"Profound" Poem???

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A profound poem

Submitted: August 06, 2016

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Submitted: August 06, 2016



“Profound” Poem???


The prince strode merrily through a meadow of testosterone laced sugar toffee. Across the meadow a watercress glares disparagingly. “So much beauty!” the prince proclaims, “I can feel the vacuum cleaner hand of god!” Behind him, a whale was tickling its stomach. Sitting on its fin was the voluptuous Mrs. Voot. “I wish I could spread cucumber slices across the sky” she sighed. One of the cucumber slices she was holding in her hand looked up at her and said, “I am a manifestation of my own imagination”. Frightened, she threw it far off into the field. Paddleboats selling t-shirts broke down on the shore causing a ghost to gurgle obscenely. The prince charmed his way through the chirping trees. Galloping golden coins followed him as he ringed around the rusty roach-rock. Finally, he wiggled across the sky towards her. ”Let’s throw caution to the wind” he begged. “Oh, what a plausible solution” she whispered. As they giggled the ultimate giggle of cosmic love, the watercress stalked slowly towards them. “I’m a misunderstood misanthrope!” he bellowed. Slices of static electricity chiseled cloud confetti that swooped and spread onto their buttery faces. Astronauts yelled out in unison as they drooled into their telescopes. So seductively, they both removed their socks. “Let’s collect cinnamon rolls in our socks!” they promised, bounding off the blue blubber with glamourous glee. And as they did they realized the ultimate abstract truth – that the universe is but a piece of glitter on a cat covered in glitter. Feeling the fire of their epiphany was excellent. The watercress finally made his presence know, “I can glow in the dark!” The two looked each other in the eye, “Oh, what a relief”. They all got high on Mozart and lived happily ever after.

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