Saying Matters

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: House of Ghosts
Description of thoughts.

Submitted: August 06, 2016

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Submitted: August 06, 2016



She was a giver,

She remember how she was not given with time she deserved

And how she made herself believe that love is not about only me!!

He never made her expect from him anything

But That other bastard come into her life bringing and waking up the dreams she once sends to sleep

Waking every of her fantasy and thinking , started by talking her

All night, She ever wanted

Giving her importance she never get!! And never hoped

Asking her little of everything she had given her thoughts upon!!


She never expected from anyone to do anything for her

To call her little childish things

To bring every of her dreams

Bring her favorite things to her

And one day without even any reason start to make her cry

He, before this bastard also did once she remember, at station when she needed him most

She was very tired!!

She thought he would give her his arms to rest upon

She thought he will hold her hand and ask her, if u r alright

She told him she was standing for 5 hours

He did not ask her to sit

But made her walk,

Thought came up,

“Why? Can’t you see I even cannot stand?”

He ignored to tiredness of her face,

She smiled back ignoring the situation and just be in moment of holding his hand!!

And then he yelled at her!! For some reason she don’t remember and all thoughts start to pour her brain

Her eyes watered up!!

Tears start flowing her glossy innocent eyes!

And he said, in anger

“Ro lo!!

Rona Hojaye to bata dena!!”

(Cry, tell me when you are done!!)

She was not able to understand what in the world she had done in this world to not even deserve his pampering when she only wants him to comfort her.

But still she waited..


Ad after three years, one other man, yes that bastard!! he did same!!

 “Ro Loo” (Cry!! All of it!!)

 but she wasn’t able to pamper herself!!

Thoughts again starts to pour up

and she find herself scratching with her nails, that she kept for him!!

He was sitting right there, next to her and she was crying

for her tears were like diaonds, very precious!! she told him eery time he cried for things he cannot have.

and she was crying sittin nex to him, he was not even looking at her

She smiled, with her all strength!!

clicked picture of tears down on ground making dark spots, next to his gifted sleepers,

 telling what meant the most!! gifts or his hurting


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Saying Matters

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