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This is my personal opinion on the bold beauty of the world. Feel free to express your opinion and hate is welcome.

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



Acne, scars, stretch marks, body hair, freckles, beauty marks, all things that make us humans beautiful.

It’s 2016 and there’s a lot of debates on whether you shouldn’t have body hair if you are a female, scars shouldn’t be admired as being beautiful, if you have acne you don’t wash your face and so on. Everyone has their own opinion and preference but they shouldn’t judge others on how they want their body to look.

Scars are beautiful and can be admired as that, scars hold stories and don’t look pretty but they are wounds that are stuck to their body, embedded to them, they can’t get rid of them, they can’t just one day take them off. Horrible things happen to people that leave internal and external wounds. They shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed or to hide them be judged for them. Once they are on your body you can’t just remove them and that’s what people forget to remember and realize. Just because they have scars doesn’t mean they are less beautiful than someone who isn’t scarred or have damaged skin. They are just as beautiful and the scars don’t make them any less perfect. Scars can be seen as beautiful because they are a part of that beautiful person.

Acne can be painful, it can scar your skin, and it may lower yourself-esteem, but whether its bad acne or your skin bruises easily or other genetic problems the person is still insanely beautiful. Some people are born with bad skin, they get bad acne, and they can’t or have a really hard time getting rid of the acne. That doesn’t mean to bully them or tell them they need to wash their face, washing their face isn’t the problem, and people fail to realize that. No matter how many times you wash your face it’s not just going to magically make the acne go away. People go through countless painful treatment to help cure their acne and it doesn’t always help. They should be told they are beautiful or handsome every day to help build up their self-confidence. It’s not their fault they can’t pick and choose how their skin is. There is far more beyond what people fail to realize.

Body hair is something that every one of every gender gets, I don’t care if you are female or male you still have and get body hair. People are making such a big deal about guys that choose to shave or girls that choose not to get rid of their body hair. We all grow hair I don’t see the big deal everyone has their right to their own body if they want to shave so be it if they want to leave what their body grows alone then let them. They are still beautiful and handsome as fuck! Some men don’t like being super hairy or they like feeling smooth that’s totally okay, don’t judge them on it don’t say they are gay and shit. Some woman like having their body hair or choose not to get razor burn or razor bumps they don’t mind their hair so let them enjoy their body that way. If you are a woman all for shaving then so be it but don’t judge and call other woman who prefer their natural body apes and what not. It’s their body so who the fuck cares.  Men who like hairless girls good for you, Men who don’t mind girls all natural good for you. Woman are already horrible to each other just because you have a preference doesn’t mean every woman has to have the same or be that preference. Until it is proven why or if woman should or should not have or grow body hair and that it has to or needs to be shaved leave it alone. Just do you don’t freak out on someone else that choose to do something that isn’t in your spectrum. We are all beautiful no matter what. Let us woman and men have fun with what grows on their body. Fuck society’s rules! Breach out and open your eyes to what is literally beyond your stereotypically view.

Stretch marks are just like scars in a way, they are embedded in your skin basically. You get stretch marks when your body grows and when your skin stretches it’s perfectly normal and beautiful. You get stretch marks when you are pregnant with a baby, when your boobs grow or when your butt grows. Your body grows much more growing up from being a little kid. Everything about your body changes. I don’t know if you can or can’t get rid of your stretch marks but if someone doesn’t like them then tell them to fuck off and get you someone who likes your tiger stripes. You shouldn’t have to feel less beautiful or less than anyone just because they don’t have the same thing. Everyone is built different, have different genetics, have different features but if you remove all that and we are all the same just some white skeleton of bones standing together.

Breast feeding is NOT something to be ashamed of, it’s a beautiful thing and if woman can walk around with damn there, there whole chest out in public then woman should be able to publically breast feed. Boob aren’t just put on woman to just be there for show they are there to feed new born life. Your parents had to do the same thing to you so you could be fed. If people were just as judgmental about breast feeding back then, then your parents would have let you go hungry. Don’t frown upon a woman because she feeds her baby because it’s hungry. You don’t go hungry, your parent’s didn’t let you go hungry when you were born so don’t make new mothers go through so much trouble just to be able to feed their hungry child. It’s seriously not that big of a deal. Free the breasts! New mothers shouldn’t have to stop going out in public living their lives with their new born just because when their new born is hungry they have to go through hell to find a private place to feed them.

People need to get over themselves live their own life and pay no attention to those that aren’t doing them any harm. If it’s not you then shut up, take care of your own body, make your own body the way you want it. No one on earth was put here to please you or your big ego. This is my opinion and to each their own but really the debate on these things how so many people get a hard time because they choose to be who they want and are who they want is ridiculous. There are far better things going on in the world that should have people’s attention that may actually affect them and cause harm to them then the little things they find to pick and ridicule on someone they may or may not even know. EVERYONE IS INSANLY BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME JUST THE WAY THEY ARE! THERES MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! LOOK BEYOND WHAT YOU SEE. FOR IF YOU WERE BLIND.

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