Living on Tomorrows Promises

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This is when I lived for the better tomorrow for my ex.

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



It was not that bad,

At least not all of it dear,

Promises began. 

I was excited,

Trusting you to tomorrow,

Happiness bubbled.

We started bright eyed,

Figuring the other one out,

Laughing together.

That beach summer house,

Talking, walking, and sitting,

We were together.

Do you remember?

It was not that long ago.

Picture perfect, right?

Only in those shots,

We were smiling side by side,

Put the camera down.

You gave your promise,

By your word you gave me hope,

I wanted to stay.

I wanted to stay,

I wanted to be stronger,

I tried to be there.

So I struggled,

I fought to be a pillar,

A strong foundation.

But with you I drowned,

My tomorrows were dulled,

I cried and you yelled.

Soon I got quiet,

My eyes opened to the flags,

I did give us up.

I chose our breakup.

You talked over me, again.

My voice deaf to you.

You changed the facts,

You changed the narration,

You changed the truth.

To you I am bad,

You believe I am evil,

Demon-possessed even.

Yet it was not me,

You manipulated me,

You were yesterday.

I acted bigger,

You went on social media,

It was pitiful.

Your actions did sting,

But I was freed from you,

Away I took flight.

Indeed I have scars,

Invisible to others,

In my mind and heart.

Time heals them slowly,

My wounds do suprise others,

In time they will fade.

I hope you live well,

I hope you figure life out,

I hope you did learn.

Because I sure did,

I learned what I needed,

Love should not be hard.

How do I know this?

Love is communitcating,

Without name calling!

I am accepted,

I truly do respect him,

No guff promises.



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