Samson of Dan

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I write poems that are like short stories. This first poem/story to BOOKSIE is a retelling of the story of Samson of Dan, from Judges. FTR, I am not religious and many of my yet to be published work will contain irreverent material, erotica, fantasy, dark humor, some material that may be construed as over the top, darkness and horror and the like/

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016





Samson of Dan, he was an extraordinary man

With his long and flowing hair that gave him the

Strength of one-hundred fearsome grizzly bears

He kept the Kosher and he abstained from wine

To stay in good shape to smite the Philistines

The enemies of his people and usurpers of their land

Among the Hebrews Samson was a mighty hero

Among all men he was the most powerful man


Samson of Dan, the mightiest of the Nazerites

Was ordained to remain pure, to remain in God’s light

Such that all would fall if caught within his crushing

Grip of bone-crushing iron, and one day it came to pass that

Samson was assaulted by a blood thirsty and flesh-hungry lion

Yet he easily fended off the vicious and savage mauling attack

By ripping the beast to pieces and as effortlessly as breaking a twig,

Snapping the roaring lion’s cracking bony back


Yes, Samson of Dan was one powerful man

Still he heeded God’s word, obeyed his laws and all of his commands

Yet as strong as was, Samson was still a mortal man

Possessing an ordinary man’s flaws

So, like a stubborn child he refused to listen when the Lord tried to warn

That Samson should not be blind to the loveless and lusting

Seductions of the alluring female form

Therefore mighty as he was, with a gentle twist

Samson could not at all resist the tugging lure of his heart’s desires

That burrowed so deeply into his mind and were deeply instilled

Thus weakening his already feeble and love-struck will

Thereby causing it to burn away into ashes within those

Lusting and burning heart fires


And as it came to be, Samson got the yearning desire to mate with and marry

A Philistine woman with eye-catching curves and a lean, belly dancing middle

Then on the day before they were to be wed, while during a feast and being well fed

Samson made a bet with the groomsmen to solve a most perplexing riddle

Yet the answer was only known to him and his bride-to-be

But the Philistines coerced her into revealing the solution by threats of an

Anguishing death and torture for her potential crime of tribal disloyalty

But once Samson had learned that he had been so deceptively betrayed

He flew into a wildly ferocious and uncontained murderous rage

Thus killing all of the Philistine Groomsmen by rending and ripping out their

Internal bodily entrails

Then, while Samson stormed off in anger he got the clever idea to tie burning torches

Onto one-hundred captured wild fox’s tails in the midst of nighttime blowing gales

And with his still smoldering anger and rage mixed with his guile and cunning

Samson burned the Philistines’ vegetable crops by releasing the foxes

Into their farm fields in a frenzied state of panicked running


Upon hearing of this wild spree of crimes and these heinous transgressions

The Philistine King gathered a column of his most able soldiers

All filled with an Israelite hatred and a boiling aggression

And after forming this force and setting a course the King decided to forcibly act

By sending his troops off onto chariots and horses riding to search for Samson

In the mountains hiding, to subdue and capture the fugitive Israelite

The Philistines pushed on boldly into the highland heights to make their attack


And once they cornered the lone Samson, the troopers thought he was all done

And assumed he could be so easily taken

But woe unto them, the General on chariot and his well-armed soldier men

Were so badly mistaken

For though vastly outnumbered Samson was quite ready, able and willing to fight

With his God-given strength and tempest-raging fury

In a whirlwind of blinding dust, obscure and vision-blurry, he was a divine-inspired awesome sight

With nothing more in store than the jaw bone of a long dead donkey ass

Samson of Dan killed one-thousand Philistine soldiers

There upon that now famous desolate and corpse-ridden mountain pass


With the passage of time after his committing his string of unpunished crimes

To Hebrew women Samson appeared to be still tribally love-blind

Since he could only see yet another Philistine woman, a raven-haired beauty that ravenously caught his eye

Thus Delilah the Philistine vixen became Samson’s newest passionate lover

And within short time she became his new second bride

And to express his love and devotion to her, Samson felt secure in his secret to uncover, to trustingly share

Thus foolishly revealing to Delilah that the source of his great strength lay within his long and flowing hair


Now armed with this knowledge, Delilah the still loyal Philistine in faithful keeping

Had her slave fetch a pair of sharpened hair-cutting shears while Samson

Lay upon her soft belly comfortably and blissfully sleeping

Then as she whispered words of untrue love into Samson’s deep dreaming

And all too gullible ears, Delilah the beautiful yet treacherous trickster

Cut of all of Samson’s locks of thickened hair, leaving nothing on his now naked head

Except for a short stubble of close-shaven whiskers


Now Samson of Dan shorn of his hair and stripped of his strength

Was left as an ordinary man falling easily into restraint by Philistine hands

And his merciless captors then tortured and beat him so hard

Until the weakened Samson could barely stand

And to make matters worse without an ounce of human remorse

The cruel Philistines burned out poor Samson’s eyes with a hot molten brand


Left blind and alone, imprisoned within the confines of filthy and stinking stones

Samson was held within this dank and rat-infested cell

Enduring countless day after day of abject suffering and misery in the solitude of his solitary hell

Yet as more and more time slipped on Samson’s hair grew long

Thus regaining once again its original thick and full length

And his Philistine captors seemingly forgot that in those long locks

That Samson once again attained his tremendous and dangerous full strength


Since the Philistines enjoyed spectacular shows, their perverse King remembering Samson now supposedly laid low, organized a spectacle to be quite the exciting thriller

So to honor Dagon their pagan god, his men fetched Samson

Now known to the Philistine masses as the one-thousand soldier killer

Then led into their temple by an eye-seeing slave, Samson instructed him to lead the way

To a strategic spot between two load-bearing structural pillars

And left their in plain view before a loud crowd of Philistines screaming at this blind Jew

The air of savagery, excitement and mob hysteria quickly grew

With a heckling and sinister sneer the masses sound volume did rise while

Mocking and taunting blind Samson by pelting him with plucked-out sacrificial lambs’ eyes

Followed by a shower of liquid animal waste mixed with their vehement anti-Israelite hate

To show Samson how much he was by the Philistines so very much despised

And while the taunts and jeers continued to fly, the reveling Philistines were all

Too drunk to realize that Samson, their main target for ridicule, mocking and malicious sport

Now once again possessed his superhuman strength and his mighty God-given brute force


Then bowing his head with a solemn nod Samson said a silent prayer to Elohim his God,

And summoned all of his power while screaming out with a bellowing, booming groan

Pushing with all his might against those pagan temple load-bearing pillar stones

While the Philistine crowd became terrified, panicked and petrified with a paralyzing fright

For the spectacle-loving Philistines this would be their most spectacular yet show-stopping sight

As the temple of Dagon structure collapsed to the Earth in the direction of down

Upon the heads of the masses who were frozen like statues as if glued to the ground

Within the instant of a thunder clap-like deafening sound

The stunned Philistines were crushed to death on the spots where they stood

By tons of carved masonry, mortar and massively heavy beams of ornamental cedar wood


But Samson was as well one of those souls among the other crushed and bloodied bodies lying

Beneath the resulting mountainous rubble heap

There were no survivors and only Samson’s saddened mother arrived upon

The scene in her mourner’s shawl to softly sob and weep

Then, under great emotional strain she collapsed to the ground

Appalled by the death of her son and the devastation she had found

Yet, like Samson her now crushed and mangled son, she gathered all of her

Inner strength while collecting mourner’s words upon her tongue

Then while still crying and between sobbing sighs, Samson’s mother

Stood up once again to sadly eulogize:


“During the span of his cut-short life, Samson, my son, had caused himself great strife

Since his weak will was no match for his great physical strength, and thus Samson was

So easily love-smitten, turned into a purring, gentle kitten by his wife’s seductive beauty

Curvaceous form and her beguiling face makeup paints

Therefore, under Delilah’s evil spell, Samson like a weakling fell for her

Treacherous and deceptive seductions and thus he died in blindness as he lived in life

A victim of his irresistible, lusting desires, with that fire stoked by his wicked wife

That in the end led to his sadly foolish self-destruction

And now since the Philistine temple has fallen upon his long haired covered head

My son Samson lies with his bitter enemies, forever silent and forever dead”


Stopping for a moment, unto God she began to pray

Then Samson’s mourning mother continued her eulogy to finally say:


“Samson of Dan, though you were an incredibly strong and massively powerful man

You were still mortal and subject to God’s ultimate and final plan

And in your life you failed to see the deeper truth hiding behind the false façade

Of this world’s all too often unreality

Since your need for pleasures of the flesh always kept you blind to the insight

That you were not able to see or find, that mighty control and strength of mind

Is far, far stronger than the greatest physical power held within any one mortal man’s hand

So God has written you into his book of eternal life, and now in death

I hope and pray you finally understand”


And thus ended the eulogy for Samson of Dan

Yes, he was quite the powerful and extraordinary man

© Copyright 2018 golemboy. All rights reserved.

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