I Am Toto, Who Are You

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Just a poem idea I had.

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



I am Toto - Who are you

Am I the cowardly lion
Searching even though I'm afraid
Or am I one of the random munchkins
Taken for granted abused enslaved

Maybe I'm just another scarecrow
That really needs a brain
Possibly I'm just a heartless tin man
Left alone to rust in the rain

I could be the Wizard hiding behind my curtain
Hoping that no one will see
I'm a terrified little excuse of a person
Destined to rule but never be free

I might be a witch but I can't be Glenda
Her pleasance is so obscene
Most likely I'm the bad witch dressed in black
Smoked weed 'til I turned green

Now a flying monkey wouldn't be so bad
I could fly all over the place
Screaming & grunting above your head
And when you look up I shit on your face

I might just be Dorothy an innocent girl
Or maybe I'm nothing at all
Most likely I'm Toto laughing at your problems
As I sit licking my ass & balls

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