Mother or God - Which is the greatest word?

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A son of a Mother quarrels with God to prove his mother is the Greatest ever.

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



*****An innocent son of a greatest mother quarels with the god to prove that his mother is greatest than anyone or even God.*****

The son asked who are you, Then he said I am the God.

The son asked who is God, Then the God said I am everything.

The son asked what do you mean by everything, Then the God said i am your creator.

The son asked, then what about my Mother if you are my creator, Then the God said she is also his creation.

The son said my Mother is my creator and her mother is her creator and you are also created by your mother, the god said i am beyond the greatest my boy I am not created but I am The Creator.

The son said can you prove you are the greatest ever, then the god started saying many things even that innocent son could not understand.

The son said, in order to prove yourself as the "God" is The Greatest you started explaining many things, But I have no words to explain for the word "MOTHER". 

THe son said, If you could be able to explain everything about some word like "God" it could be proved as greater thing ever , But "MOTHER" is such a word which you cannot even explain in words. Then the God laughs at him.

The son said, So which word do you consider as greatest. Then God feels very sad listening to his cute quarel for his mother.

Then god felt like why didn't I be a mortal. If i were a mortal then a Mother like his Mother would have given birth to me. 


***** So guys even God wants to have his own mother to gain her love and affection he missed due to his immortal life listening to the greatest word "MOTHER".*****

***** So lets feel proud to be a mortal and wish every after life we have we want our Mother to be our Mother and gain her love more and more in our every after life***** 

***** It's a Tribute to Each and Every Mother*****

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