The Wet Book

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A clever little girl ends up going on an adventure on her way to her local library.

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



The Wet Book

Keira sneakers were soaked as soaked could be, she practically left puddles, as she stepped into her house. Her mother looked at her for a moment. Her mother slowly tilted her head as her mind wondered about something quite peculiar. There hadn’t been a drop of rain in three weeks now. They didn’t live by any lakes, rivers, or anything of that sort.


“Yea Mom?”

“How did your shoes get so wet?”

Keira looked at her mom while giggling knowing, she would never for a moment believe the story that she was about to tell.

Her wet shoes had been dry, when she started out on just a simple walk in the warm spring sun. She was headed to the library. Keira had simply wanted to pick a good book for a quick read. She was that kind of a young woman. Always finding her way into other worlds through the pages of books. It was one of the many amazing things about Keira. She turned the block towards the library when dark clouds filled the sky above her. She had never seen clouds quite so dark before.

She looked over at the fountain in front of the library. The water within it looked deeper than she had ever seen it. She leaned over the fountain when it burst into millions of pieces. Water rushed around her ankles. A little wooden ship that some child had left behind grew into quite a large schooner. Its sails billowed in the wind. She could see

“Help, me my ship is under siege.” A voice came from the open deck of the ship.

“I can help.” She beckoned up still only ankle deep within the waves.

A sailor popped his head over the side of the ship. He smiled, grateful for any helping hand. He threw down a rope ladder for her to climb up. Keira quickly scaled the ladder.

“Please lil’ lass help me rid my ship of this horrid sea beast.” The sailor said as soon as she was on deck. A great purple and orange tentacle sea beast had come in through the sailor’s cabin window. It had started to push it’s way out of the door and onto the open deck.

“Block the door.” She told the sailor. He placed his body in front of the cabin door.

She reached deep into her bag. Her whole right arm vanishing deep within.  Out she pulled her pen. She quickly pulled out a piece of paper. Keira drew a drawing of a sword pen, quickly wrapping the paper around the pen.

A second later she was holding a pen sword. She had a proud look on her face.

“How miraculous. What magic is this?” The sailor said.

“The power of ink.” Keira said parrying the pen sword forward. “Open it up, I will finish with the sea beast in no time at all.”

The sailor swung open the door. Keira held her pen of a sword up steadily. She quickly drew as fast as she could. She traced iron shackles around each of the sea beast’s slimy tentacles. Quickly she drew a key for the shackles as well.

“Beast if you leave this ship now, I will let you have this key to free yourself. Otherwise I will toss it to the bottom of the sea. It will take you a long time to find down there, now you don’t want that do you?“ Keira said smartly.

The beast pulled itself out the back window closing them behind itself. Keira sighed lightly. She ran to the side of the ship watching for the beast. All she saw was the tip of one of its many tentacles pop out of the water. She tossed the key down.

“For saving me and my ship I will write your adventure down. That way all will know of how wonderful you are. She smiled at the sailor. She waited outside his cabin, she paced the deck. Pretending to swashbuckler with her pen sword. He came out with a leather book in hand. He gave it to her.

“Make sure to bring this back lil’ lass. It has a home here, just as much as it will in your heart.”

“Yes sir, captain sir.”

“I be only a sailor lil’ lass.”

“And I am but a little girl in sneakers that just thwarted off a great sea beast. You will be a captain yet, or a writer, or a potato farmer. That it is up to you.” She shrugged him off. Keira made her way back down the rope ladder as the ship shrank back to its toy like size. The clouds parted and the fountain rebuilt itself.

Keira told her mother all while she held her pen like a sword.  

“That is a cute story honey, but really, how in the world did your shoes get that wet?”

“Don’t believe me Mom? You can read about it in my book. The sailor wrote it all down. Plus how else would my shoes have gotten so wet?” She pulled a leather bound book from her book bag. The air filled with the smell of the sea. She placed it on her mother’s lap. She sat on the floor. She pulled off one shoe, then the other. She smiled as she pulled a piece of seaweed out of her right shoe. She waved it in the air then ran up to her room, ready for all the adventures her books held.

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