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Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



I still believe that dreams can come true, I don't think that they should be blue. I think I lost my other shoe, but if I find it's other half I could say I found it's sole mate/soul mate. Now I think if I didn't belive this could come true

and if I'm imposed I didn't have any clue then would I think that I'm through if I didn't think that I lost a shoe and which I believe is so untrue

until I find it's missing half how can it be untrue

But then if I lost belief in this new case then to thus I would believe it's just another lost cause but it would be in a better place or perhaps in a closet that had more space

which if that's the case then I can say that I still have hope

and I believed the thinking that I was not at the wits of my own rope 

to finally when found thee I say with a sigh my believing and my dreams did not fail me and say goodbye and be glad that my dream did not die 

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