Hope and care

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Frank tries to remember more details of the bar night-memory two

Chapter 3 (v.2) - Frank Revisits his Memory

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



The following descriptions and depictions are true.

So Francis our young bud of late 20's was in the bar hopping and there were lots of women in there. How could he remember this one women/girl that the cop wasd describing. He tried to narrow it down, he had been dancing with a lot of them and having a great time.

Kelly had described her as having brown dark hair and after another recent disccusion with her shew was about his height and had brown eyes. 

The women in there weren't dressed up but apparently she stood out to him in a way that caught his eye. 

Francis couldn't make up his mind if he should go up to her but after a few drinks his toughness was brought down and he felt more relaxed and able to stand talking to a woman he found desirable and worth while.

So he went over to this woman and started chatting her up.


Her friends though were aorund so they wouldn't give him much time to pull her away from the pack. He told her though that he though she would be able to hear him better farther away. 

Tina,  then decided to tell her friends she was fine she's an adult and would be back soon and followed Franky to a back room. 

Unfortuantely she did not know that Francis would be the one she would be going home with that night and her friends were already to intoxascated to take notice.

The bartender though saw that she was leaving her friends and warily watched them walk into the back together. John, a man of his thirties had been working the bartdending job for three months and was prettty in the sweings of things so he knew how much alcohol to give to a patron and how much was too much. He didn't think Francis or as he knew he was called Franky had that much but he knew he was up to something.

So Francis ends up going to a back room according to John's memory but I digress back into Franci's memory that he is getting anxious because this girl Tina had to go to the bathroom.

Tina though at her age usually never went to the bathroom by herself even though she was not that young any more, she usually had a friend or two with her for in general safety.

Francis said, I'll wait outside then we can go out and get a bite to eat or whatever you want sweetie.

Ok, said Tina.


" The toilet flushes"

Francis remembers he was edgy and not sure how long this girl he had pick up was going to take. 

After a minute he relaxed becuase he heard the water running and knew what was going to happen next was that she was through. He ended up saying ok you ready to go at least he thought he exactly remembered and was waiting impatiently at the door for her to come out. She said yes, just one more sec, so he waited.

When tina, she finally came out he said ok quickly let's go. She said why do we need to rush and he said back well because I want to get out of here and where it is more quiet,

Tina said okay and put on her jacket and followed him to his car. 





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