The Earth godess

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Trials and tribulations!
The voice of the Earth goodness calls to me through time and space.

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



Chapter one:Trials and tribulations!

The voice of the Earth goodness calls to me through time and space. I am to take her place. I alone will control the Earths fate. I am to be immortal. Eternal life. Something people would kill for. I would gladly give it away. What good is eternal life, if you have to spend it alone I have a month to find a human man. He will be tested by the Earth it's self. If he does not love me he will die. Then I will be alone forever. Trial and tribulation. Fate was hopefully on my side. He seemed perfect for me in every way. But the day of judgement was here. I was scared deep in my heart. For I had fallen in love with him. But did he really love me? I wondered. The walk through fire was first. I wished I cold do it for him. He sreamed in pain put kept moving on. The test of no air was next. He gasped and clawed for breath. But he kept moving. The test of the never ending sea was the last test. He swam, and swam. Until he couldn't swim any more. He stared to go under. I ran through the fire, ran through with out any air, and then jumped into the ocean. I swam and swam. Then I dove deep under the water and pulled him up with me. I patted his back and he coughed up water. He had survived , he really loved her. She smiled at him. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. "Told you so." He whispered in her ear.At first I couldn't even understand her voice. It was incomprehensible. It was like sweet air blowing through the trees, so peaceful that I didn't know it was words being spoken. I told her I loved her. I didn't know her name but l loved her. When she touched my cheek I could make out the words. Surely she wasn't human, an angel or some other transcended being or some vision granted to me by God. She said, if you truly love me you must prove it. If you can, I'm yours for eternity. I said... I tried to say... I couldn't speak. I tried to look into her eyes, but they overwhelmed me, they perplexed me, they healed me, they saw my soul. She knew I accepted the challenge. I didn't need words. The first challenge was fire, it seared my flesh, but I kept moving. I screamed in agony but I kept moving, I would never give up. The prize was too precious. The next trial was a complete vacuum. I gasped, I clawed at my chest. It seemed that a thousand needles pressed at my flesh. But I would never give up, I loved her. Next was an endless ocean, I swam and swam. My arms were numb, my lungs were fire, my brains were tattered. I couldn't pull my head up for air any longer. I pulled at the water but I was slipping under. I had made it through so much, and I was about to loose my chance at true bliss... And then there was her hand reaching for me. She pulled me to safety and and cleared my lungs. I kissed her with a passion that I didn't know existed within me. I told you so, I said. She blushed a heavenly blush and kissed my cheek.

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