The Unexpected

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Unsure about the future of her relationship, Bianca Allen confronts her fiancé of two years over his refusal to choose a wedding date. After an argument erupts, Bianca is given a new piece of information that leaves her shocked, hurt and even more confused. As they reach a crossroad in their relationship, read along as they decide whether or not to meet at the altar.

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016





I was livid. I was pissed. I was angry.

I can’t believe this man left me stranded for an hour after I’ve worked a 12-hour shift at the hospital, I thought to myself. He knows I hate waiting.

With my right leg crossed over the left, I swung my foot in the air out of frustration. This was a habit I’d formed and performed whenever shit wasn’t going my way. Reaching into my purse, which lay propped up on the wooden bench next to me, I grabbed my cell phone at the same time that my fiancé’s black Audi Q7 turned the corner and parked in front of me. Gripping my iPhone, I threw it back into the bag and stood to greet my tardy for the party, man.  

“Where have you been?” I asked as I hopped into the passenger seat. I cut my eyes so sharp and gave Shawn so much attitude, that I surprised myself.

“Don’t start this today, I was caught up at work, Bianca. Someone needed to meet with me about the new luxury apartments that we’re building off of Main Street,” he explained.

Normally my fiancé wore a grin which showcased his two dimples, but today all I saw was stress and anxiety outlined by the wrinkles that decorated his chocolate face.

I knew as an architect he had a stressful job, but in that moment I didn’t care. I was stressed my damn self. Between my time at work and anxiety over our wedding, my cup was pretty much spilling over. As a pediatric nurse, my days were filled with sick children, anxious parents and lazy staff members. Leaning back in my seat I closed my eyes and didn’t say a word for the first few minutes of the drive.  

“How was your day?” he asked, after the long silence.

I ignored him and acted like I was sleeping. My car had been in the shop for a week following a hit-and-run accident at the local Kroger, which meant that Shawn had to drop me off and pick me up from work until my BMW, which I nicknamed The Beam, was fixed. In my head I knew I was wrong for my attitude, but I was too irritated by an earlier conversation with a co-worker, to be nice. 

Peeking out through my eyelids I watched Shawn as he drove us home. I admired his thick, dark eyelashes and bright eyes. When we first met, those were the two things that drew me to him. He was also an attentive partner, who loved on me every chance he got. Somedays while he slept I stayed up, examined him and marveled at his features. He was a tall man with an athletic frame. His head was covered with neat locks that hung well past his shoulders. He fulfilled all of my physical requirements without a doubt, but it was more than that. His resume was impeccable. An ivy-league grad, banking in 150k a year, with no kids, outside of the daughter we shared, or ex-drama – in my mind, he was a keeper! Realizing that I probably wouldn’t find or want anything better, I put aside my pride and apologized.

“I’m sorry babe,” I started. “I’m just tired. There wasn’t a lot of help today and I wasn’t even able to take a lunch break. Just worn out.”

I could feel him looking over his right shoulder at me. His hazel eyes, which always seemed to look right through me, turned back towards the road as he said, “I hear you, but I know it’s something more.”

We sat quietly until we reached the exit to our high-rise condominium, which sat in the heart of Houston’s downtown area. Luckily, Kinley, our toddler, was at her grandparents house for the week, so we could go straight home instead of picking her up from daycare. I knew that me blaming my work was a cop out. The real reason I’d spazzed on him stemmed from a conversation I’d had with someone earlier that day.

“Girl ya’ll been together for six years, got a baby together and have been engaged for two. What’s the hold up?” my closest friend and fellow nurse, Trina, asked as we prepared to leave for the night.

Tensing up, I immediately got defensive. I was tired of people asking me about my “relationship status” and questioning me about the wedding date. If I knew don’t they think I would have sent out wedding invites by now?

“He loves me and I love him, why do people always have to make such a big damn deal out of it? Are you mad ‘cuz you don’t have a man?” I asked her angrily.

Whipping her jet black hair out of her face so she could look directly into my eyes she responded, “No, as someone who actually cares I find it interesting that he could have a kid with you, live with you, propose to you, but not walk you down an aisle.”

With that, Trina turned her long legs and stormed down the hall without turning back to face me. Despite me yelling apologies to her, she kept walking as if she were on a runway at New York Fashion Week. Only she could make scrubs look chic, I laughed to myself. She’d get over it.

Now, as I sit in the car with Shawn I wonder the same things. Was he having doubts about us? What was the issue?

“So, what’s really wrong sweetheart?” he continued.

I vowed to bring this up as soon as we made it home, but it seemed like my 31-year-old counterpart wanted to talk now.

“Why haven’t we chosen a date yet?” I started, with my eyes closed again.

“Here we go again,” he muttered.

Immediately my eyes snapped open and I stared him down.

“Damn right we’re here again. You’re making a fool of me! My parents ask, my friends ask and Kinley is almost three and she’s asking why her mommy has a different name than her and daddy. So I ask again, what the fuck is the problem Shawn?”

The tires screeched as he violently swerved the car onto the emergency exit lane.

After putting the car in park, Shawn didn’t speak or look at me. He’d never done anything like this and I was worried for my safety. Before I could think any further, he spoke.

“Bianca, I love you with everything in me, but I don’t think you could accept some of the things I’ve done."

Confused, I waited for him to finish speaking.

"B," he began. "I haven’t shared this, and I kick myself every day because I haven’t been totally truthful with you."

His hands covered his face as he tried to collect his thoughts. A sigh later, he continued.

“I was with another man briefly before you came into my life. We had sex a few times, but I didn't have any romantic feelings for him. That was years ago, and even though I am dedicated solely to you, I wonder if you can accept my past. I couldn’t have you walk down that aisle without telling you the whole truth. Can you honestly say that you can still marry me now? Someone who treats you as a queen, loves you unconditionally, and loves our family, even though I guess I’m considered bisexual?”

With my jaw hanging to the ground, for the first time I had no answer.


© Copyright 2018 Angelica R. Roberts. All rights reserved.

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