Fate of a Noble

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This is the story of a kind, innocent, naive noble, along with her white knight

Submitted: August 06, 2016

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Submitted: August 06, 2016



Fate of a Noble


It's dark here. Swimming through an endless chase of the desires you chose to make you stronger. Who would have thought that me lifting some of the burden off them, would only grow their hate for me? I wonder... when did this all began? 

It was a new day. a new journey was going to begin. A new world which i had never seen was et to be unlocked and open to me. I was filled with emotion; excitement, nervousness, happiness all mushed into one. 

I saw someone fammiliar. I had never spoken to her as a friend, so I thought, maybe it was time to start. I approched her. She looked different. More confident, more atractive. Overall, she was stunning. I spoke to her for the first time as a friend. I spent time with her. It changed how I saw her. She became someone i treasured and wanted to protect.

Yet... i was too weak. I got scared too easily. In my past, I had been crushed and defeated over and over, with no help. No one to save me. After years of harrasment, after years of punishment from god's hand, I had given up. My parents had guided me to follow the faith but after enduring too much, I gave up; the light had dssapeared. I was consumed by darkness, and soon bloodlust. My sadness turned to fear. Thats when i had shut everyone off. But it was not fear of others, it was the fear of hurting others. Bloodlust was too strong. Sociopathic tendencies took over. I shut it all away for the people I treasure.

My name had a strong meaning. It ment treasure. Yet... I was never precious to anyone. That's how life had been. Until that faithful day, I had met that girl. 

As years came to pass, i wanted to help her. But she ended up saving me a countless times. She became my light, my white knight. To her, i felt truly like a treasure. A preciious being in her life. I felt loved. I felt wanted for once. 

I thought, maybe, I would finally be happy. She protected me, so maybe ill finally be safe, as I support her with all my might.

But...my thoughts changed the day the incident took place.

I had gotten closer to someone. Someone who cared for me more than his own life. He held me close so dearly, and i held him. I looked up to him like a mentor, an idol. I wanted to protect people, just like him. He had my eyes fixated on him. He had someone he held more dear to him. I completly respected them.

At one point, things in his life started falling apart. I couldnt help him, so all I could do was keep him close, supporting him. 

I got too close.

A mercanary had invaded the castle. He tore up and violated it. He took complete control over the castle twice. It was horrific. I had just been trying to help, and this was my fate. 

Ahhh....my knight couldn't protect me this time. I thought she would always protect me. I thought I was too precious to her for her to let this happen.

...oh wait.

This was not her fault. I couldnt protect myself. I was too weak. Too weak. Weak. Weak. Weak. Weak. Weak.

I must get stronger!

I wont depend on her anymore. Ive been too much of a burden on my white knight. I need to protect myself in order to protect her.

Thus I had changed. I became stronger. Started showing my wrath on people who opposed me. I only held one person close, my knight. I was tougher. I showed more attitude, started taking more control. 

My knight started doubting me. She soon turned on me. Left my side and took my sanity and pride along with her.


Why did this happen? I wanted to be strong for her sake. I changed for her sake. For the sake of my comrads. Now it's all turned on me!

All because of that incident. All because of him!


It was my carelessness. I have strayed away from the path because my light had left me. 

Now I am once again surrounded by eternal darkness. I will never get back my light. So I must adapt to the dark. 

The darkness is so calming. So I think, maybe it could keep staying like this. Maybe it's okay to loose myself. Let's see what the future holds for my dreadful faith, as a noble.

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