The Devil's plaything!

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Molten lava, The smell of brimstone burnt my nose, as ashes fell all around me.

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



Chapter one: Levels of hell!
Molten lava, The smell of brimstone burnt my nose, as ashes fell all around me.I ran through the caverns of brimstone with cracks of lava running through the cavern walls. Into an abyss of darkness. I walked slowly filling the wall. Suddenly the air got bitter cold. This was the thrid level of hell. I had never managed to esscape this far before. Your probably wondering how I got here in the first place tho. It's a long story, so I'll start from the begin. I was once an angel. I was in the royal flight. It was an elite group of angels. Each had a special gift. Mine was the voice of truth. I watched humans for years. I fell and gave up my voice. For a man. Not just any man tho, but a man with the ability to shapeshifter. His name Aron, his true form was that of a venomous cobra.

He had adopted a demon daughter. I found myself loving her as much as I loved him. So when the devil took her back to hell. Well of course we went together to get her. Only nothing went as planed. Anna Arron's daughter had herself wrapped around the devils waste. "I brought you an angel master." "Good girl Anna." He said with a smile. Arron was quick to step in front of me. Black snake scales replaced skin as he shape shifted. "Touch her and die!" Arron warned.  "Is that so Arron?" The devil flicked his finger. Arron went flying back wards. I screamed. As I felt the devils power pull me towards him.He warped his  arm around around me. "You will watch as I touch her in many ways." The devil said laughing. "No!" Arron yelled. Steel chains came out of the floor securing Arron down. The devil caressed my face. I trembled with fear. "I love Arron." I stated. The devil look sad, but only for a moment. "You won't much longer, soon you will be mine angel." He hastily unzipped the back of my dress. It fell to the ground. I was completely naked. The devil moaned. "For once I am thankful  god, creating such beauty." I blushed. Oh I turned Arron on, yes. But he had never called me beautiful. It was always nice to hear. Even from the devil! The devil shoved his fingers into my pussy. There were rough and hard. I moaned loudly. I felt myself starting to get wet. "Mmm such a dirt little angel." I screamed as he forced three fingers into my pussy. "So fucking tight." He moaned. He kept finger fucking me, while he started to suck and bite my nipples. He kisses his way back up to my lips. Then he pushed me down on my knees. "Suck my cock angel."  I opened my moth wide hungry for him. I sucked and lick him playfully then sucked and rubbed his ball. Then I let him cum in my mouth, and I swallowed. He bent me over, smacked my ass. Then started licking my pussy. He didn't stop till it was quivering for him. I moaned. "Beg your master to fuck you angel." "Oh master please, please fuck my tight pussy with your big cock." "That's a good angel." He pushed his cock into me. I screamed. He slammed into me, pounding me. I lost cont of my orgasms.  When he was done I felt satisfied but sore. A tear escaped my eye as I realized what just happened. What Arron just witnessed. I just became the devils plaything!

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