I am the Quiet

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The musings of an under-appreciated essence; the Quiet.

Submitted: August 03, 2016

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Submitted: August 03, 2016



I am the Quiet

I soak in the unspoken words

of the neglected, the forgotten,

the misplaced, the forsaken

and pose as their manifestation

Yet what I am 

is not of appeal

to the radiant and rambunctious 

or the extravagant and exuberant;

those who seek the hurry

of a journey

and the Journey of hurry


But I am

and continue to be

So long as the unheard bears

words and thoughts

and poems and songs,

I shall herald its anguish

to those who pause

long enough to listen

before embarking yet again

on their journey of haste


I do not seek their company

nor do I long for it

But it does become weary

and a tad tiresome

to be a sole messenger

with only the woes of the unwanted

to keep me sane


I am the quiet

and most fear me

for I hold within me

what they wish never to hear

For I prompt them to look

within themselves in search for an answer

to the age-old questions;

those that hold them in captivity

yet have the mercy of donning

a cloak of invisibility

should they wish not to

gaze upon their captors


And I

I come like a disenchantment spell

baring what they have buried

and more...

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