Incarnations of Immortality!

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Chapter 1: Destiny!

Death takes all. Rich, poor, old, and young. Death has no room to judge, only take.

Chapter 1: Destiny!
Death takes all. Rich, poor, old, and young. Death has no room to judge, only take. The only thing that can destroy death, is time. Time death, war, love, and night. They are reincarnated. There for they are called Incarnations of immortality. Death is Thantos, Love is Aphrodite, War is Mars, Night is Nyx and Time is passing away at this very moment. Thantos must find his reincarnation, before it enters a human body. It will change destiny it's self.  Thantos entered a portal to the human world. There were always so many lost souls trapped here. Luckily times soul stood out. Time had a rainbow soul full of color and life. Ghost blocked his path demanding to know what gave him the right to take a life. "I have the only right, I am death." Thantos stated. They moved out of his way. Thantos had lost site of times soul. A scream echoed through the vast space, time had just entered a human body. She must have been sixteen, maybe seventeen, long golden blond hair, hazel eye's, and curves that almost made Thantos feel alive. She looked up at him with her hazel eye's. A girl keeper of time, he had failed his purpose. Destiny was now changed. Thantos extended his hand to her. She smiled at him, and his heart skipped a beat. They entered the portal to the outer world, were all the incarnations lived. If this was death. It was already better than the sixteen years Crystal had back home. Being beaten and touch inappropriately by her drunk father everyday. Galaxy within galaxy's expanded before them. In the middle of it all was castle of glass. Is this heaven? They entered the glass castle. Two beautiful women, one with red hair green eye's, one with black hair, and blue eye's and a handsome brown hair man with black eye's. They stared at her for a minute, the handsome one with tattoos spoke. "What have you done Thantos?" Mars asked. "Am, I dead?" Crystal asked. "No you have been reborn." Aphrodite stated. "Reborn, but I took death's hand, I don't understand." "Times soul is now your soul, you are an incarnation of immortality. What ever your old life was, it is gone. You are the first girl keeper of time ever. Your name will be Cloy." Aphrodite explained. "What does the keeper of time do?" Cloy asked. "There is no way to answer that now, destiny has changed, none of us know what will happen next." Nyx explained. "I am Mars the god of war, that is Nyx the goddess of night, then there is Aphrodite the goddess of love, and finally Thantos the god of death." Cloy looked at Thantos his black hair and moonlight skin made her mouth water, to bad he wore such a baggie robe. Puzzled at why that thought even crossed her mind, she deiced to ask Mars a question. "Do god's and goddess sleep?" "Yes, but we don't need it to work like humans do." "I will retire for the night then, but first Thantos may we talk in private for a while?" "Yes Cloy we may, this way to your room." He said taking her hand. They entered and it looked like a man cave. "I'm afraid Cronus was a manly man if you want I'll help you redecorate it, it's my fault your here any way's." "That's why I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to say thank you, you saved me." "How?" "My father he beat and touch me in way's that made me sick." Thantos reach out and brushed the tear off her face. "I'm sorry you went through that." "It's ok, it's over now." Thantos leans in inches from her lips, he sighed heavily and then laid his head on her solder. She simply held him. "Is it hard to be the god of death?" "Only sometimes, when I have to take the life of a child, or a life of a good person, but I enjoy taking out evil people." Cloy laughed. "Yea that must be a perk." "I'll let you get some sleep." "Could you cuddle with me, it's quite cold here?" Thantos blushed. "I suppose, but only because it's your first night here." "Thank you." She smiled.

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