Blood Thirst

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it started thousands of years ago, a great war of magic broke out. warriors of different race and affiliations, waged a civil war with one another until they found a common enemy.
   it was until gaia, the goddess of earth, decided to give 9 great warriors the powers of gods. they slated the army of demons and sealed away a great evil. protecting gaia herself from the various demons that sought out to end her reign of the magic realm. for a time there was peace, until they realize with every light, there is a shadow. and every shadow there is pleasure to be sought. the nine great warriors were highly praised for their noble battle with the demons and became obsessed with the goddesses powers, betraying gaia sealing her away within the very earth she created. and with her the magic was sealed as well.       the great warriors named themselves the sword of micheal emerging victorious in battle and scheme.
   but all hope was not lost, for even in death gaia sought out to protect the earth with her own blood...i call it...blood of the sage.

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Submitted: August 05, 2016

I didn't know what to expect. My existence is irrelevant, 16 years of being lost and drifted into the unknown. I don't have a purpose therefore why am I here? Why am I breathing? Why is everything always dark and cold to the touch? I have no feelings no emotions no need for this world..."Why am I here? "Who am I?" My reflection provided no response, only a plain simple look a person with no human qualities gives. Tonight was perfect, the moon burned a dark red color that reflected nicely over the water and covered the skies. I didn't know how to describe the scene before me, so I sat underneath my tree and looked out across the water. There it was again...staring back at me...I am not capable of existing with no true purpose.
I don't know who I am or why I'm here, I might as well be dead...."Is that what you want?" It spoke. I sat there staring at a reflection I knew was me. I did not answer, I couldn't answer..myself. how is that even possible? 16 years I've been staring at my's not possible! I tired to convince myself, even I didn't believe it. I was interrupted from my thoughts, someone was watching me. I could since their presence near me. I quickly turned throwing a small pin needle into the bushes. My target was caught before she even let out a yell from the pain of the needle. Snatching her from the bushes my threaded needle brought us face to face. I could hear her heart beat gradually getting faster her face covered in sweat and cuts in a few areas. "Who the hell are you?" I asked pulling at the thread needle pierced through her stomach to her back. She screamed in agony keeping her words to herself. It only made me angry. "Who are you? I won't ask again."I assured her once more clenching the thread tightly in my hand. She looked at me between gasps of desperate air and told me her name. "What do you want?" Was my next question to the stranger stalking me. She gave no answer once more pissing me off. I'm a very impatient person, I wait on no one.  I hate waiting. I gave the thread a quick pull and tightened up on my grip. "Well Ana. See I'm not a patient person and I could care less weather you live or die!"I yanked the thread back plunging the needle into her bloodstream hearing her scream in pain as I watched her. "There's someone else here."I stated looking around for the lurker. I couldn't since anyone but I knew someone else was here watching me. I turned back to the girl trapped in my thread. "Who els did you bring here?" I demanded an answer from her. She gave me a confused look. "No one!" I looked around again still no sense of the person. My head started to pound with frustration and my right hand which held the thread began to burn as if acid was thrown on me. I looked at the girl in pain and quickly thrust my free hand around her neck squeezing tightly, as she tried to move it with her own hand. She was a weak wretch definitely no match for me. "Tell me who that is...or I'll snap your neck like a twig!" I threatened. Her eyes got wide with desperation and she began to squirm between my fingers. "I don't know I swear! I came alone." I continued to squeeze. "They must have followed me here!" She barely got her words out with my tight clench around her throat crushing it. "Fine. I'll kill you quickly...and then I'll deal with the other one." She let out a desperate gasp before I could snap her neck I was attacked. I quickly stood to my feet with another pin needle in hand ready to attack. The girl still knealing beneath the tree staggering to stand to her feet. My needle was broken off in her body, I wasn't worried about her she posed no immediate threat. "What is this?" I asked watching her pick herself up from the dirt. "I don't know." She sounded as if she was halfway dead. "I didn't come here with anyone. I came here for you." She explained her reasons for intruding on my private moments. Read Chapter

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Blood Thirst

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