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What has caused the gigantic hole that has appeared on Ellsworth Street?

Submitted: August 06, 2016

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Submitted: August 06, 2016




The hole appeared overnight. When the residents of Ellsworth Street had retired for the night it was not there. Not even a sign of it; no dips, no bumps, no potholes. In fact you could say that the road was remarkable for its lack of faults. But in the morning, when the residents awoke to begin their daily lives, it was there in all its glory.

An apparently bottomless pit of about 8 feet in diameter was right outside the door of Number 29.

Brian Chambers stood inside his gate looking totally perplexed. There was no way he was going to be able to get his car out of the driveway, let alone drive along the road on his journey to work. Brian couldn't even walk out of his own property at all, he had to climb over his neighbour's wall.

Adam Philpot came out of his door, partly to see why Brian was on his property but also drawn towards the road and its increasing number of bystanders. The seven men and women just stood there in silence.

"Did anyone hear them working out here last night?" Bernard Winters from across the road spoke up, but if he didn't know about it the chances were that nobody would.

"No, not a sound. And I was sleeping right up front. I could not have slept through anything that could have made this.....crater." Brian stepped nearer to the edge to get a closer look.

"Be careful, Brian. It could be very deep, you know." Bernard raised a warning hand but Brian was not going to be put off.

"There's something strange about this though. Look at the sides! Where are the jagged edges. There's no road drill I've come across that can leave the edge of the tarmac so perfectly smooth."

"And where are the safety cones and barriers? This is outrageous! A disaster waiting to happen!" Amanda Waring was all to ready to speak out in criticism.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you but I am going to complain."

"Yes, of course Bernard," Brian answered. "But who do we complain to? The council? The Water Board? The ESB? There are no signs, no notices of any sort. No one is claiming responsibility."

"I'll phone the police," Bernard stated. They'll find out who the culprits are!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Nobody from Ellsworth Street went to work that morning. No shopping was done, and the few children that lived there enjoyed an extra day off school.

Any of the residents who were expecting the police to provide a speedy answer were to be sorely disappointed. They had been unable to get an admission of responsibility from any of the usual suspects although enquiries were still on-going.

In the meantime, two officers had taped off the surrounding area and had conducted interviews with all the residents. All that they were able to establish was that nobody had seen or heard anything unusual during the previous day and night.

Reporters and photographers arrived to inspect the mysterious phenomenon. Various experts arrived to try to determine just how far into the ground the hole went. For all their expensive scientific equipment they were unable to find the bottom of it; it just seemed to get deeper and deeper.

There was talk of evacuating the street, especially the houses in its closest vicinity. Nobody wanted to comply and, as there was no sign of cracks appearing or of it spreading in any other way, the residents were allowed to stay. "For now!"

By the time it got to evening no answers had been found. There had been no mention of repairs or maintenance being carried out on that road by any company, private or public. The council spokesman was outraged that someone should do such a thing without obtaining permission first.

The residents of Ellsworth Street agreed with the police that the road should be closed completely during the hours of darkness. Nobody liked the idea that someone who chose to visit could end up inside this....pit. Road barriers were erected at both ends of the street.

Brian Chambers kept his curtains open until he went to bed. He found that he felt compelled to keep checking on that hole. He could not explain the feeling either to himself or to his wife, Abigail. Nothing changed. It appeared exactly the same, and even if cracks had appeared he would not have been able to make them out in the darkness.

At 1am Brian Chambers climbed into bed. He had planned on staying up all night, on keeping watch, but he was tired. And, quite frankly, staring at a hole in the road, even such a large one, was incredibly boring.

At 2.30am there was a very slight red glow coming from onside the hole but not one resident was awake to notice it. The glow became steadily brighter and from the edge of the crater a creature appeared. It was only small, about a foot in height, with black leathery skin and cruel red eyes.

Once this creatures feet were on the road, others came pouring out of the hole to join him. Within a few minutes there were hundreds of the tiny demons approaching all the houses on the street, their inhabitants unsuspecting in their sleep. The creatures found it all a bit too easy, slaughtering the slumbering. But this was just the start. There would be plenty more entertainment to come.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the country, Terry Jones inspected the hole that had appeared outside his house. "How in hell did this get here?" he said aloud.



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