’t even trust anyone in this situation. Anyone can take advantage.

Yadhav: what kind of relation do you have with your brother’s friend Vimal?

Lilly: I just knew him as my brother’s friend. But I never had much conversation with him. But karan was my boy x-friend. They were three best friends.

Yadhav: karan also used to work with your brother under CBI.  Is he the same person?

Lilly: I don’t know what he is doing now. But we broke up for the reason that he wanted to be like his father. I think his father is working under CBI.

Yadhav:  then he is the same person, his father along with keerthi’s father work for CBI. After keerthi’s father found as accused he became the temporary chief for CBI.

Lilly: then definitely I think Keerthi is staying with karan now. They planned something to get her father out of this. It might be their plan included in murdering Vicky yesterday.

Yadhav: no I don’t think so. Keerthi cannot kill Vicky for her father. Remember that she killed your brother in order to save Vicky. Actually Keerthi and her father can only get out of this case if they find Vicky’s witness or mine. Unfortunately they lost Vicky. I don’t think they are involved in Vicky’s murder case. If my guess is right then they would have felt so sorry for losing Vicky. At least now they would have realized that Vicky was innocent.

[Rajendar and Ramesh enter the lab]

Ramesh: yes we do believe that Vicky was innocent. We are very sorry for what all that happened to Vicky.

Rajendar: actually we didn’t at least guess that it would end like this. We never thought of knowing if someone behind them would be the reason behind all this.

Ramesh: you might definitely know about the person behind them. We wish it could be helpful if you help us knowing him.

Yadhav: You tried to make out many wrong things to prove Rajendar as accused in many cases. I don’t believe you fools anymore. I don’t want to become myself a fool again.

Ramesh: please don’t say that again and again. We already felt sorry for that.

Yadhav: sorry for what and for whom? You two people played with three innocent people life. We lost Arjun and Vicky because of you. Better you save your daughter from him. Or else we will lose her.

Ramesh: we are begging for her life only. Please save her from him. Or else just tell us his name.

Yadhav: what can you do if I tell his name?

Ramesh: we will catch him before he catches my daughter.

Yadhav: you can do nothing to him. You two people got old. That is why you are given as chief officers. You can only show your anger rather than intelligence. That anger that you showed on Ravindran ruined his family. Now better you be calm and quite.

Ravindran: enough Yadhav, you said much. That’s enough for now. Tell us who is that person? Or else you will be under trouble. We will have to take you under our custody.

Yadhav: you are proving it once again that you can only show anger. Mr. Ramesh what’s your decision. Are you going to listen to me or follow him?

Ravindran: let’s arrest him Ramesh. I know what to do with him.

Ramesh: Mr. Yadhav is right. We will have to follow him. So tell me what to do.

Yadhav: where is Keerthi now?

Ramesh: she is with karan. They are on their way to reach here now.

Yadhav: good. Now we should get the antidote to cure her. She will have to stay here. This lab is ours, nothing will happen to us here. The whole medical students support us 24x7.

Ramesh: where can we get that antidote?

Yadhav: London. We will have to find the person who stole it from my locker. It’s not that easy to find him because there is someone who is leading behind him. He may cost you to death. So be careful Ramesh. It is life and death question of your daughter.

[Karan and Keerthi reach the lab]

Lilly: hi Keerthi how are you?

Keerthi: I am fine. I am very sorry. I killed your brother.

[Both of them cry]

Karan: it’s ok. Please don’t cry.

[Lilly looks at karan and hugs him tightly]

Rajendar: god what is she doing. Does she know my son?

Yadhav: Once upon a time they were lovers. They loved each other.  [Laughs]

Rajendar: when did this get happen?

Yadhav: do you know that your son was a best friend of Arjun?

Rajendar: I don’t know.

Yadhav: then how would you even know about their love. You never had a chance of knowing about your son’s life. You went on creating him as an intelligent boy. You were the reason behind their break up. You don’t know that also.

Rajendar: I never said anything to him about his personal life. I set him free to decide his personal life. I just guided him through his professional life that’s it.

Yadhav: that profession only vexed his personal life.

Rajendar: I am sorry dear. What’s your name?

Karan: she is lilly. Daddy it’s not your fault. You don’t need to say sorry for anything. It was me who has to feel sorry for behaving such foolishly with her. I am sorry lilly.

Lilly: we both were selfish karan. I asked you to come with me to London. Where I had my goal but you don’t intend to live. You stayed back here in order to set your goal. I am sorry too.

Keerthi: karan can you come with me for just a minute.

Karan: yes sure.

Keerthi: you didn’t say me that you have a girl friend.

Karan: we broke up a year ago actually. But I didn’t imagine that she would get convinced back. What shall I do now?

Keerthi: then what about yesterday night. We made love to each other. What shall she feel now? I didn’t even imagine that lilly would be your ex-girl friend.

Karan: it’s ok. If ever you would have married Arjun. Then these relations could vary. Love doesn’t tally such relations. Do you take me as your brother relation or what? That’s really bull shit. If we compare those relations then as I am friend of Arjun and we used to feel like brothers. Then lilly would be my sister. That really doesn’t make any sense. Keerthi I really love you. I think I can explain it to her clearly.

Keerthi: you can explain it but I don’t think everyone can understand this. This is going to be naughty karan. Let’s finish this here. My life is already gone. I have already lost two guys because I loved them. Even I killed her brother. Now I don’t want to kill her love. I think she really needs your love. She cannot tolerate this pain anymore.

[Karan remains calm]

Keerthi: even your father agreed your love. You can continue together. I don’t even know that I will be alive or not. I have some short of disease. I may die at anytime. I wish you to live together happily. So forget this and promise me that you never leave her.

Karan: yes I promise you.

[Vimal arrives there]

Vimal: hi karan. Hello Keerthi. How are you guys?

Karan: we are fine. When did you come?

Vimal: actually I came her 15 minutes ago. I just listened vaguely. But it’s true what she said. Follow her words karan it’s not too late. It’s not you mistake for whatever happened between you. I know you as a good man. No problem we can handle this.

Keerthi: thank you vimal. I thought you would take it un easy. I am sorry that you lost your dearest friend because of me.

Vimal: everything happens for some reason. You are nor reason for that. I never mind. I have a good news for you.

Keerthi: what?

Vimal: I got the antidote for you. It can cure all your disease.

Keerthi: thankyou so much. Doctor yadhav is here. He may help us in confirming it.

Vimal: is he here? No way he can’t be here. He is at london. We stay together there. Actually this antidote is prepared by him. I think we have some wrong person here.

Karan: are you sure.

Vimal: damn sure. He came till airport to give send off to me. But stayed out inside his car due to police security.

Keerthi: I got it. Better don’t expose this matter out. You better leave now vimal. We will meet together this evening. And we shall plan there what to do.

Karan: yes she is right. If he sees you here then he may know that we knew him that he is disguised so you better be careful ok. See you at rainbow restaurant sharp at 5 pm.

[Vimal leaves that place. Karan and Keerthi go to lab.]

Rajendar: is everything ok my son. Did you find any trouble?

Keerthi: no it’s fine uncle. Everything goes fine. I just motivated karan about his feelings on lilly because I know lilly very well. They may not find any trouble further.

[Karan goes near to lilly, catches her hand]

Karan: will you marry me lilly? I don’t leave this hand forever.

Lilly: I will marry you but on one condition.

Karan: whatever you ask me to do I will promise you I will do.

Lilly: can you please get antidote for Keerthi. Doctor Yadhav said it is a very difficult task. So can you please help me in getting that from London?

Karan: yes it’s my word.

Ramesh: Dr.Yadav now it’s your turn to tell what to do.

Yadhav: his name is Scott. Who is all behind this? If you find him you can get the antidote. And also find all that happened since last six months.

Ramesh: Mr. Scott is working in Ravindran Company. Since last thirty years. Am I right?

Yadhav: yes. Do you know him?

Ramesh: I know him and even Rajendar too. We three were batch mates. And of course he worked with us in CBI.

Keerthi: is he an Indian? The name seems like foreigner.

Ramesh: his father is a Christian. Mother is Hindu. She asked him to settle in India after their marriage. Basically he is from London.

Karan: Are his parents still alive?

Ramesh: don’t know. May be are may not be alive. I think he would definitely meet many relatives there. That is why there were many dealings with London. We will have to catch him as soon as possible.

Karan: that’s my part. I will take care of it. Don’t worry.

Yadhav: be careful dear boy. Remember that you are dealing with Scott. It’s not that easy for you to reach him.

Karan: you don’t need to worry about me doctor. I will show you what I am. Better you be careful. As you let his name out so you may get attacked by him.

Yadhav: are you warning me karan?

Karan: I don’t mean that doctor Yadhav. I was just giving precautions.

Ramesh: ok everybody calm. Keerthi will stay with me. Yadhav and Rajendar will take care of lilly. We shall decide when to fly to London. Rajendar will stay in contact with me for security reasons. Yadhav and lilly stay out of wrong calls. Rajendar will let you know what exactly is happening. Am I clear to all of you?

[Everyone accepts and leave the lab]














Submitted: August 03, 2016

© Copyright 2020 PandiRamPrasad. All rights reserved.

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