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Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



Tilly got back from her uncle's
place in Richmond, and her mother
said, I hope you left your uncle's
place tidy and not in a mess? Tilly

nodded her head, and said, yes it
is tidy as I found it, and Uncle was
pleased and said thank you for
looking after the place while he

was away. Her mother scrutinized
her. So what did you do while you
were there? Had a good look around
Richmond, sat in the park, watched

Uncle's TV, went to bed.(She then
visualized Benny in bed with her
and they having it away). I went to
Richmond once, her mother said,

unsmiling even at a memory, too
crowded, too many people. I liked
it, Tilly said,(pushing from her mind
she and Benny undressing in front

of each other slowly and suggestively).
Didn't meet anyone you knew there,
I suppose? her mother said, unpacking
Tilly's bag with soiled washing and

the odd girly thing. No of course not,
well apart from Uncle, Tilly replied,
trying not to think of she and Benny

walking hand in hand in the park and
French kissing). Well you are back now,
and have work tomorrow, so best have
a bath, and I will put these things in

the wash, and her mother went off,
and Tilly thought of she and Benny
in the bath together and washing each
other, and afterwards having sex again

and needing to bath once more. Work
tomorrow, she mused, O what a bore.

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