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Submitted: August 03, 2016

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Submitted: August 03, 2016



The sky has the stars. The water has fish. Forest has woodland creatures. I have the pack. We are a group of foster kids, each with a challenge and an answer. I came across them when i was playing a lacrosse game in Atlanta, GA, USA. The group is called the Forgotten. They take what the system drops.

Currently we are mastering the art of thievery. Being one of the only girls is very hard. Andrea and I met through the same boy. He is Simon. The leader was Chad with Kyle and Noah at his side. Joe and Tim were the planners. And Tanner and Spencer were the sacrifices. We can't risk blowing up our cover so we use sacrifices to protect against it. Our target is the produce center.

The owner is 5'3 and roughly 60kg. This woman owns half the markets in Atlanta. She is almost seventy and goes to Madison Baptist church on Sundayand Wednesday. I know her schedule as I have been tracking her car and person all week. " Is it time?" Tanner asked. We looked to Tim for the ordes since Chad was absent. Joe nodded to Tim and Tim smiled.

Tanner and Spencer left first and me and Andrea left for the church. " Release air from tires in two minutes tops. Then block the exit." Andrea said. I nodded getting to work quickly while she entered the church building. "What.." I saw the old woman run towards me. I stabbed the last tire and broke the windshield.

Andrea met me in the HQ. "How'd it go?" I asked. She nodded her head. " They did it. Did the old woman see you?" I looked at Andrea and smiled my charming smile, "nope. She won't know what hit her." I laughed. I know lying is wrong but this is my pack. "Oh thank everyone and my mother that she didn't. Lily, you are the bomb. I love you." Andrea wanted a hug, so I let her hug me. I was a year younger and wanted to meet my biological older sister.

I went to that old lady's house, silently breaking in. She had no dogs and her husband passed away three months ago. I walked into her room where she lied sleeping. She looked so peaceful and calm, I want it that way. I held the gun out in front of me, taking aim. "Lily?" A voice asked. I let a single tear fall before it went black and I saw no more.

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