Oh, Wendy

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taken from my book, "I Gotta Find My Mind"

Submitted: August 03, 2016

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Submitted: August 03, 2016



Oh, Wendy


Oh, Wendy

You came in my life

But did I ever

Ever come into yours?

Oh, will I?

Will I be a part of you

__just like you're a part of me

____for eternity?

Or at lest a long enough time?

Oh, Wendy

I love you so much

__I go crazy

And I'll never be the same


When I wake up

__to greet the next day

Will the sun even shine?

Or will the

__day become black?

A darkness and lack

__of the love

____you could be giving?

Giving to me?

I may not get to sleep at night

And if I never make you mine

__I may as well die

It's very clear why I can't go on

__without you

It's clearly old news

Whatever's wrong with me or you

Can't stay wrong forever

I just may be holding on for nothing

'Cause what could I begin to mean to you?

No wonder I'm hungry

I can't stop loving you

I'll turn into a fool for you

And it WILL go nowhere

Just you wait and see

I know for a fact "we can't be anything"

You'll just be a sparkle in my eyes

The one that only me can see

And I'll live this curse

__of being unlovable

'Cause that's how the cards just fall

If I don't play the deck

__that's been given to me

____I'll just be kicked out of the game

There isn't a lot going on here

'Cause you're not here

Just another meeting without you

Which makes me feel rejected

I'm bombarded by thoughts of never having you

__and still wanting you

And the feelings of how I've already lost you



D. L. Cannon

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