little mermaid

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about a beautiful girl who loves the sea

Submitted: August 06, 2016

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Submitted: August 06, 2016



She looked into the mirror, and a beautiful girl stared back at her.

She was pretty, no not pretty

Her looks cannot be called pretty because she was beautiful.. she was simply gorgeous

That  perfect slender body, those innocent eyes and those delectable lips…

Her black hair contrasted perfectly with her fair skin, truly it was perfection itself, black and white simply was a classic combination.

Her thick lashes shielded her grey eyes now, as she looked down at herself.

She looked down at her blue mermaid style dress…

Now, thoroughly lost in its blueness or maybe she was lost in the thoughts of her beloved sea,

The serene sea in front of her, the peaceful wind in her face, the saltiness in the air and the sandy sand under her toes…

For a moment she was there..

Watching the waves roll by, breathing deeply, freely in the salty air..

Walking towards the sea until she was knee deep in water…

She stared at the water, the water was calling her, beckoning her to come and take a dive.

The water had hypnotized her..

She wanted to take a dive, to swim till she reaches the seabed and to find the hidden treasure at the bottom of it..

She would take the treasure with herself, dragging it out of the water…

She would take it and after that she would never have to work…

Nope, she would be away from everyone….Finally free..

But suddenly she was snapped out of her silly, childish daydream.. when she heard a knock on the door..

She found herself to be back in her dressing room.. She found herself to be back to confines of her prison..

Yes, it was all a dream and she threw back her shoulders and put on her mask. She put on her brilliant smile, showing her pearly white teeth… But her eyes still reflected her sorrows..

But it was all a fake..

This world was a fake and so was she…

Sadly in this fairytale, the little mermaid wanted to go back to sea but alas! she was held captive in this human paper world….

Or maybe this was no fairytale and she was no princess but just a star, who herself had not seen the stars in a long long time..

She opened the door and walked out, already swarmed by a herd of photographers, fans and ofcourse the media.. The shots and snaps blinded her, her manager talking to her…

She looked into their cameras and smiled again…

For now completely forgetting her deepest wish

As her producer/ friend had told her once” in this field, certain sacrifices need to be made to achieve success to achieve greatness...”

This was her sacrifice….

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