My friend the shapeshifter pt 2

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Pt 2 of the amazing wonderful heartbreaking fun adventuress tale of friendship my friend the shapeshifter.

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



I have been following fawn for a couple of days now,  I don’t think he has noticed me. I will have to tell him, any day now. What if he makes me go back home?

 I Would get in so much trouble. Just then fawn stops, I scurry over to the nearest tree. He walks around, he is getting closer and closer to me. I don't  have enough time to hide somewhere else.

Then he pears around the tree and he see’s me. My heart pumping out of my chest as he says. 

Oh hey ricky.

Say what, I am so confused. Why aren’t you surprised? Or confused? Or angry?

 I knew you were following me from day two. You aren’t very stealthy. I knew I could not convince you to go home, so I pretended that you weren’t there.

Then why did you finally confront me, after so many days.

It seemed like you were getting scared, and I don’t want to torture you that would just be mean. 

Well it takes off a lot of stress now that I don’t have to hide anymo

Shh I hear something, it sounds like angry people. did you tell your parents that you were coming.

No why would I, they would just say no. This is bad if they find us your dead.

The best thing we can do is keep moving.

The next couple hours were rough, it was very scary, but we kept moving on. Then I heard voices saying, I see tracks they must be near by.
Then fawn said hide.

We hid for what felt like forever but was really only, a couple of minutes. Then I heard the cock, of a gun there was suddenly a gun pointed in our face.

My dad said to us get up.

Get away from that monster son.

Then a jolt of anger went through my body I won’t let anyone control me anymore so I yelled no.

What did you say boy

No I won’t let you hurt fawn.

He is just a monster son.

He is more then that, he is nice, kind hearted, smart, strong, and most of all my friend, the best friend that a person could ever have!

Well that doesn't make it ok for him to kidnap you.

Enough! I ran away, fawn wanted me to stay but I did not listen.

Why son?

Because of you, you pushed me away you think I like being treated like dirt, I was just trying to make you proud. That was all I ever wanted.

We just wanted you to be tough, and you are. We were just caring for you, in our own way.

But it seems like fawn did in 10 days what we tried to do in Ten years. We're  sorry, will you forgive us, and come home.

Only if fawn can come to.

It seems you have become very attached to him so yes.



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