Within the Flames

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Thrown together in a messed-up world, two people have to learn to work together if they want to survive, even if it means learning things about themselves that they didn't want anyone else to know.

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



She spread her arms out before her and twirled around in a circle, dancing around the fire as if it were her sole purpose in life. My gaze was fixed on her from the moment she approached the fire. It was as if she were listening to some melody that only she could hear. I could see the brilliant flames from the fire reflected in her eyes and suddenly her eyes were locked on me. She laughed. A loud and happy sound. I had never heard her so happy; it radiated off her in waves. She ran up to me from across the room and grabbed my arm, pulling me into her world. At first, I felt ridiculous and refused to dance, but eventually she persuaded me to start swaying and, before I knew it, I was dancing along to the pretend music, no longer silent but bouncing off the walls and through my very soul. We danced together for what seemed like forever, sometimes slowly, sometimes with vigorous energy, and never once did either of our smiles falter or become fake. We were together, alone in a cave, in the middle of the night, dancing to music no one else could hear, and we were having the time of our lives.

When we finally collapsed on the ground, and I finally regained my senses, I realized how close we were. She had never let me get so close to her before; it was always as if some invisible barrier had kept her distant from me. But tonight, tonight she let her walls come down and allowed me into her magical world. A world where we could dance for hours without feeling anything but pure happiness and freedom. I finally understood why she stayed closed in inside of her world. It was because she had created a world so perfect inside of her mind that nothing in reality could ever be as good as what was there, so she was never losing anything or anyone and she never had to risk getting hurt.

I took her hand without asking and pulled her to her feet. Her face remained impassive as she said coolly, “I felt like lying there for a while longer.”

“Well you’ll have to get up sometime so why not now?”

“I suppose you’re right,” she replied with no feeling.

Great. Now she’s back to her usual, distant self,’ I thought. I felt like screaming because she was so difficult to read sometimes. “Can’t you show any emotion at all,” I replied furiously, practically shouting. A gleam of defiance showed in her eye for a split second before she covered it with cold. I felt guilty as all traces of feelings disappeared as her brain turned off and she slowly walked away. I knew there was no pulling her out of the dark abyss she had retreated into and just had to wait until she was ready to dig herself back up. Surprisingly, she always had the strength to come back from these moods without help from anyone. ‘She’s amazing,’ I thought before I could stop myself. I sighed and walked over to the fire, now just coals with flicks of red thrown in random places, and placed a few more logs on top of the embers. ‘I just wish she would let me in.’  

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