"PAWAN KALYAN" is more than just an actor

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Mr. Pawan Kalyan is a tollywood actor. He is well Known for his fan following. Their group themselves called as "Pawanisam" family. He is one among few greatest actors of India. Why do people love him in such a high level?

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016




 Pawan Kalyan is a famous indian artist. His actual name is Konidala Kalyan Babu. He was born on 2nd september 1971.Well known actor in south indian film industry. His screen name starts with Power Star followed by Pawan Kalyan. He is next to Super Star Rajini Kanth to have such a huge fan following in south India. His fans created a new brand of Pawan Kalyan's statagy as "PAWANISM". Almost every fan of him belongs to his brand called "PAWANISM". They feel like they are one different family irrespective of caste, creed, religion and friendship. I mentioned friendship because even two unknown guys who may fight for their cast, creed and religion can be like good friend if they together know they belong to Pawanism. That really happens around his mania, pawanism. Thats the respect they give for pawanism.There is no special meaning for pawanism. But if we divide the word "PAWANISM" and read we get the meaning of it in telugu language as "Pawan Kalyan's reality or faith. Fans believe him as their idol. People say that he might not be that great actor but a great human. 

 Pawan kalyan is not only known as an actor but also known for his multitalented personality. He belongs to top ten multitalented indian actors. He is not just an Indian film actor but also a producer, martial artist, director, screenwriter, stunt coordinator, writer, singer and politician. He holds a Black Belt in Karate. In March 2014, he ventured into politics, founding the Jana Sena party. During that period,  Pawan Kalyan was listed by Google as the most searched Indian celebrity politician on Google search. He wrote a book named "ISM" which is related to Politics. He has no much money to spend over politics inorder to win people votes. But he can gain their votes throug his speech. That is the power of this "Pawanism" family. Where ever reality lies there lives truth and that leads to win. This is what that happens in his Political Career. It is fact that he has no money after earning such a huge amount of money through his remuneration for his films. And also it is the known fact that he is the highest paid actor in tollywood. It is due to his kind hartedness he spend all his money on the people who is in needy. Many people say that if someone asks him for his help then immediatey the person gets response from him.

It's a known factor that he got married to three woman. He is living with his third wife now.  Everyone started to say that that was not a good idea to leave such a good wife [secound] and marry some russian girl. Some rumors spread that so long in news and got highlited. But recently the mystery revieled that it was due to Pawan Kalyan's behaviour his secound wife left him. also the same reason that his first wife got divorced to him. The reason was that he used to spend all his money over people and was not aware of his future savings. However this reason reflects every indian woman to say it is right. But every man indicate it as his humanity cannot be hidden with some good sayings. Many times due to his economy crisis he was unable to pay salaries to his servents. But he used to pay them double or triple when he earns money. Even Pawan Kalyan used to say in few interviews that he cannot change himself for something. Being good to all makes him happy, happier and happiest person in the world. Everyone has his own way of living happily. And he chose this way of living and cannot change his life style. 

If it is true saying that "some people are born for people". Then he too belongs to that category of people. His own brothers and mother used to say that he used to be like this since his childhood. His co actors say that he is very down to earth. If he shows his anger then there lies some some short of mistake which he cannot tolerate. People always saw he is a real patriot. In his every interaction with the people he ends with the words "JAI HIND". Which shows his love towards his motherland. That made many people along with his fans to say "JAI HIND" at the end. Pawanism has been spread all over the India nowadays. Peolple call him as a secound Rajinikanth for film industry for his craze. This happened in his life in many different aspects. Even after ten years crossed for him to have a decent hit movie.Still his fans waited for a good movie for ten years. Which was impossible for any other star's other than Super Star Rajini kanth. Just like Super Star he is well known for his style rather than his acting skills. These are the two people who make people to get Goosebumps while watching them on the screen. I think Salman Khan also belong to their category among few other indian actors.

For this Year boxoffice collections. Top 3 one first day collections records these three men. Rajini for Kabali, Salman for Sultan and Sardar for Pawan. Among them Sultan was a good rating movie by critics but other two were flops as per the critics rating. But They broke many records in boxoffice collections. That proves the Stamina or Charisma of these south indian great stars and also the salu bhai mania. So i wish you would agree with my words. 

*****There are few other actors whom i do not know better. If I said some under estimating words I am sorry***** 





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