A Wait In The Dark

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Waiting in the dark for what?

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



A Wait In The Dark.

“Is everything in place?” I ask him. “Are you sure? There's nothing left to give us away?”

“I'm sure,” he answers, a hint of impatience in his voice. “You could always go and check yourself if you don't believe me.”

Ah, my brother thinks I'm questioning his ability. And maybe I am. If he has over-looked just one thing the whole plan will fall apart, taking with it all those hours, days and weeks of preparation.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“6.56” A different voice answers my question.

Well, that decides it. There's simply not enough time for me to chance a quick check and get back here to be safely hidden. Seven o'clock is when she usually arrives and she is rarely late.

“No, it's okay, Bri. I'm sure you've done a good job.” I don't want one of Brian's moods to put a damper on tonight of all nights so I'll just have to shrug off my doubts.

Time can pass really slowly when you are waiting in the dark. The only sound is that of the breathing of your companions, the shuffling of their feet as they, too, become impatient. Even the tick of the invisible clock on the wall seems to have slowed to make every passing second take a minute.

“It must be 7 by now,” someone says, I'm not sure who.

“Shhhh,” I say. I wish I hadn't though. I can picture them all thinking, 'She's at it again. Bossy Sue!' And I'm not bossy really; at least I don't mean to be.

In the quiet darkness I can vaguely hear the approach of a vehicle. Is this it or is it just going to drive past? I hold my breath, concentrate.......and hear it drive on by.

Not the right car then.

We've all heard it though, all wondered if this was the moment. The tension among us has increased dramatically. No one says a word but the feeling shoots around between us like a bolt of lightning set loose.

Another vehicle is drawing near, slowing down, stopping....The car door opens and closes, as does the gate to the path. I can just make out her footsteps as she walks up the path towards the door.

“Are you all ready? Remember, timing is everything.”

“Shut up, Sis!” hisses Brian.

The key is in the lock, turning, clicking. The door is open and she is now inside. I hear her sigh as she turns and pushes the door firmly shut. I know she is upset. She thinks that we have all forgotten, and much as I didn't like to hurt her feelings, that was a necessary part of the plan.

Footsteps come up the hallway. The door handle starts to move. I tense myself, ready for the moment. All ten of us are waiting – brother and sister, cousins, aunts and uncles.

At the flick of the light switch we all jump out.

“Happy Birthday, Mum!” I shout, and the look of shock followed by delight makes all the secrecy, the planning and the waiting worthwhile.

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