guardian angel

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compassion and courage are needed to live a life of kindness in the world. let me share the stories of my life.through these stories i share the lessons i have learn t through trauma and tears to flow gently as well as blow softly through life.

Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Submitted: August 04, 2016



My Guardian Angel in a foreign land

I had just landed in a foreign country for a scientific meeting to present a paper. I got down at the big airport and went to the information counter to get directions to get to my hotel next to the convention center. This was my first visit to this country. The young girl at the reception told me haltingly that the best way was to ho down by the lifts to the metro station below the airport and take the local train which will take an hours ride

I asked another friendly looking young man the same question and then I realized that he did not understand English. I anxiously made my way to the lift and went down to the Metro station and found it was absolutely deserted. not a soul waiting on the platform.

I looked to see if there was a station attendant,there was no one there was only a ticket vending machine. All the instructions were is the local language. I heard an announcement  but could not make out what the announcement said. All the signs of the rial way route too on the platform were in the local language and the railway lines in different colors indicating different routes or lines. I was in panic. My heart sank thinking that I will have to trudge all the way back to the airport and catch a taxi not knowing any land marks except the name of the hotel. It was already late in the evening and I wasn't sure  how safe it was to travel alone late at night.

As I stood there deep in these anxious thoughts oblivious of my surroundings wishing some one was there to help.

I heard a soft voice coming from behind almost like a gentle cooing of a bird. Are you lost young man ? Can I help you? and the voice was in English

I whirled around startled because a moment ago I was sure there was no one standing there. In front of me stood plump middle aged lady with an angelic smile on her face reminding me of mu mother and aunt. I poured out my problem and  perplexity in a torrent of  anxious litany, while she listened with the same cherubic smile on her face.After I stopped pouring out my woes. she said young man I am going in the same direction as you saying she started walking to the vending machine . Put some money in punched the required number and gave me the ticket that was dispensed. I kept insisting that she must take money for it but she would not hear of it. Just then there was an announcement and she said it was our train

The train soon came we got into an almost empty compartment and sat next to each other .As soon as the train started she started talking asking me all about my job, my family, my wife, my children and she said that she had always been fascinated to know about the country I had belonged to. She kept me talking non stop and I didn't realize the time spent or the distance we had  traveled.She said we had to get off at the next approaching station. We both got off and she asked me to hurry out with her to catch the taxi to my hotel. As soon as we got out there was a taxi and she spoke to the taxi driver where to take me and gave the fare to the taxi driver,i suddenly came to my senses and said that we should ride together and I would drop her first and then I would get off at  the hotel. She again smiled that angelic smile again and said that her home was three more stations away so she will catch the next train to where her home is. She then closed the taxi door waved good by and disappeared back into the station. I kept looking back to catch a glimpse of her but she was gone. As I sat there thinking about the goodness that I experienced in a far off country I realised I had not even asked her name. I will never know her name ,but I will never forget the kindness of this gentle lady and will always think of her as  my guardian angel in a foregin land


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